What accessories are there for Fitbit?

How to measure your wrist before buying a Fitbit
How to measure your wrist before buying a Fitbit

Part of the reason for Fitbit's popularity is that there are so many ways to make your tracker fit your lifestyle. Whether you're looking to replace that charging cable that you left behind on the plane or you want to wear your Fitbit to a formal event but don't want it to clash with your smoking hot dress, there's a Fitbit accessory to suit you. Let's take a look at some of the Fitbit accessories available.

Replacement chargers

Fitbit replacement chargers

It's easy to lose chargers, especially when you're traveling. Or because you only have to charge the typical Fitbit every few days, and then the charger gets lost somewhere in the house. And it's a real bummer when that happens because when you can't charge your Fitbit you lose days of progress, fail to keep up in challenges, and more. Luckily, it's not too hard to find replacement chargers online.


Fitbit wristbands

Currently, the only Fitbit with customizable bands is the Flex. The upcoming Alta and Blaze, available for preorder now and shipping in March of 2016, will offer choices of wristbands, frames, and clock faces. For right now, the Flex has an astonishing amount of choices in looks, from colors to styling. Some even look like jewelry. Here are a couple of examples:

Smart scales

Fitbit compatible smart scales

Remember your mother's old scale? The one that you could "tune" to make you weigh more or less by tweaking the little button on the bottom? Times have changed. Smart scales measure more than just your bodyweight when you step on them. They can also sense body fat distribution and calculate your body mass percentage based on your age and gender. They work through your home's WiFi connection and sync with your Fitbit account so that you don't have to input these numbers manually.

Right now, there are only two smart scales on the market that are Fitbit compatible:

Accessorize this

From simple replacement charger cables to high-end smart scales that do everything except nag you about that extra Danish you scarfed down during your break at work, there's a Fitbit accessory that fits the way you live your life. They also make great gifts for your fitness-loving family and friends.

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