Viber announces Viber Out, promising lower cost worldwide calling than Skype

Viber, the popular VOIP calling service, has announced Viber Out, promising worldwide low-cost calling to any regular phone number. Skype already offers a similar service – funnily enough called Skype Out – but Viber's key differentiator is its pricing. More to the point, the promise of seriously undercutting Skype, with credit for calls obtained by way of an in-app purchase. Take a look at the chart below for a few examples.

Generally speaking, Viber is promising massive price differences to Skype, and it will be hoping that this will be enough to start converting those Skype die-hards over to its way of doing things. It promises HD audio calls, and has apps for the iPhone and Mac as well as just about every other mobile platform your can think of. So you can talk to pretty much everyone, everywhere, and now Viber is seriously trying to shake up the VOIP world.

So, does any of this tempt you away from Skype, or are you too invested in it to go anywhere right now? Sound off in the comments below!

via Android Central

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