We have finally reached the day that we have all been waiting for: today is the release day of Super Mario Odyssey. Now, you may be wondering where you will be able to get your hands on this game.

Whether digital copy or physical cartridge, there are plenty of stores to choose from all with the same price of $59.99. Here's where you need to look!

Nintendo eShop

The Nintendo eShop has a digital copy of the game available right on the switch. Buying the copy straight from the eShop makes it much more convenient. This way, you never have to leave the house and your money goes straight to Nintendo.

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Amazon is a very reliable source to buy games like Super Mario Odyssey from if you don't want to purchase it from one of the bigger companies. Amazon offers the game for both digital copy as well as the cartridge version. The Amazon copy is also one of the versions available at 12 am.

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If you're looking for a way to save a little cash, Wal-Mart is always the place to do just that! For this game, it may only be 11 cents, but it can also be nicer because there are so many Wal-Marts around. Wal-Mart is only carrying a physical copy of the game.

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Target has surprisingly stayed on top of keeping Nintendo switch games on stock. Based off their website, it looks like Target only carries the hard copy and they sold out all of their pre-order copies of the game. That might make it seem that they wouldn't have any of the games left; however, that doesn't mean that they won't bring in extra to purchase from the store. Keep an eye out for extras on the shelf.

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Gamestop is a smaller based company that stays up to date with the newest games. Gamestop has amiibos and plenty of Nintendo games to choose from, so it's no surprise that they will be receiving the game. They carry both the cartridge copy as well as a digital copy, if that's something you prefer. They have the game available at the store or you can purchase them online: the digital code will be sent out on the release date at 9 am CST.

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Best Buy

If you search throughout Best Buy's website, they carry both the digital copt as well as the cartridge version. Although you have to search separately for the digital and the hard copy, it's great that they offer both versions of the game. The digital copy will be able for download and available to play at 12 am the day of release. The reason I enjoy shopping for games at Best Buy is that they offer 20% new games when you join their Gamer club.

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