WaterField just unveiled a new addition to its already-expansive line of bags. Meet the Developer's Gear Case. It's available for $129 in Chocolate, Blue, Black, or Crimson Leather. Orders start shipping on June 18th. You do have the option to add straps for an additional fee.

The handcrafted leather organizational case is semi-rigid and fully padded in order to protect all your gear. If you've gone on a trip in the age of the octo-puter, you know that a case like this is essential. Between dongles, headphones, dongles, flash drives, power banks, cords, and your growing collection of other bric-a-brac, the Developer's Case will keep its contents secure and stashed away.

This case also features a special pass-through pocket for a power bank, allowing you to use an external battery to charge your gear while it's inside the case. You'll find zippers on three sides for a book-like opening, two interior compartments, a plush lower compartment, a slim upper compartment with an assortment of pockets, and a bright gold lining behind mesh barriers for easy identification. There's plenty of padding throughout to keep everything safe and sound. More thoughtful details include a removable travel mouse pad and a pen holder, plus two exterior handles for added convenience. Carry the case on its own or stash it within another bag for the perfect daily carry setup.

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