Wanted a Matte Black iMac? dbrand is stepping in to fill the gap

Dbrand Black Imac
Dbrand Black Imac (Image credit: dbrand)

What you need to know

  • dbrand is launching new skins for Apple's new iMac.
  • You can get a Matte black skin for the bezels, the front, or the entire body.

When Apple unveiled its new iMac at its 'Spring loaded' event, it revealed a complete redesign of the beloved desktop in a wide range of new colors.

While everyone has seemed to agree that the new technical design of the new iMac is astounding, the debate around the color choices has been raging ever since. Some love the color designs of the new iMac, but many seem to have focused their displeasure on one thing in particular - the white bezels surrounding the front of the display.

Dbrand Matte Black Body Imac

Dbrand Matte Black Body Imac (Image credit: dbrand)

In addition, the new iMac, while featuring seven different colors, does not come in Black, whether it be a Matte Black or the Space Gray that is currently found on most of Apple's lineup. While many have speculated that a Black iMac will be reserved for the pro-level iMac that could be revealed by Apple later, some think it could be gone forever.

Dbrand Matte Black Front Imac

Dbrand Matte Black Front Imac (Image credit: dbrand)

Well, dbrand seems to have stepped in already to take care of those who have hoped for either a Matte Black iMac or at least black bezels over white ones. The company is creating three different skins for the new iMac: one for the bezels, one for the front, and one for the entire body.

Dbrand Matte Black Bezels Imac

Dbrand Matte Black Bezels Imac (Image credit: dbrand)

The configurator lets you check out each of the skins on whatever color iMac you want. Here is a price breakdown of all three:

  • Matte Black Bezel Skin: $50
  • Matte Black Front Skin: $60
  • Matte Black Body Skin: $500

The skins are available now for preorder and will begin shipping in June.

Joe Wituschek

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