TestFlight, a popular tool for developers to aid beta testing their iOS applications, has released an updated SDK that has been rewritten from the ground up with performance improvements and new crash report features. The SDK is now lighter, more efficient, faster and more stable, and has been rebuilt in order to meet the demands from mobile gaming.

Crash reporting is as important a feature in beta testing applications as any, and the updated features in TestFlight include expanding it to Android for the first time. Other features include:

  • View both beta and production crashes in TestFlight
  • iOS & Android supported
  • Improved UI including grouping and filtering options
  • Mark crashes as resolved
  • Additional meta data to resolve issues
  • Integrated into FlightPath analytics

The SDK is available to download now, and developers who are invested in it will definitely want to check it out. If that's you, be sure to let us know how you're finding it, from a developer perspective.

Source: TestFlight