June is Pride Month, a time when the world is wreathed in rainbows, and LGBTQ+ people seem to come out of the woodworks to celebrate their lives and culture. Pride is going to look a lot different in 2020, but that doesn't mean that the party won't happen. With these Pride parades, you can relive your favorite parade memories from years past.

Pride 2020

New York City Pride

Stonewall's 50th Anniversary: World Pride: NYC

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Pride started way back in 1970 in New York City, but before there was a parade, there was a riot that began at the Stonewall Inn in 1969. The Stonewall Riots started a movement that is still rippling decades later. In 2019, World Pride came to New York City for the 50th anniversary of Stonewall, and it was a fantastic party. This video is a whopping three and a half hours and includes all the best parts of the parade. Last year's World Pride is the one to watch if you want to recap one of the best Pride parades in the world.

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Pride 2020 Parades London

Shutting down streets: London Pride

London's Pride parade is known not only for being a ton of fun but also holds the honor of being the only festival which shuts down Dean St. in the city. The route runs through the city before ending in the park where everyone can hang out and enjoy themselves. This video runs for over an hour and shows off not only the crowds but the parades. Between the street level camera, the dull roar of music in the background, and the conversations of other festival-goers, this is an excellent option for anyone mourning the loss of Pride in person this year.

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Pride 2020 Parades Flags

Low key: Antwerp Pride Parade

If you just need a boost of serotonin but don't have time to watch an entire Pride Parade go by on your screen, then the highlights of the 2019 Antwerp Pride may be the right fit. It's a fifteen-minute long video that gives you a slice of the festival without being too loud or overwhelming. You still get to see everyone having a good time, and a variety of different floats, but without the 3 hours or more runtime.

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Pride 2020 Parade Amsterdam

Pride on the water: Amsterdam Canal Parade

Not all Pride parades look the same, and that's extra true when dealing with the Amsterdam Pride Parade. Instead of taking over a busy thoroughfare like London, or shutting down massive swathes of a city like World Pride, Amsterdam holds their yearly festival along the canals. All of the parade floats actually float, and you can watch as folks party, dance, and have a grand time on specially decorated boats. There isn't a full video of the parade, but this option can give you a little slice of what Amsterdam Pride looks like!

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Pride 2020 Parades San Francisco

A full length Pride parade: San Francisco Pride

This video shows the full pride parade of San Francisco in 2018. San Francisco has been holding parades since way back in 1972 and has one of the biggest and happiest parades that you'll see the world over. This video is a whopping six hours long, but that makes for the perfect day if you're looking for a way to celebrate from home and recapture the feeling and sheer joy encapsulated in pride. If you want the longest video possible, then this is your best bet.

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Show your Pride

Pride is a special time of year for LGBTQ+ people. It's a time when we can come out of our shells, engage with a community that isn't always in the public eye, and show some pride in who we are. Parades are one of the most joyous aspects of this celebration, and while we may not get any new parades in 2020, these parades from years past can help to remind us of what's waiting in the future. Out of them all, my favorite parade video is the 2019 World Pride NYC. It's a fun romp; it barely edits out any of the day, treats you to the rainbow chaos that is World Pride, and it's from last year making it the best of the best.

If you want a video of pride parades that you can turn on and walk away from, then the San Francisco Pride Parade is a great option. It has a run time of six hours, so you can leave it on all day long. For folks who just need a quick reminder of how awesome Pride can be, we suggest this video of Amsterdam Pride. It's much shorter at about 30 minutes long, but still delivers a fun reminder of what pride is for so many people.