Which Fitbit has GPS independent from your phone?

Which Fitbit has GPS independent from your phone?

Best answer: If you're looking for a Fitbit with standalone GPS, you'll want to pick up the Fitbit Ionic smartwatch.Amazon: Fitbit Ionic ($260)

The Fitbit Ionic tracks your workouts and your location

While products like the Fitbit Versa, Blaze, and Charge 2 can track your location by using the GPS on your connected phone, the Fitbit Ionic smartwatch is the only current Fitbit product that has GPS built into it.

The Ionic is a smart fitness watch, offering more functionality than devices like the Charge 3 or the Alta 2, such as a big colorful touchscreen. In addition to tracking your location with GPS, the Ionic also features a heart rate monitor, personal coaching, and music storage for workouts away from your phone.

The Fitbit Ionic's GPS isn't always on

The Fitbit Ionic's GPS will track your route, pace, and distance traveled, but it isn't always on. Whether or not your Ionic captures your GPS data is dependent on the type of workout that you're performing. Exercises like outdoor running, biking, and hiking will automatically capture GPS data to provide more accurate measurements of your progress, while more stationary activities will not.

The Fitbit Surge also has GPS, if you can find one

The Fitbit Surge was discontinued by Fitbit in 2017, but it too has built-in GPS along with fitness tracking. You can still pick one up from a number of retailers, including Amazon.

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