iPhone 12 Concept AdSource: ConeptsiPhone

What you need to know

  • There's a new concept iPhone 12 ad to enjoy.
  • But this one isn't quite like most of the ones you've already seen.
  • "Blade" fans will feel right at home.

We know that Apple will announce up to four new iPhones this year, whether it turns out to be the usual September window or a little later thanks to COVID-19. While we wait for the big unveiling, why not check out some concepts based on what we expect – or hope – to see in a couple of months?

Except, this concept ad isn't like the ones you're used to.

Most concept ads follow the usual Apple recipe of some snappy music and some sliding iPhones with some funky transitions. Not this one. This one looks like it'd be right at home in the middle of a fight scene from a "Blade" movie.

Check it out.

That music, for one, is never finding its way into an Apple ad. Also, that's not music. It's noise.

Yes, I'm old. Why do you ask?

Ignoring the fact the battery icon is at 31% – which is making me wince even now – much of what this ad shows is likely to make an appearance in September of October. 5G connectivity is a go, as is what will very likely be a super-speedy Apple-designed A14 chip. A LiDAR Scanner will make an appearance on at least one of the new iPhones, too.

As much as this ad isn't for me, do check it out. At the very least it'll fill some of the time between now and launch day. Not a lot, sure. But every little helps.

Now, I'm off to have a sit down with a painkiller or five.