The new 10.2-inch iPad is available in three color choices: silver, space gray, and gold. Whichever color you choose is ultimately up to you, but there are a couple of things you might want to consider before you purchase your new iPad.

Black tie ready: Space gray 10.2-inch iPad

Staff favorite

With a dark finish on the back and a completely black glass front, the space gray 10.2-inch iPad is a classic look. Plus, since the bezel is black, it won't distract you when you're gaming or watching a video.

From $329 at Apple

Silver bells: Silver 10.2-inch iPad

The bright white front and brilliant sliver back, the silver model can draw more attention and provide an excellent, bright bezel for e-reading activities. The benefits of the white bezel mean it won't show fingerprints as easily.

From $329 at Apple

Glitter & gold: Gold 10.2-inch iPad

Gold is by far the flashiest color of the bunch, and it stands out among other tablets and devices. Plus, it has the same bright white bezel that makes it great for e-reading.

From $329 at Amazon

Black bezel vs. white bezel

Although you'll need to consider your iPad's back color, the color on the front around your screen is worth your consideration as well. The silver and gold iPads have white faceplates, while the space gray iPad models use a black bezel.

Some prefer the look of black — which, like almost all TV sets these days, lets the border practically disappear into the screen. This makes watching videos particularly pleasing to the eye, particularly when watching in low-light situations. But, the black faceplate is also prone to showcase fingerprints and smudges.

In contrast, if you use your iPad as a personal reader, a white bezel can prove easier on the eyes when reading websites, documents, and ebooks with bright or white backgrounds. Plus, a white bezel doesn't show fingerprints or small scratches nearly as easily as a black bezel.

Classic or flashy style

All around, the space gray iPad is a very classic look. Black is a trendy color for all sorts of electronics, and if you don't want your iPad to stick out from your various devices, black goes with everything.

The silver iPad, while more bright and attention-grabbing than the black, still has a more understated look. It's very classy and won't likely turn any heads.

Lastly, the gold iPad is the flashiest, and although Apple has used the gold color on a number of its devices now, it still sticks out. The gold color on the back is pretty bright, and can occasionally look a bit rosy or even have a copper hue depending on the light.

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