It's December 29, 2014 and I'm sitting at the gate at the airport waiting to board yet another flight to San Francisco. (Yes, it's for an event. No, it's not for an Apple event. More on that in the next couple of days!) Like late night flights, early morning flights offer the opportunity for reflection and the chance to ask the impertinent questions. Such as: What's coming up for iMore in 2015?

This year was our best ever. Again. We hit over 10 million monthly readers, a figure that's both staggering and humbling. That's all thanks to you visiting iMore and sharing what interests you with your friends, family, and colleagues. I can't tell you how much we value that, and how much you mean to us. It's why we wake up every morning compelled to write more.

Part of what's let us grow and do so much this year is the organizational split we did last spring. We broke features and news out and created separate groups for both. The intrepid Derek Kessler built up Newsroom to handle the latter. They're who afforded the rest of us the luxury of focusing on features — by day in, day out handling all the news stories. They've done a terrific job, including and especially under the insane load of Apple events like WWDC, the iPhones 6 and Apple Watch, and the new iPads and Macs. They've let us make iMore, iMore.

Speaking of which, we were lucky to have Serenity Caldwell join us in October. If you knew her from her Macworld then you know she's a woman of many, many talents and we'll be seeing more of those on iMore soon as well, both with new features and with existing features in new places.

When Peter Cohen joined us in 2013 we began to tip our toes into Mac coverage. In 2014 that culminated in full on reviews for OS X Yosemite and the new Mac mini. They were so good, and did so well for us, we're going to be diving even deeper into the Mac in 2015. We've got a lot of catching up to do, given how long we've been covering iOS, but we're going to be making a real run at it.

Ally Kazmucha has not only been keeping up her amazing help and app writing, but somehow managed to accelerate it. She's off at Hogwarts for some well-deserved relaxation for the next couple of weeks, but she's got a lot more coming your way as well, both on her own, and with Serenity.

As much as 2014 was a banner year for iMore, we're committed to make 2015 even bigger and better. Coming up first and foremost, though, is CES and that means CESLive. Yes, we're once again teaming up with Cali Lewis and John P, and this time with Mark Spoonauer as well.

Cali, John, Mark, and I, along with Serenity and Georgia Dow will be hosting a ton of interviews, demos, and panels throughout CES, while our ace videographer, Anthony Casella captures all the cool stuff on the show floor. (And, of course, the rest of Mobile Nations will be on stage and on the floor all week as well.) That runs from January 6 to 9, and we'll get you scheduling and more information asap.

But the important part is what I said at the beginning — you. We do all of this for you, our readers, listeners, and viewers. Our community. So, what I really want to know is what you want to see? What do you want to see more of? What do you want to see less of? What do you want to see that's different? What do you want to see that's new?

What do you want to see from iMore in 2015?