What's on Ally's iPhone 6 right now!

My gold 64GB iPhone 6 is my daily driver and goes pretty much wherever I go. I'll start this off by saying that if you ask anyone that knows me personally, or even some of my colleagues, they'll all tell you that I'm a little over compulsive about being organized. At times, annoyingly so. And you probably could have guessed, my iPhone 6 is certainly no exception...

  • Wallpaper - I change my wallpaper compulsively and since it's fall, I have a random leave image I found on Google images. I get lots of questions about my wallpapers from readers all the time and my typical answer is, "Google search fall leaves iPhone wallpaper", because that's all I do.
  • Dock - In my dock I have four stock apps that I use most often — Phone, Messages, Mail, and Safari. I used to use Mailbox (opens in new tab) as my default Mail app but I've been giving the iOS 8 Mail app a try since early betas and so far, it's kept me pretty happy.
  • Camera, Photos, and Clock - As long as I can remember, these three apps have always been in these positions on my iPhone. It just seems wrong to put them anywhere else.
  • Fantastical 2 (opens in new tab) - I've been using Fantastical since it was available for iOS and I couldn't imagine using any other app for my calendar and reminders. It's simple, elegant, and has one of the most responsive developers you'll ever meet.
  • App Store, iTunes, Music, Passbook - The second row on my iPhone houses a few more stock apps that I use on a regular basis. App Store and iTunes are a given. I use the Music app for iTunes Radio more than anything else. As for Passbook, it's in a location where my right thumb can easily tap. I use Passbook for everything from buying a cup of coffee at Starbucks to boarding a plane and redeeming movie theater rewards. With Apple Pay coming soon, I have a feeling Passbook is going to be even more indispensable to me.
  • Weather Line (opens in new tab) - I've been using Weather Line as my main weather app for almost a year now. I love the layout and simplicity of it. I've also always found historical weather data to be helpful and Weather Line does a great job of showing daily, monthly, and yearly averages in a meaningful way that just makes sense. I've also become convinced that Dark Sky is one of the most reliable forms of information when it comes to rain and Weather Line pulls straight from it. I've never liked the Dark Sky app layout so this gives me the best of both worlds.
  • iMore (opens in new tab) - Did you really expect anything less?
  • Newsify (opens in new tab) - This spot on my Home screen had previously been occupied for years by [Reeder](but was recently ousted as it hasn't been updated for the iPhone 6 just yet. Even so, I'm skeptical as to whether or not I'll switch back. I've really been liking Newsify and how much customization it really does allow. Want to casually browse news? Check out the magazine style view. Want to quickly triage your feeds? Just toggle to list view in two taps.
  • Tweetbot (opens in new tab) - If I had to choose one app that I use more than any other, it'd be a tie between Fantastical 2 and Tweetbot. When it comes to Twitter on iOS, there's no better experience than Tweetbot, at least on the iPhone. With a beautiful interface and a feature set that'll make your jaw drop, it sets the mark for every other Twitter app in the App Store.
  • Facebook (opens in new tab) - It's a necessary evil. Not one that I particularly care for but one that I tolerate.
  • Instagram (opens in new tab) - I love taking photos and I've been using Instagram since it launched. From posting my own photos to checking out #doge and #instashibe hashtags, there isn't really anything you can't find on Instagram photo wise.
  • Settings - The Settings app has always been the very last icon before the endless barrage of folders start. It's varied in position a few times but is always the last single icon not contained in a folder.
  • Faves folder - My favorites folder contains apps that I use fairly regularly but don't feel need to be on my actual Home screen within one tap access. A few highlights that I can't live without include BillGuard (opens in new tab) for tracking and monitoring my financial accounts, Acorns (opens in new tab) for small savings investments, 1Password (opens in new tab) to remember all the password things, and a few news apps including Pocket (opens in new tab).
  • iMore folder - All of these apps are ones I need to do my job here at iMore everyday. We use Slack (opens in new tab) for group chat, Trello (opens in new tab) to plan content and stay organized, Skype (opens in new tab) for quick calls when needed, Screens (opens in new tab) for remote logging in to all the things when away from the office, and a few others that involve tracking analytics, beta testing, and just plain getting the job done.
  • Social folder - This folder is only one page, all of which you can see. There aren't any surprises here really but if I had to pick my most used social app in this folder, it would have to be Foursquare (opens in new tab), which is indispensable to me while traveling.
  • Travel folder - Last year my girlfriend and I promised each other we'd make more time for travel and so far, we've made good on that promise. We recently started using Airbnb (opens in new tab) rather regularly, and we typically fly American Airlines (opens in new tab) which has a great app including widget support for boarding passes in iOS 8. Tube Deluxe (opens in new tab) also gets a place next to Google Maps (opens in new tab) and Apple Maps since it's one of the best Underground apps I've found. So if you're in London, be sure to give it a try. The rest of my travel folder is filled with a plethora of currency conversion, transit, and translation apps.
  • Media folder - This is where pretty much all my media lives from my Sonos Controller app (opens in new tab) to control our home audio system to all my music streaming services. My three most used are Rdio (opens in new tab) and Spotify (opens in new tab) while on the go while Pandora (opens in new tab) typically reigns supreme when I'm working during the day. I also have TeeVee 3 (opens in new tab) in my media folder since it's hands down the best app available where tv episode guides are concerned. It even offers a nifty Notification Center widget that shows an overview of all your upcoming shows for the week.
  • Entertainment folder - This folder is pretty predictable and basically contains anything from video streaming apps such as Netflix (opens in new tab) to ESPN SportsCenter (opens in new tab). I've also got a few podcast apps including Overcast (opens in new tab) loaded up.
  • Photo folder - This folder currently runs almost 6 pages long and contains a plethora of photo editing and filter apps that I use. Most of which offer great photo extensions in iOS 8 for the Photos app. The most notable ones that I use regularly include Storehouse (opens in new tab) and Lightroom (opens in new tab). I use a lot of the filter and basic editing apps via the Photos app now, so I don't really care what page of the Photo folder they fall on anymore.
  • Games folder - No iPhone Home screen is complete without a few games! I have about 7 pages of games on my iPhone and my most played ones get a first page spot. They include Threes! (opens in new tab), TwoDots (opens in new tab), the original Dots (opens in new tab), Smash Hit (opens in new tab), Monument Valley (opens in new tab), and several others.
  • Blank space - I don't know if it's my OCD or what, but I've always felt wrong completely filling my iPhone Home screen. As long as I can remember, I've always left one blank space. And as you can see, it's a habit that's carried with me for several years.
  • Second page - My second page consists of all the rest of my apps that I don't use regularly or really only need to see notifications for. Everything from financial apps to productivity apps and back again. Some of these are also there because I review apps as part of my job, so I like to stay informed of updates on popular ones, whether I use them regularly or not.

And that pretty much wraps up what I'm currently using on my iPhone 6. Only two pages but those two pages are packed with apps and games that I use on a regular basis.

Everyone here at iMore will be telling you in the coming weeks what they have on their iPhone 6 or 6 Plus, so be sure you check out our What iMore's Using page regularly for all the updates!

And as always, if you have any questions about apps I'm using, feel free to let me know in the comments! And if you've found an app that you think is better than what I'm currently using, I of course want to know that too!

iMore senior editor from 2011 to 2015.

  • I must be a little more OCD when it comes to organization of my iPhone. I keep the first page blank, then keep all of my apps in categorized alphabetically arranged folders with all the apps arranged alphabetically inside on the second page. I keep my Dock organised alphabetically starting with Calendars 5 on the left then a Fitness folder with DriveBit & Fitbit followed by a Messages folder with Hangouts, Mail, Messages & Facebook Messenger & finally a Phone folder with FaceTime & Phone.
  • Must not be much OCD, otherwise you would use Android, where you can choose where you put your apps and folders without having them all shuffle to the top.
  • I also keep my first page completely blank. It allows you to see the wallpaper full screen and unobstructed. It's like a photo frame when charging in it's dock.
  • I also switched from Reeder to Newsify. I now prefer Newsify over Reeder. Very customizable and better for reading.
  • Wow they haven't updated weatherline in almost a year
  • Always a pleasure to read Ally's articles.. these are definitely some of the best apps available in the App Store Sent from the iMore App
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    I was going to post that I still can't get it to work.
    And I've tried everything in the article and way more.
  • Have you ever done a column on how to use Passbook? I've never used it because it seems daunting.
  • This is a great idea and one that would be helpful for people new to iPhone.
  • I'd like this, especially since I have it relegated to my "crap" folder.
  • Blank space FTW!
  • Having used Newsy prior to the dismantling of Goggle Reader, I can attest at how great it is. Newsify is the opposite of Reeder's minimalism but the UI is every bit as well designed and thought of. Unfortunately for me, Newsify only supports Feedly which is fine and dandy (and free) but I'm a subscriber to Feed Wrangler (I enjoy supporting smaller developer). Another nice RSS reader option if you're not willing to pay: Digg Newsreader. My least favourite is Feedly's own RSS reader.
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  • I am a little up tight when it comes to bring organized
    I could not do without my Omni Focus 2 for IPhone and IPad ......greatest planning and project tracker ever Sent from the iMore App
  • I keep the same four apps on my dock also Sent from the iMore App
  • http://iPapers.co for all Apple device wallpapers! recommended
  • Hi Ally! I like your Wallpaper. Where did you get this particular one from?
  • Post iOS8, what itches do you have un scratched that would make you jailbreak (when available)? No user-selectable default apps are probably my biggest remaining peeve - extensions don't quite cut it - but I'm not sure that's enough for me to jb. Sent from the iMore App
  • How the F do you only have 8 unread emails?!? I have 6 email accounts on my phone, currently at 3,900 unread. Mostly from my catch-all yahoo. A guy I work with has 80,000 unread emails!!! I wish I could keep it under control. Sent from the iMore App
  • Mailbox on Mac and Mail app on iOS. Perhaps I'll write an article about my email workflow. Sent from the iMore App
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  • Will you help me come up with a organized homescreen? Sent from the iMore App
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  • I can't stand unread. I have 2 marked unread because I need to deal with them tomorrow at work and it's making me INSANE. But I don't folder a lot of stuff, it's all still in inbox. But I read and deal with it pretty quickly.
  • Lol I can't stand unread either, and I always move prior months emails to archive.
  • Couldn't help but notice the absent bbm icon- you don't use bbm Ally?
    I'm almost as compulsive on my 64gb iPhone 5s too- 2 pages, 11folders, 126 apps- all get re-arranged every week and wallpaper changer every 3days Sent from the iMore App
  • Me Posted via the Android iMore App!
  • This looks just like Ally's wallpaper above, thanks to the image search of Google - http://windylife.deviantart.com/art/Japanese-Maple-Leaf-WP-2009-142771054
  • Thanks for that. It certainly is the wallpaper!
  • i basically saved the wallpaper to my mac, flipped it horizontally and then rotated it to the left; uploaded it to dropbox and then saved it to my phone.
  • Thanks!
  • Thanks for sharing Ally..
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  • Fully equipped for the modern narcissist.
  • I don't like folders that much. One or two is fine. Sent from the iMore App
  • Is there a website that shows other iPhone 6 homescreen layouts? Sent from the iMore App
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  • I totally agree with the blank space, I do the same thing. having to much stuff on my home screen makes it fell cluttered.
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