Weirdest iPhone photography lenses — and how to use them!

Most iPhoneography kits come with three standard lenses: macro, wide-angle, and fisheye. While you can do plenty of amazing and creative things with these lenses, it feels like they're much more common than they used to be.

Almost everyone is snapping beautiful fisheye angles and hyper-detailed macro masterpieces nowadays, and if there is any sort of unique element or effect to them, it's been edited in later.

Here are a few strange and creative iPhoneography lenses you can use to take your snapshots from regular, to weirdly fantastic!

Fly Eye phone lens

Don't you wish that you could be a fly on the wall sometimes? Well with Urban Outfitter's Fly Eye phone lens, you're pretty much halfway there!

This lens is made from a tough, durable aluminum base with a high-quality, prism-like glass that distorts your photos to make you feel like you're looking through the eyes of an insect.

It attaches securely with a clip, and even comes with a little keychain attachment to secure to your bag or house keys for easy access so you never miss your perfect shot.

When would I use this lens?

If you stretch your imagination a bit this lens can be used for almost anything day-to-day.

Selfies are instantly more interesting with a lot of crazy distortion on your face, and scenic photos of a walk by the river take on a more abstract feel through the Fly Eye lens.

Don't forget to experiment with your Fly Eye either: try getting up-close and personal, or shooting from a distance. Your personal taste and style may discover that one works better than the other.

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Deluxe creative mobile lens kit

Soft focus your photos without breaking out Instagram's tilt-shift or blur settings with the Lensbaby's Deluxe Creative Mobile Lens Kit.

The kit comes with three types of lenses: LM-10 which makes a small focus spot on your photograph, LM-20 which produces a wider in-focus perspective with a slight blur around the edges, and LM-30 which has the largest focused center with a reflective rim surrounding the center of the image.

The kit also comes in a little metal tin for storage with an additional kickstand, so you can prop up your iPhone for creative time lapse shots. To install these clips, just slide the iPhone mount over your iPhone's camera and press down. Then attach whatever lenses you want to shoot with and you're on your way!

When would I use this lens?

You can use these lenses to take a new perspective on otherwise regular and boring photographs.

Try shooting wild flowers with the LM-10 and focusing on one particularly beautiful petal while the rest of the world fades away into a softly focused blur, or try taking a picture with the LM-30's reflective ring to see what cool effects your next snapshot may hold!

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150x micro

Imagine being able to snap photos of things so tiny, your naked eye can't even see them. You've totally heard of macro lenses, but have you heard of a micro lens?

Turn your iPhone into a mini microscope, or an ultimate, hyper-detailed camera with the 150x micro phone lens starter kit!

With 150x magnification and an illumination source unit, you can photograph and capture the world in all it's tiny, microscopic beauty. You get 10 beautiful specimen slides with the kit, so you can get used to playing with the micro and all the magic this tiny little lens holds. It also comes with 50 blank slides to prepare your own microscopic photography studio.

The micro is made from a specialized soft plastic, and works by sticking directly to your iPhone's lens without any adhesive or glue. If you want to switch your micro from your iPhone to your iPad, you can totally do that too because it can be stuck and unstuck over and over again.

When would I use this lens?

While this lens isn't the most practical day-to-day photography accessory, it's still an incredible photography tool if you're looking to get super duper close to your subject, or even make some beautiful art with bacterium, mold or small particles of dust.

Just because the world is tiny in some spots doesn't mean it doesn't deserve to be photographed!

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Spy lens

Don't let the name fool you: Photojojo's Spy lens has plenty of other uses besides creepin' (okay well, not really, but you can get creative with your creepin', that's for sure). Capture candids of your BFFs, take photos of your camera-shy kitty at play, and get a brand new perspective on life with this iPhone lens!

The Spy Lens' high-quality glass ensures every one of your pictures comes out clear as crystal. Using a mirrored interior, the Spy lens is able to take photos at a 90 degree angle, so you can hold your iPhone like you're texting while you're actually taking pictures directly in front of you.

Because the lens is able to twist, you get all the perks of a camera with a swivel screen without the bulk or inconvenience; just connect your Spy lens to your iPhone's camera using the magnetic attachment, aim, and start shooting.

When would I use this lens?

You can use this lens pretty much every day, and if anything, it's probably the least bizarre type of lens on this list.

Use it to take your perspectives to new heights and take every sort of sneaky shot you ever wanted. Just be sure you have a good poker face on so people think you are scrolling through Instagram instead of taking their picture.

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What weird lenses are your favorite?

Is there an odd lens that we left off our list? Let us know in the comments below!

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