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Apple Vision Pro
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As many both inside and outside the world of tech already know, you can now pre-order Apple’s mixed-reality headset, the Apple Vision Pro. It's also hardly news that the new headset will be quite pricey at $3,499.

However, what is news—or what's caught the attention of a lot of tech reviewers and consumers—is that according to various reports, including 9to5Mac, Apple is sharing how much the Vision Pro will be to repair if it happens to break...and it turns out it can cost you a bundle if it breaks! 

And, just in case you were wondering, it's not made out of something indestructible, like the fictional metal alloy, Adamantium (used to create Captain America's shield, also fictional). Nope! According to MacRumors, the headset comprises “an aluminum frame that houses a single piece of laminated glass for the front of the device.” And that piece of laminated glass can break. 

Have extended warranties for tech gear gotten out of hand?

If the glass does happen to break, you could be facing some pretty high repair bills if you don't have AppleCare Plus, Apple's extended warranty program for its devices, (which will cost you $499 for two years or 24.99 per month). In fact, you can see examples of how much you can save on the Apple Vision Pro Repair & Service webpage. At the moment, the page lists only two option for "service type": "Cracked cover glass" and "Other damage." 

In the first instance, if you've cracked the cover glass and you want to get the headset repaired, it will cost you $799, if you don't have AppleCare Plus, but just $299 if you do have the plan. (But remember, you're also paying $499 for the plan). Additionally, if you've selected the very vague option, "Other damage," you'll see that it will cost you $2,399 without AppleCare Plus, but again, just $299 if you own the plan (which, again, costs $499). 

So, although there does seem to be some benefit to owning AppleCare Plus, some consumers might feel like Apple doesn't really care about the consumer, particularly since Apple is asking that he or she spend even more money after having just shelled out $3,499 to buy the unit. One might ask: Is Apple sending consumers mixed-signals by asking them to buy such a very pricey mixed-reality headset, and then suggesting they need to buy Apple's extended warranty plan...the so-called "AppleCare Plus"? 

I guess I'll just wait and see if Apple introduces an "AppleCare DoublePlusGood" plan.

Terry Sullivan

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  • Ledsteplin
    Well of course it will. And they figure anyone who will pay $3,500 for a set, can afford either the Applecare or the repairs.
  • FFR
    Nothing new
    Apple care on a new 16 inch MacBook Pro costs $399.

  • DoyouFanBoyBro
    I feel like if im spending 500$ on a warranty then if something breaks there is ZERO deductible, this is how it should be for tech devices.

    It’s basically guaranteed 800$ if something breaks at this point and that is just insane. INSANE