What Does the Fitbit Zip Do?

Fitbit (Image credit: Fitbit)

What Does the Fitbit Zip Do?

Best answer: The Fitbit Zip is designed to handle the basics of fitness tracking. You'll be able to get an accurate count of your steps, distance traveled, and calories burned, but not much else.Simply track it: Fitbit Zip ($156 at Amazon)

It's designed to handle the basics.

The Fitbit Zip is a nifty little gadget from one of the biggest names in fitness wearables. It actually came out several years ago but it's so good at what it does that it's stuck around for more than a few years (which really is saying something in the tech world where the average life span of a gadget is about two years). It's quite small and inconspicuous — measuring in at less than half an inch thick.

Even though it's small, Fitbit was able to cram some solid features into it. The Zip will accurately track all your steps during the day, as well as the distance traveled and the amount of calories you burned. The best part is that you can effortlessly sync all of your data back to your smartphone and keep track of your goals in the Fitbit app. You won't even have to worry about battery life as it uses a standard CR2032 watch battery that will give it up to six months of juice.

The small size also allows you to wear it virtually anywhere. You can either throw it in your pocket or you can slide it into the included clip holder which will allow you to clip it almost anywhere you want on your clothes during the day. It's so small too that you'll hardly even know it's there so it won't get in your way. If you want, there's even some wrist bands you can get for it so you can wear it like a watch.

What can't it do?

Unfortunately, there are still some things the Zip can't do. It's not waterproof so you won't be able to take it into the pool or shower and there's no GPS or anything so you can really track where you've been, just that you moved. There is a display on it but all you can do is just tap on it to scroll through the different screens.

All-in-all, the Fitbit Zip is a great entry into the world of fitness tracking that will track your movement, stay out of your way, and not break the bank in the process. It does the absolute basics that a fitness tracker can do, and for some, that might be enough.

Jason Cockerham