Fitbit Inspire

Best answer: There are two color options: Black and Sangria, both of which come with a matching band. Black is the more practical choice, since it's more likely to go with your whole wardrobe than Sangria.

Pragmatic or unconventional?

The Fitbit Inspire is a feature-rich health and fitness tracker with an unobtrusive, slim design. The Fitbit Inspire comes in two colors — Black and Sangria, which is similiar to burgundy — and both refer to the Fitbit itself, not just the band. Both colors refer to the Fitbit itself, not just the band. Both colors come with a matching band, but you're not tied to the band it comes with. There are lots of other bands you can purchase if you'd like different looks.

Black is the obvious choice, and the one I would recommend for most people. It will go with just about anyone's wardrobe and it won't stand out. If you do purchase more bands, it will definitely be easier to coordinate them with the Black Fitbit Inspire than the Sangria one. Black goes with just about everything.

That said, I happen to think the Sangria shade is appealing and attractive. My own wardrobe happens to fit very nicely with Sangria, so I actually prefer it for myself. I don't wear a lot of black clothing, but I'm in the minority there.

You really can't go wrong with either shade; they both look great. Black looks better with more people's wardrobes and more bands than Sangria, which is why it's our overall top pick.

Why get the Fitbit Inspire?

The Fitbit Inspire is an advanced health and fitness tracker that you can get for a fraction that others cost. It connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth and then can tracks your steps, distance, activity minutes, menstrual and fertility cycles, and calories burned. It also tracks your sleep automatically and has a silent vibration alarm.

Because you can connect it to your phone, the Inspire allows you to get notifications and alerts from your smartphone so you won't miss your important calls, texts, and app updates.

Our pick

Fitbit Inspire in Black

Pragmatic choice

Black goes with everything, right? Since the Fitbit Inspire is meant to be worn all day every day, you'll want it to go with your entire wardrobe.

Fun color

Fitbit Inspire in Sangria

Colorful choice

Not everyone needs their fitness tracker to blend in. If black's just a little bit too basic for you, this Sangria shade is pretty hot.

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