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Walmart Selling iPhone 3G Starting Today

Well the day that has been oh so talked about here at TiPb has finally come. The black 8GB iPhone 3G model for $197, and the 16GB black or white model for $297. So much for those $99 rumors although, you will save a measly $2 compared to buying it at Apple or Best Buy (though AT&T does have the 8GB for $99 refurbished).

So pick your poison. If you do happen to pick one up at your local Walmart, please share your experience in the comments!

[Via Gizmodo. Thanks to Alan Weinkrantz for the video]

  • Walmart is a beast i heard a rumor they were going to start selling cars 2
  • LOL @ the above comment
  • afro apprently cant read its definitly on the net
  • Updated to include some video of the in-store displays. Thanks Alan!
  • also if anyone has looked at there news paper theres a walmart circular on the iphone 3g
  • Walmart is taking over and yes walmart do sell cars now! what will be next?
  • jeez i thought you guys were kidding
  • I struck back at Wal-Mart today! Bought a black 16GB iPhone at my local store, went thru the self-checkout. Somehow they had programmed the incorrect price for it and it scanned at $99! And this is a full version iPhone - not a stripped down version. Take that, you faceless corporation! Destroyer of local small businesses!
  • FlierJerry-- If you knew anything about buying a cellphone at Walmart, you would know that the phone/contract has to be rang up in the connection center and that the prices are already in the kiosk. Also, all the same people program the kiosk, there was no pricing errors on the iPhones. So, "take that" FlierJerry, go lie somewhere else.
  • @CCA, that's what I'm talkin about man.
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