Which Smart Scales Support Fitbit?

Standing in your underwear. Looking down at that number going up, and trying your hardest not to move. Weighing yourself can be a bit of an unpleasant experience. But, with the invention of smart scales, the way we are weighing ourselves is getting, well, smarter.

What is a Smart Scale?

Much like a standard weigh scale, a smart scale's most basic function is to measure your weight. However, smart scales usually can do much more than throw a simple number at you. Depending on the smart scale you are using, you may be able to measure several other statistics — Body Mass Index, Lean Mass, and Body Fat Percentage — just by stepping on it. Of course, the real brain behind smart scale is the ability to connect to devices, apps, and other things via the internet to record and track all the info it collects.

Why is a smart scale important?

Smart scales can be a vital part of achieving your weight goals. Since most smart scales can communicate with some fitness apps and even various activity trackers, it's an amazing way to keep an eye on your weight whenever you want.

Smart scales are great for both for the average Joes and serious athletes. For average Joes, it's a great tool to step on everyday and then sync up the info to your app or device to have at your fingertips. This will make an progress you make much more impactful and noticeable. For serious athletes that are constantly monitoring your health, the scale's more in-depth analysis of something like body fat percentage, will give you necessary information you need to look at your entire health plan and adjust your workout routine or diet.

Which smart scales support Fitbit.

There are quite a few different brands of smart scales out there but when it comes Fitbit support the options can be a little limited. One thing is for sure, to get the most accurate tracking, you want to make sure your Fitbit and smart scale are working together.

Fitbit Aria

If you're really looking for full Fitbit support in a smart scale, you need not look far. The Fitbit Aria has all the staples you want in a smart scale, like a clear, backlit LCD display, weight, BMI, and body composition results, and it can recognize up to eight different people, so it's good for the whole family to use. All your results from the Aria will be uploaded to your Fitbit dashboard automatically, so all the information is in your pocket in an instant.

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Withings WS-50 Smart Body Analyzer

If you want something with a few more bells and whistles, the Withings WS-50 Smart Body Analyzer has just a few extra goodies that the Aria doesn't have. The WS-50 still offers weight, BMI, and body composition results, but also offers a heart rate monitor and an air quality tracker, although those results will not appear on your Fitbit dashboard. The Withings can also recognize up to eight people, syncs via Wi-Fi, and on top of Fitbit support, it also has its own web app to track all of your data.

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