In world where every big game is available for pre-order well before it comes out, it's easy to get stuck in a situation where you've put money down on a game you don't actually want. If you grabbed a physical copy of a Nintendo Switch game, the simple answer is to just return the game unopened. The retailer you've purchased from will accept the return with a receipt, and in some cases will even accept opened games for a return for a reshelving fee.

If you buy from the Nintendo eShop through the Nintendo Switch, however, there will be no refunds.

Nintendo doesn't make its no refund policy clear in any particularly obvious place on the eShop, but according to Nintendo's support site this is impossible. This is a policy Nintendo has maintained since the Nintendo DSi handheld, and continues now for the Switch. It's also important to be aware this policy applies to everything announced through the eshop, including DLC for games you don't own and purchased by mistake.

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On some level, this makes sense. Competing platforms, like Steam for PC games, have long had problems with abuse through its return system. Situations where people purchase a game, play it, and return it later that day are unfortunately frequent. This policy insulates Nintendo from that kind of abuse, but also protects the eShop from consequences like a pre-order not being digitally unlocked when the shop claimed it would.

Does this policy impact your decision to purchase physical games over digital titles? Sound off in the comments!

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