Walmart is selling the iPhone SE for just $299, other models discounted by $100

Walmart is offering a $100 discount on all iPhones, including the 4-inch iPhone SE. Apple's latest phone can be purchased for $299, which is a fabulous deal considering you get an A9 chipset, 12MP iSIght camera, NFC, and Apple Pay with the handset.

The caveat here is that you'll have to purchase the device in-store on a monthly installment plan from Verizon, AT&T, or Sprint. The $100 discount will be reflected as bill credit in your monthly invoice, says CNN Money. The promotion is valid until the end of June.

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  • Great news for those carriers customer. Sadly, T-mobile customer don't get it though. Why? When they have payment plans as well. Sent from the iMore App
  • @StayClassy101: first, just want to say I love your avatar. At 34 years old, I can only say Bugs has always been my most favorite cartoon character and will always be. Cheers.
    Secondly, Walmart sells T-Mobile service under the name "Family Mobile." I don't know if it's that or Straight Talk that they are going to be selling the SE under, but aren't all of those prepaids unlocked in the first place? Straight Talk and Family Mobile are both GSM, so in theory you should be able to stick your sim card in (assuming you have a nano sim) and be good to go. Give it a try. The worst that could happen is that it doesn't work and you either find a way to unlock it, or you could just return it and get your money back. Still, i'm betting it would work out just fine. Just some thoughts. Sent from the iMore App
  • Oh how foolish, I blew off the 2nd paragraph, it's the contract thing. Also, they have a 5s on Straight Talk for $199, I want to believe that's what put it in my head they were talking prepaid. My humble apologies, let me bury my red face in a nice pile of dirt :) Sent from the iMore App
  • And note that not all StraightTalk phones are on AT&T (i.e. GSM). I've seen some on Verizon, although StraightTalk did not give me the "straight talk" on it.
  • As they should, this is a Walmart phone.
  • Lol a "walmart phone"? What does that even mean?
  • It's too cheap for his elitist ***.
  • This is nice as an option. At first, I was disappointed that T-Mobile wasn't included but when I realized that even if you are buying the T-Mobile model from the Apple Store directly, you'll be asked to pay $399 too.
  • @BitPusher2600 : Thank you. @libra89: my point is that Walmart still sells T-mobile service and yet is the only carrier to not be included in this promotion. I'm sure their customer would have loved a chance for a $300 iPhone. Sent from the iMore App
  • I agree with you.
  • this is a no brainer...get the phone, wait for the credit to hit then call and pay it off...easy $100 saved without the bill permanently going up for 18-30 months
  • What is beyond me is you always have to get a bill credit and activate a new line. How many freaking lines do they expect me to have. I only need one line and can barely afford to pay that at these high carrier rates. These carriers are so crazy. They will find themselves priced out of business one day with all this nickel and diming the customer to death
  • Don't need a new line for the monthly installment plan..
  • That's because they need to make SURE that you have a valid credit card. Years ago many phones went "walkies" when they were purchased with a seemingly-valid card that was then discovered to be stolen. So now they make sure that the first payment has been made through the card (they assume that card holders would probably not pay for a phone that just showed up unexpectedly on their card).
  • what if I walked in the store with cash. I think I should be allowed to purchase one and do with it what I want.
  • Not such a good deal. Walmarts pricing is higher than Verizon. For example they have the 6s plus 16gb priced at $798. The discount is $50 instant discount and $50 bill credit. Essentially the $50 instant just matches the regular Verizon price.