What apps can you use on Fitbit Versa?

What apps can you use on Fitbit Versa?

Best answer: There are over 100 workout, utility, news, and service apps available, which can all be found in the App Gallery on the Versa itself. There's everything from Strava to Starbucks to Uber and more.Fitbit: Fitbit Versa ($200)

There are over 100 apps for Fitbit Versa

While the Fitbit App Gallery doesn't have every smartwatch app you could ever ask for, it does have a more-than-passable selection of workout, lifestyle, health and fitness, news and finance, and Fitbit-mad "Fitbit Labs" apps.

I'd say all the essentials are there, like the Starbucks app, Philips Hue, Nest, E*TRADE, New York Times, Strava, MySwimPro, and Uber.

The best part is that you don't need an app to receive text, email, calls, or calendar notifications — it all just works when you sync your Versa with your phone.

Is every app that Apple Watch has available for Fitbit Versa?

Unfortunately, no. Fitbit trackers run on Fitbit's software and therefore download apps from Fitbit's App Gallery. While Fitbit is working to fill up its gallery, it still lags behind the more established (and more expensive) smartwatch brand, like Apple Watch and Google's Wear OS.

Take a look at your needs

So should you get the Fitbit Versa or go all in on the Apple Watch? Really look at the apps you use on a daily basis and the apps you'd actually use on a smartwatch. If you're just looking to make mobile payments, track your fitness goals, runs, check out some news headlines, and listen to music, then the Versa has everything you need and more. Plus, its $200 price tag is a lot better on your wallet than Apple's, which currently starts at $329 for the Watch Series 3.

100+ apps and a $200 price tag make this a great smartwatch buy.

100+ apps and a $200 price tag make this a great smartwatch buy.

Basic black is sleek and sexy, but a dark gray/silver smartwatch has this gorgeous, futuristic look about it. Plus, the included gray band makes more of a statement than plain black. That being said, black and rose gold are also available!

Mick Symons

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