Not for wallflowers, these ultra-blingy cases are like glittery snowglobes in the form of an iPhone case. They do tend to be bulkier than average iPhone cases, but these are not your average iPhone cases! Stand out from the crowd with one of these waterfall cases adorning your iPhone 8 Plus or iPhone 7 Plus.

CASETiFY Glitter iPhone 8 Plus Case

Safety certified: CASETiFY Glitter iPhone Case

Staff Pick

CASETiFY's cases are certified for safety and quality, which is important when you're carrying a case with liquid inside. You can still use your wireless charger with this case on your iPhone 8 Plus. Choose from several different colors.

Case-Mate iPhone 8 Plus waterfall case

Drop protection: Case-Mate Waterfall

Cate-Mate cases offer 10 feet of drop protection, wireless charging compatibility, and a lifetime warranty. Choose from several glitter waterfall colorways.

Maxdara Glitter Liquid iPhone 8 Plus Case

What a deal: Maxdara Glitter Liquid Case

Snag a glittery waterfall case in your choice of six colors. This case is wireless-charging compatible and comes with a tempered glass screen protector to boot.

From $8 at Amazon
Nagebee Waterfall Bling iPhone 8 Plus Case

Extreme color and sparkle: Nagebee Waterfall Bling Case

If the multicolor glitter waterfall isn't enough, this case also has a gradient two-color ombré look plus rhinestones embedded into the edges of the case. Now that stands out from the crowd.

$11 at Amazon
i-Dawn Waterfall iPhone 8 Plus Case with Ring Stand

Ring, ring: i-Dawn Waterfall Case with Ring Stand

The ring embedded on the back of this glitter waterfall case gives you a better grip on your phone while you take selfies. It also acts as a kickstand if you want to watch videos on your iPhone. Choose from several colorways.

From $9 at Amazon
Worldmom Glitter Waterfall iPhone 8 Plus Case

Nice price: Worldmom Glitter Waterfall Case

Get your glitter fix without spending a lot of money. Heart or star-shaped glitter supplements the regular glitter inside and adds a nice touch. It comes in six different sparkly color combinations.

From $9 at Amazon
Zase Waterfall iPhone 8 Plus Case

Soft case with ring: Zase Waterfall Case

Unlike most waterfall cases which are rigid, this one is soft and flexible. It also comes with a free gift: a matching glittery ring holder so you can grip your phone more securely and prop it up for video watching. Choose from Purple Violet or Rose Gold.

$9 at Amazon
BPC Waterfall iPhone 8 Plus Case

Glittery scene: BPC Waterfall Case

Each of these pretty styles features some kind of scene printed on the case with the glittery waterfall visible behind it. I could see getting several of these for different seasons and occasions.

$12 at Amazon
Ruky Glitter iPhone 8 Plus waterfall Case

Reinforced corners: Ruky Glitter Case

This colorful glitter waterfall case has reinforced corners for extra drop protection. Choose from half a dozen two-tone ombré colorways.

$13 at Amazon

Which should you choose?

It's hard to pick a favorite amongst these whimsical, fun cases. Personally, I'd go for the CASETiFY Glitter iPhone Case. I own a number of CASETiFY cases and I love their fun, whimsical styles and solid build. I trust CASETiFY to protect my iPhone. This style comes in a nice variety of colors including a glow-in-the-dark case. Plus, if you order it directly from CASETiFY, you can have it monogrammed.

However, if you're just looking for something inexpensive and fun, I'd pick up a Zase Waterfall Case. This soft, flexible case is easy to put on and take off. Plus, it comes with a ring stand that you can affix if desired. The ring is both a phone grip (for easier selfies) and a stand for watching videos on your iPhone.

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