What storage size iPhone 8 should you get?

iPhone 8
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What storage size iPhone 8 should you get?

Best answer: The 256GB iPhone 8 really is worth it, especially since the price difference is not all that much. For those who enjoy taking a lot of photos and videos, not to mention downloading music and movies, the extra storage makes a world of difference. If you prefer to keep most everything on the cloud, however, you might get away with the 64GB version.Space matters: iPhone 8 256GB ($350 at Amazon)Living in the cloud: iPhone 8 64GB ($284 at Amazon)

iPhone 8 256GB

Most iPhone users enjoy taking gorgeous photos and high-quality videos. Unless you are in the habit of immediately downloading or offloading all of your content into the cloud, you'll want some space to store every take, at least temporarily. Sometimes it's not convenient or even possible to take everything off of your phone as soon as you shoot it.

The same goes for music and videos. If ever you find yourself with low signal or low data, you may be left wishing for more storage space for your favorite music and movies. For anyone who ventures outside of cell signal or occasionally runs low on data, the extra storage will come on handy when you want to play your favorite music and movies. Especially for anyone with kids, this can make a huge difference during long road trips.

iPhone 8 64GB

For those of you who rarely run the risk of running low on signal or data, keeping everything on the cloud may not seem so scary. If your photos and videos can be offloaded to the cloud or downloaded immediately, then you won't need so much storage available for photos and videos.

As for entertainment media, sometimes streaming works just fine. If you don't plan on leaving the areas where cell signal is readily available, and your data usage is not limited, then massive music and movie downloads won't be necessary. If this is the case, you may be able to make do with the 64GB iPhone 8.

A new alternative

You may not realize that Apple recently released a new version of the iPhone called the iPhone SE. It's the exact same size as the original iPhone 8, comes with all the same storage capacities, as well as a newer, faster processor. It's also water-resistant, and it comes at a great low price point compared to other new iPhone models. So if you're looking at the iPhone 8 because of its attractive pricing, check out the iPhone SE too! You may find that it's a newer phone for a great price.

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