What do Fitbit badges mean?

Should I upgrade to Fitbit Premium?
Should I upgrade to Fitbit Premium?

It always feels nice when your hard work is acknowledged, and Fitbit's version of a pat on the back is badges that you're awarded for meeting milestones on your path to fitness.

How are badges earned?

Fitbit Sneaker Badge

A badge is a digital token you receive when you make progress on your fitness goals.

You might receive one once you've hit a significant number of steps, like 10,000 in a day, or if you've hit your weight goal.

Badges are automatically awarded as your Fitbit syncs your daily activities and measures them against the milestones in different activities. You can only earn badges related to step-based activities that are automatically measured by your Fitbit. You unfortunately do not receive badges for manually logged activities like cycling or weight lifting, sleep loss, or weight goals (unless you have the Fitbit scale), but just knowing you've experienced these important accomplishments is a reward in itself, right?

What kinds of badges are available?

Badges are available in all step-based activities. Fitbit badge categories include:

  • Step Badges categorized on shoe types, for example a Boat Shoe badge is awarded at 5,000 steps while a Hiking Boot badge will come your way after 35,000.
  • Distance Badges categorized on places and locations, for example a Marathon badge is unlocked when you travel 26 miles with your Fitbit, whereas the Great Wall badge is awarded after going 5,500 miles.
  • Daily Climb Badges categorized on different high structures and features, like earning a Redwood Forest badge after you've travelled 25 floors with your Fitbit, or earning a Volcano badge after you've travelled 500 floors.
  • Lifetime Climb Badges categorized on things that fly through the air, for example you'll unlock a helicopter badge at 500 floors and a spaceship after you've climbed the equivalent 14,000 floors.
  • Weight Badges are available if you own both a Fitbit and the Fitbit Aria scale. You can earn badges when you drop five pounds, hit your weight loss goal, and one is available showing the amount of weight between your highest and current weight. If you do not own a Fitbit scale, you can earn a badge for setting a weight goal.

What do I do with my Fitbit badges?

Fitbit Marathon Badge

It's pretty cool to earn a badge, but once you've got it, then what?

You can view your badges through the Fitbit app or on the Fitbit website, to bask in the glory of your recent achievements.

Fitbit badges can also be shared with your Fitbit friends (or anyone who uses Fitbit depending on the settings you choose) so they can be motivated to earn their own, and it gives you a chance to do a little bit of bragging.

Badges can also be emailed, texted, and shared through social media so your friends, family, and co-workers know what a magnificent picture of physical health you are.

And you always have the option of deleting a badge so neither you, or anyone else, will have to stare at your weight-related badges ever again!

What does it all mean?

Rewards can often translate into motivation. If you think getting a little digital sticker on your Fitbit app won't affect your progress one way or the other, you may be surprised at how nice it feels when you've got a nice lineup, day after day, of badges marking your accomplishment. Fitbit badges are a non-essential, but fun part of the experience of tracking your fitness progress.

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