The new year has come upon us (as it does every 365 days), and we here at iMore like to use that as a time for reflection before we gear up to make the next year as awesome as possible. Rene and I have some ideas on what we'd like to do on the site in 2017, but we also want to hear from you, iMoreians: What do you want to see from our site in the next 11 months?

We've started a thread in our forums to solicit feedback and would love if you folks jumped on in and gave us your suggestions. We'll even be sending some sweet iMore swag to ten helpful respondents!

We've already gotten some great feedback from folks:

Hmmm, a consistent Podcast / iMore Show schedule, a bit more forum interaction from the editors and other blog staff members as well as "personal" reviews of various products, services and apps.

(This is definitely on our list for 2017.)

What happened to photography? How about more How-To's for photography? I also miss the weekly photo contest.

As is this!

What If / Would You Section - So this is a section i thought could be fun for iMore to add. This section could have either concept renderings of upcoming devices or possibly showcase different colours of certain products. For example, the 'Jet White' post i saw a couple days ago. Thats what I'm talking about. Allow the community to vote on the new colour of possible design and see how it goes?

We love this idea, and will be looking into it.

I like the how-to's for new users, but I'd also like to see how-to's for more advanced users as well. Pro tips for photoshop, or other apps for example.

Like these suggestions? Have other must-read thoughts for us? Head on over to the forums and drop us a line! You'll be helping shape the future of the site and the iMore community.