White iPhones Cracking? Take a Look

So there have been some reports that the white iPhone 3G has been showing cracks in its plastic housing already. From the pictures shown, some look like it could be scratches while others look almost, definitively cracked. I knew that the plastic would not be as durable as the original iPhone's but cracks in the casing? That's a lot worse than I ever imagined.

Is this a case of internet propaganda or could this really be happening? Anyone with white iPhone 3Gs like to tell their side of the story? Source: Nowhereelse

  • well, we all know the story of my internal cracking, but never had a problem with the external casing...
  • Mine is starting to crack near the headphone jack. I bet the black ones are cracking as well, but you just don't notice as much.
  • My black iPhone is fine, but then again I've never used headsets.
    BTW- Is AppleCare available for iPhones in the US? None in Canada yet.
  • My White 3G is flawless. Dealing with MobileMess is headache enough, if this happend to me I think I'd go freaking POSTAL.
  • My white iPhone 3G is fine. I just swapped it out for a brand new one though...
  • I had some cracks appear in mine after a week and a half, though nothing as severe as the one above. I brought it in and they replaced it straight away, though the first two replacement iPhones they opened had visible defects. So not only is cracking an issue, but quality control is as well. I'm thinking I might exchange my white model for a black one. If my phone is going to crack, I'd rather not see it.
  • I just exchanged my white 16GB iPhone for the new one...
    Had cracking all around on the top :( and same one on the picture above too :(
  • Seems to me like abuse... if people took care of their phones that would not happen. The above picture looks like someone bent the headphone plug while it was plugged in. Got mine on day one and looks just like it did that day.
  • I've had the white 16GB since July 11 and use the headphone jack daily and have no signs of cracking or wear for that matter.
  • No problems with mine so far - but I rarely use my phone for music - and that cracking looks like it just couldn't handle the headphone jacking in. That many pieces of hardware in that amount of time - wouldn't amaze me too much if there were issues.
  • I have a black 8GB since July 11. No sign of any cracking. I even dropped mine from waist height on the hardwood floor in the living room. My heart almost broke, but the iphone was intact.
  • If you look at the pic, you can clearly tell the metal ring around the port is way out-of-round, almost egg shaped. Looks to my un-trained eye like it took a hit with a plug in there. Hard to see how these can be stress cracks. If the impact was to the left, as the plug looks, it would have cracks on the oppisite side like that.
    Hey, lets be careful out there.....
  • I'm with scott. My iphone took a spill onto the concrete patio at my townhouse and if it had been made of plastic, the entire back corner would have cracked seriously. (I have an original, not a 3G.) As it is, there are huge gouges in the metal.
  • No cracks on my white iphone. I use the headphone jack but not for running or anything strenuous like that.
  • Had my white one since the first day, no cracks, no scratches. It's a great looking phone.
  • No crack problems on my black iPhone 3G. Wish I could say the same about some people I run into now and again :P
  • i've had mine for 1 week, its black and upon readin this i have noticed a tiny crack at the headphone jack :(
  • Yeah, after 5 days, my white iPhone has a crack between the volume button and the bezel. I did not abuse it, it just seemed to appear after using the volume button. It looks like more cracks are appearing between the volume button. I tried to get it replaced at the Apple store but they said it is not a known issue and cannot replace just for cosmetic issues. Hopefully Apple figures this out soon.
  • The color wouldn't make the phone crack unless there was special paint or something used in the plastic... maybe its the design or something.http://blabtech.blogspot.com
  • Stop dropping your phones on the ground, problem solved.
    16GB White here, no Cracks no scratches, =D
  • @Rene
    even if we don't have Apple care i think the base warranty will cover a crack on the outer case like that. Someone confirm?
    I have a close buddy who does NOT have apple care, and he had like 3 Dead Pixels on his screen. He took it into the Apple store and they swapped him a new iPhone no fussing.. no problems.
  • I actually noticed the same hair line fractures when I played around with a white iPhone at the Apple store. In fact, I found cracks with all white iPhones on display at the store. The cracks are visable but are limited only to around the docking port area at the bottom. I checked the black versions and can't seem to find them after trying to reflect the ceiling light on the black iPhone at different angles. So at the very least, the cracks are not isloated issues or do not just happen as a result of unreasonable wear and tear.
    I don't think it's a color issue though. The cracks are so tiny that it is ultra difficult to detect on a black phone.
  • First apple store would not replace my phone for light cracks around the headset jack. They said they will email corporate customer service and I would have to call them the next day. The second store replaced the phone and said that it was a cosmetic problem, but replacable. To me it is a true material defect.
  • White 16 gig bought July 12th and I have no cracks. I wouldn't say I listen to music through headphones daily, but at least 5-6 times a week...
  • My White iPhone also cracked. When i went back to the apple store i took 5 new phones
    until i was able to find one that was perfect. I am disappointed with he build quality of this new product from Apple. Noticeable problems included dust under the screen, missing pixel and poor case flushness.
    The apple store said that they have had more black back than white.
  • my brother just called me today to pre-warm me of the cracking rumors. I brushed it off as I knew how I'd babied it since purchasing it only a week after being offered. I told him thanks for the heads up on the situation. Sure, enough after ending the call I inspected my phone and there it was, 3 hair line cracks on the left corner. One crack being more prominent than the 2 just along the silver rim where it joins the molded white casing to the silver back housing. I'm going to Apple to see what they offer.
  • I have the White iPhone as well. Today I was hesitant to put in headphones from seeing this website before, but none-the-less, I used the headphones and to my suprise, there is a crack between the chrome bezel and the headphone jack. I've only used headphones in my iPhone twice before. I'm going to ask the genius at the Genius Bar to see if I can get this iPhone replaced. This is my second iPhone. (The first one had a dead pixel.) I really hope this get fixed in the iPhone 3G soon.
  • i have had my white i phone for 5 days and just noticed cracks on the left side. they aren't near the headphones, where most people seem to be having issues. i can see and feel two large cracks at the ringer switch. the rest i can see but not feel all down the side. i guess i'll try to stop by the store to see if i can replace it.
  • i have four cracks and they are growing. Not a cosmetic problem.
  • so besides the "cracking" issue, would anyone recommend this phone?
  • I just noticed a small crack next to the ringer mute button yesterday i called up apple support and the guy on the phone said yes it known problem they are getting lots of calls about the white 16gb phones cracking, so it is a known common problem, funny thing is he told me the black is not doing it and when i asked them to change mine to black they said they are unable to do it,
    Worst thing is i originally wanted the black but had to raincheck my phone and when it came in the idiot at the phone store put down black or white and they gave me a white phone so i took it cause i didnt want to wait for my phone,
  • my white 16gb is cracking on all corners and by the silent switch
  • My white one has had a crack by the vibrate switch that occurred a couple weeks after I got the phone. As time has gone on though, the crack has spread and I now have a couple more starting on the bottom corner on that same side. I have never dropped my phone, and it's always in a case...My brother has two white ones and they have not had any issues. I have an appointment with Apple tomorrow.
  • I've had my Black Iphone for a few months now and its developed a nice crack stright up the middle from the charger socket! No I've never dropped it and it is always kept in a hard leather case!
  • i noticed my white iphone had a crack same like the one above except where the silent button is. i couldnt remember if it cam elike that becasue the crack is perfectly straight
  • Hey Mat H, I've got a giant crack up my charger port too! Always been in a case, never dropped. And I'm scared it will be in my pocket and just snap in half and lose the whole back!
  • Mine is a little over a month old and has 3 cracks one on each of the top corners and one right where the example pic has it though not as bad. Other pages say that apple is honoring their warranty for now at least, so I'll be exchanging tomorrow god willing. it's definitely not misuse as any one of the examples above will attest to.
  • Mine is cracked between the ringer switch and the bezel. Appears to be from turing the ringer switch on and off daily. 3 months old. No scratches...Never dropped...Just cheap materials...
  • Loads of hairline spider cracks around the camera lens - only 3weeks old too!
    never misused / dropped / left in strong light or cold or heat
  • I had white 3G that I bought on launch day. It developed many cracks at the headphone jack, sim card slot, volume rockers, and on/off switch. Called Apple and they sent me to the Apple Store to see a Genius who promptly replaced the phone about three weeks ago. Now the new phone has developed a long crack from the headphone jack to the metal phone housing. Apple is being very accommodating, but driving an hour to my nearest Apple Store and waiting for my place at the Genius Bar for a defective product is a bummer!
  • Yo i had a serious crack on my white one under 3 weeks old. I exchanged at apple store and saw new one had chrome looking scratches under the glass into the nice black finish by ear speaker. I told the " genious" that was unacceptable and he said they can only do 1 exchange per 24 hours. So i mailed it out and 3 weeks later get the same one back to me without even the careful packaging bubble wrap and small foam box i had to ship it out in! So then i bitched enough for them to send a new one upfront w/o a hold on my credit card, and now see cracks on it by the earphone jack and volume buttons. What a freakin joke. First one was cracked by silent switch. And by the way so far these 2 are of different serial batch numbers so idk what to think anymore but i work in a factory and can understand to an extent how quality generally ranks under quantity, and apple just blew up to fast for their own good i think. But its not a myth and im real and im not a hater or whatever so GO OBAMA!! Get the fuck out and stay out bush!!!
  • Just sent in my blacl iPhone 3G with cracks by the silencer button! Bought the phone about two months ago but only noticed the crack after reading about the cracks! could be that i have had the crack for so long. I take very good care of my phone and never dropped it. Hope those "geniuses" at apple won't charge me for the repair. I would be REALLY pissed off! Im already upset at the prospect of two weeks without my phone--only two months after getting it. What a joke! Apple should apologize!
  • OMG!! I have the same exact problem and my iphone is one week old. My crack is in the same exact spot as the pic above exept it hasn't gotten that big. I am suprised that this is a common problem. I am going to get my replacement phone from the apple store today. Their customer service is the best!!!
  • I have cracks near my vibrate switch too. I just figured it was wear and tear. I've had mine since the second week they were out, and can't remember when the cracks first showed up.
  • Same problem...I have a white 16gig iPhone, it's only 2 months old, and I'm very dissapointed about this crack.. it is not in the same spot as the one in the picture above...it inbetween the ringer/vibrate switch and the silver, metal strip.
  • I own a black 16 gig 3g iphone and have since gen2 release date. I noticed a crack today above the silence switch it goes from top right edge of the switch slot straight up to the chrome. I called apple today and was greeted and informed that it may not be covered by warranty I was given a case number. I called back spoke to another person and was able to get a ton of information from him he said they are looking in this issue and that my problem could possibly fit into that issue. After getting off the phone with him he called back with more questions from the apple engineers including how i carry my phone daily how often I use the switch etc etc. So I gave him that information and since I am a 1st gen owner as well I popped the sim back into my old 1st gen (tank I might add) and am using that awaiting my box to send my 3g in for evaluation.
  • i have a black 3G iphone. i bought it july 11th, the day it was released. i noticed a scratch about 1/2 an inch long on the screen within the first two weeks i had it. i don't know how it got there, but there it was. it didn't bother me too much.
    just today however, i noticed a scratch that went from the charging jack up the back of the phone about 1/2 an inch. i'm going to call apple and see if anything can be done. i'm not worried so much about how it looks, just that it will get worse and my phone will break.
    you can lift up a chunk of the back and even see under into the phone-definatlly NOT good! :(
  • ya i just looked at my black 3G iphone at the same location and THERE IS a crack. this is a design flaw. class action lawsuit anyone?
  • I have the same problem with my Iphone... Cracking... I talk with Telia, but they said that the warranty i no available.
  • My first black 8GB was showing hair-line cracks just after 3 months (never dropped), then I got it changed. I had bought mine under contract from Singapore local telco provider. The second unit again had hair-line cracks appearing now in more places then compared to the first unit. I so bringing back the unit for replacement. Did a rain check with Apple customer care hotline, and the service guy said it was a recognised fault which they will change. So, enough said... just bring in for a new unit. Just that I'm currently out of country at this point in time...
  • I've had my white iPhone 3G s for about a week, and I've noticed that there is hairline cracks appearing on the docking area. I think this is due to talking on the phone while the charger is plugged it, and constant tugging of the wire while plugged in causes the minor hairline cracks. I'm pretty sure AT&T can't do anything about it because it's a cosmetic issue. So I think what I'm about to do is just wait out until it cracks completely, but until then, I will be baby-ingy iPhone to the fullest. I'll probably consider getting the invisible shield along with the clear hardcase.
  • my white 3GS has been in a clear hard case since day one and i still have a crack above the mute button. my screen cracked too while in the case! i have an appointment today for the screen issue, but i am definitely going to mention the crack near the mute button. seems like i'll have better luck getting a replacement that way since this is such a common issue it seems. thanks everyone for all of the info.
  • i have had the little hairline cracks on my white 16gb 3gs so i took it to apple store now the same thing happens again on the one they replaced i love this phone but hope this issue gets taken care of
  • oh the cracks are on my docking port
  • I just bought my 32g white iPhone for only 3 months and I'm already getting hair line crack near the speakers and at the nails screw is at. This really hurts I hate going in to apple and get another cause it doesn't always come out good my iPhone work really good I have no problem with it but what if I go exchange for another one and that one doesn't work well. What a disappointment. Apple need to start finding a way to fix this problem like figuring out how to replace our accessories if this kind of problem happen.
  • Sorry I forgot to add that I rarely use my iPhone cause I have another phone and I keep my iPhone in a pouch. So i don't understand why this cracking even happen to my iPhone sad so sad.
  • my white iphone is cracked around the mute button. the one before this new one did the same thing. O2 replaced it for me as was within the 28 day purchase period, but annoying that the new phone has done the same thing. i've not dropped it or anything. arrghhh.
  • Yes. I just purchased a 3Gs in white on December 19th. I've noticed that there are what appear to be white stress-cracks around the bottom of the phone near the speaker piece. I have dropped my phone from
    short distances during the short time I've owned it (accidentally), though I have the "heavy-duty" Speck case that has gel padding on the inside for shock absorbing protection. I attribute this case to the reason as to why my phone hasn't shattered, especially when I dropped it about three feet above my hardwood floor.
    I also had the 3G in Black for 8 months and used various cases on and off again. I also noticed similar stress cracks on that phone around the earphone jack, etc. They appear like scratches, only when examined in certain lighting, they're cracks. I think Apple has a great product, butthey need to make the plastic more durable.
    Your thought?
  • I'm on my second white iPhone and it has cracks everywhere. It was cracked within a few days. Apple is 100% aware of selling defective phones.
  • I've had my White iPhone 3gs for a little over a month now, i only have micro scratches on the bezel around the screen. I use a thin black incipio case, and that has a crack it where the headphone jack is, but i think that it's from me constantly removing my phone out of the case. So no problems yet! knock on wood
  • i have the the same issues as all of you. I am going to get my phone looked at tomorrow. If they replace it i will ask them if its covered under warranty and if so what section it falls under.
    I think that if we all stop buying their products for about a year, they will be forced into giving us quality products.
  • I had my white iphone and have noticed tiny tiny cracks in alot of places...............................i mite replace a new one
  • I have had the same Problem although I have had my iPhone 3GS for 11 month (1st day the 3Gs came out) can I still get a replacement?
  • I got my White iPhone as soon as it came out. I noticed it developed a crack in the corner I ignored it at first and put it down to dropping it.
    Then I noticed more even after buying a case.
    I took it back to the apple shop (uk) and they replaced it without any fuss. Since the replacement there hasn't been anymore cracks.
  • I tried to do this but the "slide to power off" screen never went away, no matter how long I held down the home button for. What am I doing wrong here?
  • I was having the same problem after updating to 10.7.3 but also after updating the firmware on my Router, so I did not know why that was going on. I'm glad to see that I was not the only one. I will try this fix and see if it works.Thanks!