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What you need to know

  • UK Carrier Vodafone is now offering the Apple TV 4K as part of its broadband and monthly phone bundles.
  • Both new and existing customers can get an Apple TV 4K with broadband, and also a phone contract for just a few pounds extra a month.
  • Packages start from just £31 for new customers.

Over in the UK, Vodafone has announced that it is now shipping the Apple TV 4K with some its home broadband bundles, which can include your monthly mobile plan as well.

As noted by Choose, you can now get an Apple TV 4K when you purchase Vodafone's superfast broadband. You can also pick up an Apple TV with Vodafone together, that will bag you the device, along with superfast fibreoptic internet and a monthly mobile plan too for even more savings.

If Broadband is your only concern, you can get the 'Apple TV 4K on us' package for just £31 a month as a new customer, which comes with average speeds of 35Mbps (25Mbps min.). For £35, you can get an average of 63Mbps (55Mbps min.). Speeds obviously depend on where you live, but you can just pop your post code into the website to check what's available to you. Otherwise, both contracts are basically the same, unlimited usage, 24 month contracts, an Apple TV 4K (complete with Apple TV+ for a year) and unlimited anytime calls. The only other notable difference is that uploads are capped at 10 and 20 Mbps respectively. Prices for all the broadband packages are cheaper for existing Vodafone customers.

If you go with Vodafone together, you can get Superfast 1 (that's the 35Mbps package), unlimited mobile data (capped at 10Mbps) and an Apple TV 4K for £54. Prices increase as you add either more fibre speed, or mobile data without speed constraints, the most expensive bundle however is only £8 more at £62. The only querk here is that the mobile portion of Vodafone Together is an 18 month contract, whilst the broadband is for 2 years!

You can check out all of the great savings to be had over at Vodafone's website!

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