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How do you decide which Apple Watch band to get with which Apple Watch? Apple used to offer just a few band options with each Apple Watch model, but now you can mix and match and get any combination you please. This only makes the decision tougher, but we're here with some ideas to help you out.

When I worked at the Apple Store and customers asked me which colors they should choose, I always asked them to think about the colors they wear most often. Your Apple Watch and band should go nicely with virtually all of the clothes you wear. Of course, you can always pick up more Apple Watch bands, but you might as well start with one you'll really wear.

You can see my pick in the photo above; I went with the rainbow Pride Edition band on my Stainless Steel Apple Watch and I love it. Although I would have chosen the Pride Edition band no matter which Apple Watch I purchased, I think it goes perfectly with all of them. But I know that's not for everyone. Here are some smart-looking Apple Watch and band combos to help you make up your mind. For each case color, I've chosen two great combinations for your consideration. You can make your own combination in Apple's own Apple Watch Studio.


Aluminum is Apple's lowest-priced case material. Aluminum has a matte finish and is available in a number of colors. The Apple Watch SE is available in every aluminum shade except for the Blue and the (PRODUCT) RED.

Silver Aluminum

The Silver Aluminum Apple Watch case really looks good with just about any Apple Watch band you can think of. It's totally neutral and won't clash with anything.

Soothing green and gray

Apple Watch Silver Aluminum Cactus Sport Band Render Cropped

Silver Aluminum Case with Cactus Sport Band

Neutral green

The grayed, neutral Cactus shade of green lends itself beautifully to a neutral look.

Hints of color

Apple Watch Silver Aluminum Deep Navy Sport Loop Render Cropped

Silver Aluminum Case with Deep Navy Sport Loop

Subtle stripes

The Deep Navy Sport Loop' coral and blue edges give some pizazz to an otherwise staid gray-and-navy combo.

Space Gray Aluminum

Apple's Space Gray Aluminum is dark, nearly black, and it looks amazing with a similarly dark band. Especially if you wear a lot of black and you just want the watch to blend, you can't miss with the black-on-black-on-black look. On the other hand, pairing this case with a bright band makes for a pretty cool statement look.

Classy look

Apple Watch Space Gray Aluminum Charcoal Braided Solo Loop Render Cropped

Space Gray Aluminum Case with Charcoal Braided Solo Loop


The Braided Solo Loop costs a bit more than the Sport Band, but it's worth it. This combo is pure class and looks far more expensive than it is.

High contrast

Apple Watch Space Gray Aluminum Pink Citrus Solo Loop Render Cropped

Space Gray Aluminum Case with Pink Citrus Solo Loop


For a far more "out there" look, pair your Space Gray Apple Watch with a bright, colorful band. You'll make a bold statement.

Gold Aluminum

Apple's Gold Aluminum Apple Watch is still a neutral that goes with a lot, but not quite as neutral as Space Gray and Silver Aluminum. If you choose a band with metal hardware, it may not go perfectly with this gold tone. You may not have as many band options with gold, but this watch is a stunner.


Apple Watch Gold Aluminum Navy Solo Loop Render Cropped

Gold Aluminum Case with Deep Navy Solo Loop

Timeless appeal

Gold and navy is a classic color combination that never goes out of style. You just can't go wrong with this clean and gorgeous look.

Visual interest

Apple Watch Gold Aluminum Cream Sport Loop Render Cropped

Gold Aluminum Case with Cream Sport Loop


The creamy, warm colors in this Sport Loop bring out the warm tones in the gold. This flattering combination is unusual and pleasing to the eye.

Blue Aluminum

The Apple Watch in Blue Aluminum is still somewhat a neutral, even though it's a color. The shade of blue leans more towards navy, like your favorite pair of dark wash jeans. This color feels new because it's new to the Apple Watch, and yet it's a classic shade.

Blue on blue

Apple Watch Blue Aluminum Surt Blue Sport Band Render Cropped

Blue Aluminum Case with Surf Blue Sport Band


If you're going to do shades of blue, of course you can choose a navy band for a more "match-y" look, but I prefer this Surf Blue for a subtle contrast.

Cool combo

Apple Watch Blue Aluminum Inverness Green Sport Loop Render Cropped

Blue Aluminum Case with Inverness Green Sport Loop

Green and blue

Something about this combination speaks to me, with its cool and slightly contrasting tones. The overall look is elegant and nearly neutral.


If you're going for red, you're not looking for a neutral. You might as well go all-in with red here. Plus, you'll feel good knowing your purchase is going towards the Global Fund's COVID‑19 Response.

Braided look

Apple Watch Product Red Braided Solo Loop Render Cropped

(PRODUCT)RED Aluminum Case with (PRODUCT)RED Braided Solo Loop

Color and texture

The bright red color is a statement all by itself, but the Braided Loop adds an appealing texture and visual interest.

Bold color

Apple Watch Product Red Solo Loop Render Cropped

(PRODUCT)RED Aluminum Case with (PRODUCT)RED Solo Loop


Let the color speak for itself with this smooth, unbroken, monochromatic look. You'll make a statement with this simple but bright and bold combination.

Stainless Steel

The Stainless Steel Apple Watch costs a bit more, but the shine gives it more of a jewelry-like appearance. Plus, the screen is sapphire rather than glass making it better able to resist breakage.

Graphite Stainless Steel

The Graphite Stainless Steel falls in between the Aluminum and Titanium in price. It's dark, nearly black, and looks good with just about anything.

Flexible and elegant

Apple Watch Graphite Stainless Steel Milanese Loop Render Cropped

Graphite Stainless Steel Case with Graphite Milanese Loop


The Milanese Loop is one of my all-time favorite bands. The virtually black-on-black look here is so stunning.

Genuine leather

Apple Watch Graphite Stainless Steel Saddle Brown Leather Link Band Render Cropped

Graphite Stainless Steel Case with Saddle Brown Leather Link


The black-on-black also works beautifully for the Leather Link band, but consider the slight contrast of this brown-on-black combination.

Silver Stainless Steel

I've purchased the Silver Stainless Steel for myself over three different generations, so obviously I love it. I think it goes with literally everything, and I wear other metals in my jewelry and other accessories. You can't pick a "wrong" band but here are some I particularly like.

Clever buckle

Apple Watch Silver Stainless Garnet Modern Buckle Render Cropped

Silver Stainless Steel Case with Garnet Modern Buckle


The slim and gorgeous leather strap cleverly clasped defined the Modern Buckle. It's a perfect match for the Silver Stainless Steel in both color and style.


Apple Watch Stainless Steel Pride Edition Sport Band Render Cropped

Silver Stainless Steel Case with Pride Edition Sport Band


This is what I actually purchased when I bought my current Apple Watch. It looks amazing, adds a pop of color to otherwise neutral outfits, and shows off my LGBT+ pride.

Gold Stainless Steel

There's nothing quite like the shiny gold look of Gold Stainless Steel. It's flashy and gorgeous; photos do not do it justice. This is jewelry, not just a "fitness tracker" for sure.

Shiny gold

Apple Watch Gold Stainless Steel Milanese Loop Render Cropped

Gold Stainless Steel Case with Gold Milanese Loop


The gleaming gold-on-gold look is an eye-catcher, that's for sure. This is not the look for wallflowers, but it has an undeniable appeal that begs for a closer look.

Gold tones

Apple Watch Gold Stainless California Poppy Leather Link Render Cropped

Gold Stainless Steel Case with California Poppy Leather Link

Bright warmth

A different take on the gold-on-gold look, this bright and warm yellow leather sets off the gold stainless steel beautifully.


When nothing but the best will do, you're going for the Titanium Apple Watch. A step above Stainless Steel, it has a subtle sheen that exudes class.

Space Black Titanium

Dark and mysterious, you'll make a statement with Space Black Titanium no matter which band you choose.

Quietly classy

Apple Watch Space Black Titanium Case Link Bracelet Render Cropped

Space Black Titanium Case with Space Black Link Bracelet


This combination looks less like a fitness tracker and more like an old-school expensive watch. It reminds me of a sports car for some reason.

Casual cool

Space Black Titanium Apple Watch Baltic Blue Leather Link Render Cropped

Space Black Titanium Case with Baltic Blue Leather Link


The black-on-black looks always works, but consider this black-and-navy combination for a more casual look. If you wear a lot of denim, this is a fantastic way to tie your blacks and blues together.


The original Titanium color is darker than the Silver Stainless Steel but lighter than the Space Black Titanium. It's gray with a subtle sheen that looks good with so many different bands.

So nice

Apple Watch Titanium Atlantic Blue Braided Solo Loop Render Cropped

Titanium Case with Atlantic Blue Braided Solo Loop


You can't go wrong with this neutral and casual look. The texture of the Braided Solo Loop keeps it from being dull.

Sporty cool

Apple Watch Titanium Charcoal Sport Loop Render Cropped

Titanium Case with Charcoal Sport Loop

Subtle blends

The subtle blend of colors here just feels right. It's not flashy, but it's not boring either. The Sport Loop is comfortable to wear and can be dressed up or down.

Of course there are endless combinations, but the one you love best is the one you should get! What is your favorite combination of Apple Watch and Apple band? Do you prefer a third-party Apple Watch band?

Serentiy Caldwell contributed to an earlier version of this article.

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