Where is the best place to buy a Fitbit Zip?

Fitbit (Image credit: Fitbit)

Where is the best place to buy a Fitbit Zip?

Best answer: The best place to buy a Fitbit Zip is from Fitbit itself. For some reason, they are about $20 more on Amazon and it's hard to find them any place else.Fitbit: Fitbit Zip ($60)

There aren't many other options

The Fitbit Zip is a great little fitness tracker from one of the biggest names in fitness wearables. It was designed to be an inconspicuous yet effective pedometer to help you keep track of your fitness goals. It's about an inch big and less than half an inch thick and comes with a silicon case with a clip so you can hook it to your clothes and keep it out of the way during your work day or workout. The Zip will accurately keep track of your steps, distance traveled, and calories burned and will also sync up all this data to your smartphone. It's a pretty great way to get yourself started in the world of fitness tracking.

It's not too often you come across a product that actually costs more on Amazon than it does from the manufacturer itself, but unfortunately, that is the case here. Directly from Fitbit's website you can get the Zip for around $60, which isn't too bad of a price. Head on over to Amazon, however, and the cheapest you can find them is for around $80. They only other legitimate place I could find to buy them was on eBay.

The Fitbit Zip is a pretty robust fitness tracker for $60.

Aside from being the cheapest place to get it, buying the Zip directly from Fitbit has some advantages. First is simply the knowledge that you're getting it directly from the folks that make it. Fitbit also offers free shipping on orders over $50, as well as a 45-day money back guarantee. The Zip also comes with a 1-year manufacturer warranty.

The downside is that Fitbit only sells them in one color, Charcoal. When the Zip first launched you could get it in Green, Blue, Charcoal or Magenta, but now Fitbit only sells them in Charcoal. You can still find the Blue and Magenta versions on Amazon but they cost around $120 or more. At that point, you're better off getting a Charge 3 for ten dollars more. If you really want one of the other colors but don't want to spend twice the money, you can find the others on eBay. Just keep in mind that they might be used and you'll have to deal with seller fees.

Jason Cockerham