Which Fitbits are the most accurate?

How to measure your wrist before buying a Fitbit
How to measure your wrist before buying a Fitbit

People use their Fitbits differently depending on what their goals are. Maybe you want to increase your daily step count, but your friend is training for a marathon and needs to step up his distance game, meanwhile your parents want to monitor their heart rate over the course of the day.

No matter what your Fitbit goals are, it's important to have the most accurate results so you can monitor your progress.

Most accurate step count

Fitbit One

If the feature you most want to track is step count, then you might want to consider a clip-on Fitbit rather than a wrist-strap model.

Overall, each Fitbit model is designed with a high level of accuracy, but if you're wearing a Fitbit on your wrist, a few movements like waving to a friend from across the street, grabbing your coffee cup from across the desk, or tossing a rubber band ball against the office wall to wind down the day could register as steps.

For the most accurate step count, consider a clip-on Fitbit model like the Zip or One. Both models have a built-in, 3-axis-accelerometer to track your daily steps. The One also has an altimeter measuring the number of stairs you climb, so between the two clip-on models, the Fitbit One is probably the best choice if you're concerned with getting the most accurate step count.

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Most accurate calories burned

Fitbit Charge HR

charge hr

Tracking the calories you're burning in a day is a great indicator of your overall health. When you burn calories your body starts leaning out, your heart begins working more efficiently, and your fitness level starts improving. To get the most accurate reading for the number of calories you're burning in a day, you should consider getting a Fitbit with a heart rate monitor.

In order to burn calories you need to do some kind of activity that gets your muscles and body moving. Once you begin an activity, your heart starts pumping blood at a more intense rate to try and oxygenate your muscles which burns calories. By measuring how fast your heart rate is beating, a heart rate monitor can more accurately determine how many calories you're burning.

There are three Fitbit models with Fitbit's proprietary PurePulse heart rate monitoring system built in: the Fitbit Charge HR, the Fitbit Blaze, and the Fitbit Surge. For the most accurate results with any of these three devices, position them about three fingers above your wrist bone, make sure the sensor stays in contact with your body, and keep your arm steady for about 10 seconds while monitoring your heart rate.

Since all three heart rate monitors are the same, your best bet is to go with the Fitbit Charge HR since it has the same heart rate function and is the lowest priced device with a built-in heart rate monitor.

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Most accurate distance travelled

Fitbit Surge

Fitbit Surge

If a jog doesn't feel like a jog unless you know you're going further than you went the last time, the Fitbit Surge is your best option for tracking the distance you've travelled in a day.

While the majority of Fitbits will offer an estimate of the total distance you've travelled in a day based on the number of steps you've taken, the Fitbit Surge is the only device in the Fitbit family with a built-in GPS.

The Fitbit Surge taps into a network of GPS satellites that are constantly orbiting the Earth (just like the GPS in your phone or car). Using the Fitbit Surge's GPS technology, you can be sure the distance displayed on your device is the most accurate count for the distance you've travelled in a day. The Surge can not only track the distance you've gone, but can also map your run route so when you feel like changing up the scenery and taking a different path, you can make sure you're running at least as far as you usually do.

The Fitbit Surge is the most expensive device in the Fitbit lineup, but if you're most concerned with tracking the distance you travel in a day, it's your best option.

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Final decision

When choosing a Fitbit, it's a good idea to know what your main fitness goals are so you can make sure you get one that works for you. Fitbits have a great reputation for their overall accuracy, but a few of them rise to the top when it comes to tracking certain activities. Choose the Fitbit that best fits in with your fitness plans.

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