What's on Peter's iPhone 6 right now!

Much like Rene, I keep my iPhone pretty much bone-stock on its first Home screen. I do this because I've reset it frequently enough that I just can't be bothered to spend a lot of time customizing it, and like Rene, I use it occasionally for product shots when reviewing stuff at iMore and want it looking as fresh-out-of-the-box as possible.

I don't like a lot of messy app clutter on my iPhone's Home screens. I pretty compulsively find places to put apps I've downloaded, because I don't want to have to flip through pages finding what I'm looking for. My most frequently used apps I access by just double-pressing the Home button and flipping through pages until I find what I'm looking for. Everything else has its place.

Peter's iPhone 6 screenshots

  • Wallpaper: Stock. I like the wintery nighttime sky.
  • Utilities: This started out as the "Extras" folder Apple includes with iOS, so it has Contacts, Calculator, Compass and Voice Memos. I've also added Find My Friends (opens in new tab), Xfinity Connect (opens in new tab), Ookla Speedtest (opens in new tab) and a few other utilities I use sporadically.
  • Games: contains only the games I play most frequently. Lately I've been enjoying Puzzlejuice (opens in new tab) (a Tetris-style word game from the maker of Threes), Color Zen (opens in new tab), Lyne (opens in new tab) and Hay Day (opens in new tab). Mostly I play Hay Day. It's like Farmville. Don't judge.
  • Passbook apps: For reasons I don't remember, I've put all the Passbook-compatible apps in a single folder. I use this to track my Discover (opens in new tab) card balance, Walgreens (opens in new tab), Fandango (opens in new tab) (which I use for movie tickets), Starbucks (opens in new tab), and a few other Passbook-related apps that I actually use pretty frequently.
  • Social: Here's where I keep the apps I use to stay in touch when I'm away from my Mac. Echofon Pro (opens in new tab) is my Twitter client of choice. I also keep Skype (opens in new tab), Facebook (opens in new tab), LinkedIn (opens in new tab), Vine (opens in new tab), and a few other apps nearby.
  • Travel: Here's where I keep map apps including Transit (opens in new tab) (helpful for finding public transportation schedules in most big U.S. cities) and Google Maps (opens in new tab). I fly JetBlue (opens in new tab) occasionally so I put the boarding pass app in here, along with the Uber (opens in new tab) app, and Guidebook (opens in new tab) (which I use for some tradeshows and sci-fi/anime conventions).
  • Photography: I use an Olloclip with my iPhone 6 to take macro and wide-angle shots, and the Olloclip (opens in new tab) app helps correct some of the weird aberrations that can occur with those photos. This is where I keep iPhoto, too. It doesn't work with iOS 8 anymore, but I keep it around to remind me of the really stupid things Apple does sometimes, like discontinuing iPhoto for iOS without giving users an easy way of recovering all the content they produce with it. Scanner Pro (opens in new tab) from Readdle is an excellent document scanning tool. Instagram (opens in new tab) is here, along with Big Lens (opens in new tab) (which can fake bokeh pretty well), Diddeo (opens in new tab) (a video editing tool that makes it easy to make short clips with music), and Union (opens in new tab) (a masking and blending app).
  • Entertainment: Spotify (opens in new tab), Shazam (opens in new tab), Beats Music (opens in new tab), Amazon Music (opens in new tab), and a really cool music creation app called Bandojo (opens in new tab) reside in this folder.
  • Payment Tools: I have a few apps in here that aren't necessarily Passbook-related but I need them for online payments, like SmartPay (opens in new tab), which I use to get gas discounts at Cumberland Farms filling stations; Domino's Pizza (opens in new tab), sadly the only pizza place in my area that delivers; T-Mobile's My Account (opens in new tab) app; and a few others.
  • Lifestyle: I admit this has become kind of a catch-all for stuff I've been too lazy to put elsewhere. Nike+ Move (opens in new tab) and MyFitnessPal (opens in new tab) live here, along with (inexplicably) iBooks and iTunes U, as well as Pocket (opens in new tab), which I've been ignoring lately. (Sorry, Pocket.) I also keep NFL Mobile (opens in new tab) in there this time of year so I can keep track of my beloved New England Patriots when I'm away from the TV.
  • iMore: A few crucial utilities for my job: Trello (opens in new tab), which we use for assignment management; Slack (opens in new tab), our interoffice communication tool of choice; and the iMore (opens in new tab) app itself, of course.
  • Productivity: In this folder I keep Apple's iWork apps — Pages (opens in new tab), Numbers (opens in new tab), and Keynote (opens in new tab) — along with [Google Docs],(https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/keynote/id361285480?mt=8&at=10l3Vy&ct=d_im){.nofollow} Microsoft Office (Word (opens in new tab), Excel (opens in new tab) and PowerPoint (opens in new tab).

I have a 64 GB iPhone, and while I don't have a ton of apps, I do store quite a bit of media. In particular, I have thousands of music files I've downloaded. While I stream quite frequently when I'm out and about, I still find myself in areas with spotty reception. So I usually keep my "Recently Added" playlist refreshed and downloaded, very rarely (if ever) taking those tunes off, which makes my music library keep building and building. Eventually I'll have to clear it out, but I'm still dozens of GB away from that point right now.

I don't use all of these apps evenly. Of all of them, I rely on social networking apps, my iMore communication tools, the Camera app, and iTunes most frequently.

Interested in what my colleagues are using? Check out their iPhone Home screens. And if you have any questions about what I'm using or recommendations for apps that you think are better than what I have, lay them on me!

  • Great game on Sunday against the Packers, thought we had that touchdown pass to Cronk in the endzone.
  • Yeah. If the Pats are going to lose, there's no shame in losing to the Packers.
  • I think you'd do everyone a favor if for the pictures you got rid of all the notifications on apps. ;) Sent from the iMore App
  • So given your penchant to keep things lean, would you say a 16gb model would have been sufficient? I'm on the fence. My 16gb 4s was more than adequate, but higher resolution photos might not stretch a 16gb iphone 6 as far.
  • I went from 16 which wasn't enough at times to 64. I usually had enough space on my old phone except for software updates. I usually had to delete some stuff. So I wanted to get 32 but when apple only had a 64 I took that and I'm happy I did because in about a month I have gone from 16 gigs to 45 gigs. Some of that space is taken by apples iWork apps which I didn't expect to get for free and they are truly useful. And just not having to keep deleting pics on my phone and actually being able to show images from a year ago is really nice. I would truly recommend getting the 64 especially if you plan to keep this phone for several years like me.
  • Spend the money. Go 64. Unless you go anorexic lean 16 will never be enough Sent from the iMore App
  • No, no way. Not with my media appetite. I have much more than 16 GB on there already. It also makes OTA updating a real pain.
  • Tranny Porn??? Sent from the iMore App
  • you seriously use all the apple bloatware?
  • How is a calculator or a weather app bloat?