Every Apple Vision Pro Spatial game we know about so far

Apple Vision Pro spatial games
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Every Apple Vision Pro spatial game uses the headset's unique features to place the world in front of you and let you explore. Using both its revolutionary hand tracking and incredible eye tracking, you can physically reach out and control everything with just a bit of movement and a pinch. 

Even the games you have played before will work very differently thanks to them being 'spatial' games. This means they take advantage of your physical surroundings, paying attention to your hands and head. They mix together physical things from your life with digital assets to fully immerse you in what you're playing. 

Apple Vision Pro can even work with the USB-C AirPods Pro 2 to give you full Spatial audio. If you're thinking of buying the headset or already have yours on the way, here are all the Apple Vision Pro spatial games we know about right now. 

Every confirmed Apple Vision Pro Spatial game so far

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Game Room — we know almost nothing about Game Room right now, other than the fact it is a Spatial game coming to Apple Vision Pro. At a guess, it could be some kind of tutorial for Spatial games or a social function for connecting to other Apple Vision Pro users. Hopefully, we’ll know more soon. 

What the Golf? — whacky and strange, What the Golf? is funny, weird, and creative. Being a game all about putting a golf ball, you might suspect it’s simple, but it gets tougher as obstacles get in the way and the ball shifts into tennis balls, cars, cans of soda, and more. 

Super Fruit Ninja — taking the classic iPhone game Fruit Ninja and putting it in your living room, Super Fruit Ninja will likely take advantage of your real-life space to let you cut as much fruit as your heart desires. 

Cut the Rope 3 Following on the famous puzzler series, Cut The Rope 3 is all about, as you might expect, cutting the rope. A physics-based challenge — you have to cut it at just the right time to finish the level. 

Jetpack Joyride 2 — One of the most well-liked endless runners out there, Jetpack Joyride has you control someone with nothing but a jet pack and a couple of powers to get as far as possible. 

Bloons TD 6+ — Bloons TD + is a tower defense game where you have to place down structures to defend against waves of enemies, all from the comfort of your sofa. 

stitch. — Part puzzler, part meditation, is all about creating embroidery patterns with math. You are given numbers and must coordinate them to build imagery and art out of stitches. 

Patterned — Somewhere between a traditional jigsaw puzzle and Tetris, Patterned has you building out images with nothing but smaller bits of art. It's beautiful and should look even better in your headset.

Illustrated — In Illustrated, you are given illustrations along with words and must piece together the story and puzzle underneath it all by placing puzzle pieces in the right place. 

Wylde Flowers — A witchy take on the farming sim genre, this is the best way of playing something Stardew Valley in spatial form.

Apple Arcade in Apple Vision Pro 

250 Apple Arcade titles will be available on your Apple Vision Pro when it launches. Given the best Apple Arcade games are likely to keep you busy for a long time, you may want to keep your subscription. 

Some spatial games are available via your Apple Arcade subscriptions so, hopefully, we'll see even more support for them in the future. 

Games we want to see on Apple Vision Pro

Beat Saber – One of the most intuitive and fun VR games out there, Beat Saber could be excellent with Apple Vision Pro’s mixed reality capabilities. A rhythm game all about smashing blocks with big glowing swords, this is pure fun

Tea for God — Tea for God was one of the more innovative VR games thanks to its ability to use the environments of its users. In Apple Vision Pro, you could map out your house and plan a shooter game that requires physically walking into rooms and around obstacles. 

Resident Evil 4 Remake — Being one of the best VR games of last year, and a nice addition to the iPhone 15 Pro and iPad, Resident Evil 4 Remake would really shine in the Apple Vision Pro. 

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