Mark Zuckerberg’s completely biased first-look 'review' of Apple’s Vision Pro

Three screen grabs from Mark Zuckerberg's Instagram account of video of his thoughts on the Apple Vision Pro
Three screengrabs from Mark Zuckerberg’s Instagram video about his thoughts on the Apple Vision Pro. (Image credit: Meta on Instagram)

As a tech journalist, I try to be unbiased and objective when I test and write about technology products, hardware, software, mobile apps, or online services. 

That’s why the recently-posted Apple Vision Pro "first look"-type review video from Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Meta, which owns Facebook and also makes the Meta Quest 3 mixed-reality headset, makes me laugh! In truth, I didn't laugh. I think the first time I watched the video, my mouth was just open the entire time. 

It's just really weird! What’s the point? He owns Meta, which makes a competing mixed-reality headset, the Meta Quest 3. Why would I watch it, or remotely believe his take on the Apple Vision Pro? 

I just can’t make this kind of stuff up! 

Anyhow, here are few highlight of what Zuckerberg has to say in this rather odd video:

A bizarre video from the head of Meta and Facebook on what he thinks about Apple’s new mixed-reality headset

“So, I finally tried Apple's Vision Pro. And I have to say that before this, I expected that Quest would be the better value for most people, since it's really good, and it's like seven times less expensive. But, after using it, I don't just think that Quest is the better value. I think that Quest is the better product, period!” So, it's way cheaper, but still the better product, right, Mr. CEO Zuckerberg?  

“And the different companies made different design decisions for the headsets. They have different strengths. But, overall, Quest is better for the vast majority of things that people use mixed reality for. Now, my friend Kenny is actually capturing this video on quest's high resolution mixed-reality pass-through, right now. We're just here in my living room, and you can see his browser windows and whatever else he's got running up here. So yeah, Quest 3 does high quality pass-through with big screens, just like Vision Pro.” 

OK! First of all, we see that Mr. Zuckerberg has a friend, Kenny, which is nice. Not always important in a first-look review.... If fact, it’s really never important in a review. But I’m happy for Mark. And Kenny, of course. 

And he also says that although the different companies made different design decisions and have different strengths, Zuckerberg ignores any details. He then blurts out that overall Quest is better. Well, of course it is, Mark! 

Zuckerberg then goes on to discuss the differences in weight and comfort between the two. Also, he points out the fact that the Apple Vision Pro has wires, and the Quest 3 doesn't have wires. So, the experience is better on the Quest 3. Later on, he also briefly talks about the differences in field of view, interface, games and ergonomics. And which headset is more of an "open model" (Meta Quest) and which one is a closed model (Apple Vision Pro). 

Zuckerberg does like one thing on the Vision Pro.”Apple's eye tracking is really nice.” But as you might expect, it’s kind of a passive-aggressive compliment, because he then says that the Quest used to have that kind of eye tracking in the Quest 3. And, in fact, Zuckerberg says, “we're going to bring them back in the future.” 

Personally, I’d like to ask Kenny, Mark Zuckerberg's friend in the video, what he thinks about the two headsets! 

But let's get back to Mr. Zuckerberg. Here's my “favorite” statement in the video. It’s where Zuckerberg gets quasi-philosophical: “The future is not yet written." Ohhhh! That gave me chills, even though it's kind of obvious! 

"So, I want to take a moment to just thank everyone who's been building with us for more than a decade. That goes for both Quest and the Rayband meta glasses, which are doing way better than I even hoped that they would. As the old saying goes, the best way to predict the future is to invent it.”

Ok. Invent what you want to invent, Mr. Zuckerberg. 

Just keep your hands off doing more first look-style reviews. (I think my stomach is starting to get upset.) 

Terry Sullivan

Terry Sullivan has tested and reported on many different types of consumer electronics and technology services, including cameras, action cams, mobile devices, streaming music services, wireless speakers, headphones, smart-home devices, and mobile apps. He has also written extensively on various trends in the worlds of technology, multimedia, and the arts. For more than 10 years, his articles and blog posts have appeared in a variety of publications and websites, including The New York Times, Consumer Reports, PCMag, Worth magazine, Popular Science, Tom’s Guide, and Artnews. He is also a musician, photographer, artist, and teacher.

  • FFR
    So this is what panic looks like
    Zuck- Sales of meta vr headsets has suddenly declined sharply, so I had to make this video.

    Apple has the better product, hardware and software. But you don’t want that and meta is much cheaper.

    We have purchased a boatload of Apple Vision Pros, give us a year we are copying it and its price
  • FFR
    What’s goin on at Meta?

    Now the head of vr hardware at meta is reviewing the Apple Vision Pro and ends it by pleading with users not to buy the Apple Vision Pro. This is getting really pathetic and desperate. For meta.

    Zuck is turning into ballmer.

    ) I found it interesting how near the end Boz basically pleads people not to buy a Vision Pro but instead a Quest 3.