It should go without saying that learning a new language is one of the best things you can do when it comes to keeping your mind active and healthy—not to mention the more obvious fact that it makes traveling to your favorite foreign destinations much more enjoyable.

uTalk Language Education is a platform that lets you learn virtually any language without having to succumb to boring and tedious memorization exercises, and a lifetime subscription is available for over 75% off at just $19.99.

Unlike most language-learning platforms that require hours of mindless repetition, uTalk uses entertaining and engaging exercises and games to teach you to speak like a true local.

You’ll be able to choose two languages from a massive database of over 140 languages (with no time limit on when you need to choose the second), and you’ll be able to measure your progress as you go along.

This service even allows you to learn from native voice artists, so you’ll be able to lock down even the most subtle nuances in their speech.

Stop dragging your feet and learn the languages you’ve always wanted to learn with a lifetime subscription to uTalk for just $19.99—over 75% off its usual price for a limited time.

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uTalk Language Education: Lifetime Subscription - $19.99

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