Where is the best place to buy a HomePod?

White HomePod on a dresser

White HomePod on a dresser (Image credit: Apple)

Where is the best place to buy a HomePod?

Best answer: The best place to buy your HomePod is Best Buy. Best Buy often drops their HomePod price down by up to $100, so if you time it right, you can get the most bang for your buck.Best Buy: HomePod ($350)

Ordering directly from Best Buy is a reliable, trustworthy option that'll save you some cash

Picking up your HomePod from Apple might seem like the best way to go, but Best Buy takes the top pick because of their killer sales and savings.

Often times, Best Buy will discount the HomePod up to $100 off the original price, making it a smart shopping experience though and through.

Plus at Best Buy, you can also purchase Apple Care with your HomePod.

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