Best answer: All of Garmin's fitness trackers have some sort of water-resistant rating and most of them are able to handle swimming.

Different Labels

Garmin uses a few different labels to let you know just what kind of underwater activities are suitable for its products (which includes trackers) and lucky for us, Garmin has a very simple chart that explains all the different classifications on its website.

Garmin's chart outlining the water-resistant ratings of all their devices.

The above chart details exactly what Garmin has said is suitable for its devices. So for example, the Vivosmart HR is rated at 5 ATM, meaning it can handle showering, swimming, or getting splashed on, but it can't handle high-speed watersports. If you do a lot of watersports or exercising in the pool, make sure you pick the Garmin tracker that's right for you.

Which trackers do we suggest?

Although Garmin has quite a few trackers that are water-resistant, the Vivosmart HR and the Vivoactive 3 are two solid options for anyone looking for a water-resistant tracker.

The Vivosmart HR is a reliable fitness tracker that keeps track of the most basic metrics including steps per day, calories burned, and active minutes. It can go in the water and be just fine, but it doesn't actually track swimming. It will continue to track your calories and your heart rate in the water, but it's not a swim tracker. If you just need a tracker that isn't too expensive and you want to make sure can handle a little water, the Vivosmart HR is a good option.

On the higher end of the scale comes the Vivoactive 3, which can track everything the Vivosmart HR can, but it also tracks swimming metrics like laps, time, distance, and a few others. Not only does it track more it can also do more, with access to some third-party apps — like Uber — the Vivoactive can help you get around. If you want to track your swims and have a fully-fledged smartwatch at your disposal, the Vivoactive 3 is the perfect companion.

Our pick

Vivosmart HR

Inexpensive and reliable

This is a great fitness tracker that gets the job done without breaking the bank. If your workouts are a bit more on the casual side, this is a great option to track steps, calories, and activity intensity.

Upgraded pick

Vivoactive 3

Taking fitness tracking to the next level.

Garmin's Vivoactive 3 is a smartwatch with a fitness focus. It has tons of workout apps, as well as third-party services, like Uber, so it can take you more places than just the gym. It also has a suite of excellent fitness tracking features that go beyond standard tracking.

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