This week's best iPhone and iPad gadgets: iStabilizer Gimbal, Olympus A01, Sound Blaster FRee, and more!

Everything we've rounded up is a very new release, and includes stuff like speakers, cases, photography aides, and anything else that enhances your Apple experience. We're always eager to hear what you've been checking out lately, so be sure to sing out in the comments!


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For those that are super-serious about shooting video with their iPhone, there's a new three-axis motorized gimbal system that makes sure your shots are particularly smooth. Phones up to 3.5 inches wide can be mounted with minimal fuss. A handful of shooting modes allow the system to follow where you're pointing smoothly, or stay locked in orientation. The on-device buttons also allow you to tweak orientation to make sure your iPhone is level before shooting. iOS and Android devices can take advantage of a remote shutter button to start and stop filming from the handle. The iPhone 6 will need to use an included counterbalance, but on the whole, this looks leagues easier to use than traditional mobile gimbal systems, such as the Smoothee.

iStabilizer Gimbal

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