Ulysses adds mouse and trackpad support on iPad, material sheets in version 19Source: Joseph Keller / iMore

What you need to know

  • Ulysses 21 is coming to iPhone and iPad on October 6.
  • That will bring feature parity with the Mac version in terms of one big feature.
  • The advanced grammar and style checker is coming to mobile.

The hugely popular and all-around excellent text editor Ulysses will be getting its version 21 update for iPhone and iPad on October 6, with a couple of important new features arriving. One will give the app feature parity with the Mac version in a pretty big way.

With Ulysses 21 installed users will be able to enjoy the grammar anad style checker that is already part of the Mac app, something the team behind the app are keen to bring to mobile. The app will provide suggestions based on what it perceives to be errors in text. Think of it as Grammarly, but not.

Revision mode, with an advanced grammar and style check as a central element, was part of the Ulysses 20 release early this summer and was initially limited to the app's Mac version. With Ulysses 21, it will become available on iPad and iPhone as well. Cross-platform feature parity is critical for us, and many of our users rely on the iPad as a full-fledged working machine. We wanted to come up with an iOS solution as soon as possible

Users can also look forward to Revision Mode, with the app removing many of the features people might not need at all times to allow them to focus on what they are writing and annotating. The idea seems to be that people use the feature for reviewing text, whatever that might be.

The new update arrives in just a few day and it will be available as a free trial from the App Store. After that, Ulysses is a subscription app – $5.99 per month or $49.99 per year.