What storage size iPhone XR should you get?

Iphone Xs Xr Max Backs
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What storage size iPhone XR should you get?

Best answer: The 128GB iPhone XR is the best choice for most people, especially those who like to keep lots of photos, videos, or large music libraries on their iPhone. If you upload most of your storage-hogging data to the cloud, on the other hand, the 64GB version is probably all you need.Roomy and convenient: iPhone XR 128GB (From $499 at Apple)Keeping it simple: iPhone XR 64GB (From $449 at Apple)

iPhone XR 128GB

The large-capacity version of the iPhone XR offers 128GB of storage, which is nice and roomy for most folks. This is more than enough space to take hundreds, thousands even, of high-quality photos and videos. If you like to download tons of music or movies, these will also require a lot of storage capacity. For example, I like to keep a couple of movies downloaded to my phone in case I need a quick way to distract my kids, even in low signal situations.

Granted, storing these items on the cloud and streaming all your media is a great way to free up phone storage, but if you're ever in a situation where you have bad signal or limited data, you may find yourself wishing for more storage space. 128 GB will definitely be necessary if you need to take 4K videos and store them for any amount of time on your phone. At the end of the day, ample storage capacity on your iPhone is just more convenient. You never know when you might need it.

iPhone XR 64GB

Now, for those of you that live in the cloud, a tidy 64GB just might do the trick. If your photos and videos are immediately uploaded and offloaded from your phone, and you prefer streaming to downloading, then you might not need so much space.

Keep in mind, streaming may be challenging in low-signal or low-data situations; but if you rarely venture outside of cell reception and have lots of data to play with, then streaming all of your music and movies might not be a problem. The same goes for taking videos and photos. If you're not very shutter-happy and prefer to offload heavy videos and photos as soon as you take them, then you shouldn't have a problem. There are plenty of people who can maintain low storage usage, and if you are one of those, go for the 64GB iPhone XR.

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