Fitbit Inspire HR

Best answer: The Fitbit Inspire HR comes in Black, Lilac, and White. Technically all of them are black but there are two different display colors and three band color options. For most people, the best choice is simply Black.

Great little fitness and health tracker

If you're shopping for a slim and unobtrusive health and fitness tracker, the Fitbit Inspire HR is great pick. Fitbit offers three color options for this tracker, though technically all of them are black. The three color options do come with different band colors, and one of them has a different display color.

The Fitbit Inspire HR in Black is an all-black option. Both the tracker itself and the band that comes with it are black. The numbers, symbols, and letters on the display are white. This contrast makes the writing on the small display easier to read. The black-on-black color scheme of the Inspire HR and the band makes this a subtle-looking choice that won't call attention to itself. Since black goes with everything, this is the color option that will go best with most people's wardrobes.

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That's not to say it's better than the other colors, or the best choice for everyone. The Fitbit Inspire HR in Lilac is a pretty choice. While the device itself is black, both the display and the band that comes with it are a light lilac shade. The lilac color is light enough to contrast with the black so that most people won't have trouble reading the display. For people like myself with a more feminine and bright style, this is a great pick.

The Fitbit Inspire HR in White/Black is the one that a Stormtrooper or a panda bear would pick. Its high-contrast color scheme is more noticeable than black-on-black and it will suit you best if you prefer a more dramatic look. The display is white on black and the band is white.

Keep in mind, while you can't change the color of the Fitbit itself or the display color, you can still change the band color. There are plenty of options if you wish to buy different bands to change up the look of your Fitbit Inspire HR.

Why the Inspire HR?

Fitbit Inspire HR

The Fitbit Inspire HR is a slim but feature-rich health and fitness tracker. It will track your steps, activity, and calories burned. Track all kinds of exercise including swimming. Your heart rate will be continuously monitored. Wear it at night to track your sleep. You connect it to your smartphone via Bluetooth; you'll get call and text notifications plus app alerts.

Our pick

Fitbit Inspire HR in Black

Goes with everything

The Black Fitbit Inspire HR is a black tracker with a black band. The writing on the display is white. It's the best option for most people, since black goes with everything.

Feminine choice

Fitbit Inspire HR in Lilac

Pretty color

While the Fitbit itself is still black, both the writing on the display and the included band are a lovely shade of lilac. This is the one for people with a more feminine style.

High contrast

Fitbit Inspire HR in White/Black

Stormtrooper cool

This Fitbit is also black, but the display and the included band are white. This one is best suited for people who prefer a higher-contrast, more dramatic look.

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