Wal Mart Revisited: $99 4GB iPhone 3G Coming Soon?

A while back we posted about the iPhone 3G coming to Wal Mart. BGR originally said to look for it to hit the retail store on November 15th, and more recently to look for it early next year.

Well BGR is back with yet another Wal Mart rumor, this time that a $99 4GB iPhone 3G will be available. Keep in mind that price is with a 2 year service agreement. Also, take this rumor with a very large grain of salt as BGR does not sound too convinced by the "source".

A lot of people were expecting a 32GB to drop in the new year, not a 4GB... So what say you? Is it worth going back to a 4GB iPhone just to save a hundred bucks? Sound off in the comments!

[Via Boy Genius Report]

(Thanks to The Reptile for the tip!)

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