Who the gold Apple Watch is perfect for

The above paraphrases just one of the innumerable quotes I love from the West Wing. It beautifully encapsulates the danger of demonization, and I'm using it here because it's now apparently okay to refer to people who might want to buy a gold or rose gold Apple Watch Edition as — and I quote the TechCrunch headline here — "douchebags".

The article, so entitled, is about why, in the author's opinion, the Apple Watch Edition doesn't appeal to him as either a technologist or a watch collector. That's fine. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and no one has to buy anything that doesn't suit their needs or tastes.

Some of it, however, merits deeper discussion.

I believe watchmaker Roger Smith best sums it up in saying (in reference to the late watchmaker Dr. George Daniels, creator of the coaxial escapement):"For it takes a lifetime of experiences to create the pieces that he did. So when a collector buys a Daniels watch, they are not buying the year that it took Daniels to make the piece, they are buying the many years of self-sacrifice that it takes in order for a man to rise to a level where he can create greatness."

It no doubt took Jony Ive and Marc Newson, and Apple's industrial design team, a lifetime of experience to create their work as well. Taken separately or together, how high have they risen and how much greatness have they created?

Mass produced internals created in China, by machines, doesn't create a feeling of craftsmanship or an aura of exclusivity – both key tenants a high-end collectible timepiece must have.

Apple doesn't just create products that are mass produced. They create new, often unprecedented ways to mass produce products. They don't just create objects — they create ways to create objects. Even if we ignore the software component, which is absolutely made by skilled craftspeople, the level of craft applied to creating Apple hardware is undeniable.

It's a different kind of craft for a different age, absolutely, but to deny it rather than define it simply rings false. I still have my original iPhone and original iPad on my shelf. I know others who have their original iMacs or other objects designed by Ive & Co. They represent to me, and to them, one of the greatest eras of modern industrial design. And the Apple Watch in general, and the Apple Watch Edition is one of his and their most passionate projects.

But I digress.

The market for the Apple Watch Edition is precisely this: People who want the Apple Watch and prefer gold watches. That's it. It's no more complicated than that.

If you like gold watches but don't like the Apple Watch, you don't have to buy it. But not liking the people who do like it? Publicly calling those who intend to buy it "douchebags"?

That's why we can't have nice internets.

Rene Ritchie

Rene Ritchie is one of the most respected Apple analysts in the business, reaching a combined audience of over 40 million readers a month. His YouTube channel, Vector, has over 90 thousand subscribers and 14 million views and his podcasts, including Debug, have been downloaded over 20 million times. He also regularly co-hosts MacBreak Weekly for the TWiT network and co-hosted CES Live! and Talk Mobile. Based in Montreal, Rene is a former director of product marketing, web developer, and graphic designer. He's authored several books and appeared on numerous television and radio segments to discuss Apple and the technology industry. When not working, he likes to cook, grapple, and spend time with his friends and family.

  • Well said Rene, and the writers of Tech Crunch are what? Designers? No! I thought so, you have to be on the Level of Jony Ives to criticize someone of the Level of design, if I'm going to criticize a writer I have to be a writer as well, not pretend that I'm one, whoever works at TechCrunch will probably never or never ever get a job at Apple as a janitor!
  • No offence but your logic is just appalling. Pure nonsense.
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  • It's definitely for douchebags. Who the hell would pay that amount of money for a watch that will be outdated in a year or 2? Buy a real timepiece designed and made by a renowned watchmaker and it'll last forever!
  • You are probably right about buying another watch but if you have the money to spend that doesn't make you a douchebag so if you buy a Mercedes Benz that makes you a douchebag why not buy a Toyota it will take you where the Mercedes will take you, but many people here hate Apple and that's why we get all this stupid comments
  • How is it a stupid comment? Anybody who thinks that a watch made by a computer company is worth that much is an idiot. Anybody who buys it to be seen wearing it is even more of an idiot. How about spending the money on something worthwhile or donating those thousands to a worthy cause rather than wasting it on a watch that'll lose it's value within a couple of years. Don't get me wrong, I love Apple products. Won't be buying the watch though. I'll wait for them to iron out the problems of THEIR FIRST EVER WATCH.
    Mercedes drivers are generally douchebags haha. They think they're so important on the road. I'd much rather a Toyota any day ;)
  • LOL and why do you care about people's money, who cares what you think, I probably did, LOL, but by the way you talk you really sound like a douchebag, and a broke A*s, so my advice will be don't waste your energy here kid, no-one cares whoever it's going to buy it has more money of what you can make in your entire life!
  • Haha wow you know how much I earn? You are a genius!
    Thanks for the great advice. You seem like someone really worthy of giving it.
    Enjoy your new watch! No doubt everyone will think you are so cool!!
  • People who speak with a sour note is because they simply don't have the money to understand. Sent from the iMore App
  • Poor people are such a drag aren't they
  • Just the stupid ones. Sent from the iMore App
  • Apparently you care since you reply to all his comments lol
  • Funny thing about what stuff is worth. It's worth what someone is willing to pay for it. There are all kinds of things I would laugh at, collectibles usually, that are worth thousands to someone else. This watch could be that years from now. It's the first. And you'd have to bet that the smartwatch is here to stay and might indeed one day replace the phone. That 10k watch could easily appreciate to much more. Or you could put that 10k in an IRA. Some may not even wear the watch once. It just remains a collectible.
  • Thats exactly why I have, several times, considered buying one. I see 2 types of people who buy this watch. Those who just have far more money than me and where $17k is disposable, and people like me who see it as an investment. In 10 to 15 or 20 years, that watch is very much a collectible.. an investment. Worth 3-4 times it's value now, because 1) it's first generation, 2) it's limited edition. The technology being out of date would have absolutely no bearing on it's value. You buy it, you shelve it, keep it in its box/rapping, and look to see what collector wants in 5, 10, 20 years.. Thats it.. not complicated. For some reason the tech industry has a hard time wrapping it's head around that concept.
  • Completely incorrect, starting with your spelling of the word "wrapping". If you are talking about investments, a good stock will double in value every 6-8 years (assuming a rate of return about 10%). That would mean that in 12-16 years it's worth 4x its original value. If you think that your $17K watch is going to be worth $68K in 15 years, I have a bridge I'd like to sell you. This product was never intended to be sold as an investment.
  • Your probably right but it doesn't mean its not purchased as one or can later become one. No disagreement. Just a comment. If I buy something today and sell it to you for a dollar more (or even break-even after a number of years), it can be considered an investment (something that doesn't lose value)
  • What you think a product or service's worth is matters not to anyone else. Take what the first Apple computer's worth is today. A consumer buys for one of two reason: either because you see an investment or because you just like it. I'm adding unearned value to your unworthy comment may make me stupid and an idiot for sure. Why waste my time? Probably.
  • to be fair if it's a good watch it won't be outdated in a hundred years.
  • I've met people who have never been able to afford toilet paper, and I've met a billionaire. I've complained about spending $5 on a single bottle of beer, and I've seen a person spend $250,000 on a single bottle of champagne, in addition to other drinks at the table, and tip accordingly.
    Point is, there are people on this planet with more money than you'd know what to do with, them buying an Edition can be a smaller percentage of their cash than other people. If you have <$10,000 in the bank and you buy a $1,000 Apple Watch, and someone with >$200,000 in theirs buys a $17,000 Apple Watch, how does that make them a douchbag?
  • Do tell... How much can one pay for a watch, or anything else that might be outdated in a year or two, before being a douchebag? I paid $750 for a phone, $500 for a tablet, $1,000 for a notebook, and let's not even include the amount I've spent on accessories. Beyond tech, I just spent $2,000 for a fridge, and $2,500 for a bed. Is it too late for me? Am I already a douche before even buying my Apple Watch sport with Leather Loop band?
  • "Who the hell would pay that amount of money for a watch that will be outdated in a year or 2?", probably the same people that purchase a diamond encrusted iPhone or the same people that that purchase an iPhone where the aluminium case has been replaced with one cast from gold. The iPhone is equally going to be out of date in a couple of years. Is it for you or me to dictate how another decides to spend their money. In fact look at the iPhone, some of us spent close to $1000 to purchase the 128GB iPhone 6+, I guess that makes all of us a little bit douchebag as well then? "Buy a real timepiece designed and made by a renowned watchmaker and it'll last forever!" I suspect that those that buy the Gold AppleWatch probably own several "real timepieces made by renowned watchmakers" and they want a Gold AppleWatch, again, is it our right to police their spending decisions?! Isn't that the ultimate douchebag, someone that stands there and vocalizes about how terrible it is that someone is purchasing something that they want, they desire and they can afford to spend the money on!
  • The hate is more about green than gold -- to slightly alter your West Wing quote, "It is not that you don't like the Apple Watch Edition, you don't like the people who have the kind of disposable income to spend on the Apple Watch Edition - especially when you don't." And when the price is that high, so that the people who spend that kind of money is not just the 1%, but a fraction of the 1%, it is safe and popular to write articles helping the rest of us feel better and smarter than those obvious reprobates.
  • Likely the same reason we seem to, more and more, attack the smart and celebrate the dumb. Cutting down is an easier way to feel tall than building up.
  • Are you saying the 1% are all smart?
  • No, he's trying to imply HE is smart with his last comment... Too bad, he's not. Posted via the Android iMore App!
  • +1
  • They didn't get to be in the 1% by being dumb. I respect them. They pay half the taxes. Instead of hating, try to learn. I know I'm not in the 1% but my networth is a few million. It wasn't anything 20 years ago. But to get there, you can't go around and give away 10k on things will be worthless in a few years like an Apple Edition Watch :) (A car has a much longer life but is one of those things) I already spend more than I should on tech (as do most) but it's something i keep in check. I budget our money like a hawk. I think it's misguided to point to exactly who would make these types of purchases. A person with high income and high expenses isn't rich. It's all about the assets minus liabilities.
  • Paris Hilton is definitely in the 1% for being smart ;)
  • Can't say I know much about her. But here...http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paris_Hilton. I wouldn't call her dumb. I only made a generalization anyways. Nothing is 100%.
  • Comment of the year!
  • Ok then. If you'd link me to your wiki page, I'll do a quick comparison. I couldn't find it. Surely it's there? I'll just assume then she's smarter than you :)
  • Nope I have no need for a wiki page. Can I see yours? Sent from the iMore App
  • There is no way that people get to the 1% by being stupid unless you were born into it
  • Kanye West is in the 1%.....and the Apple Watch Edition was clearly made for Kanye. He totally will buy and show off SEVERAL models.
  • "They didn't get to be in the 1% by being dumb" You think GW Bush got to be president because he was smart? You think he is wealthy because he was smart?
  • He wasn't dumb by any means. Might not have made good decisions as president, but he wasn't dumb by ANY means. Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • If your income is greater than $390,000 per year, you are in the top 1%. Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • what an elitist comment from someone who writes useless dribble for a living!
  • @ Dev from tipb: This has been the go-to response of rich a-holes since time began. You only have to look to the "rich kids of Instagram" to see this fallacy in action. Yes of course (roll eyes) we are all *jealous* that must be it eh? (gag) This is why I think a lot of these rich types ARE "douchebags." They literally cannot even conceive of someone NOT having the same crappy, shallow motivations as they have. Case closed IMO. Edit: For the record, I could afford to buy a couple of those gold ones without hurting my savings too much. I just DON'T WANT TO.
  • Frankly, I agree with you that people who spend that much on a watch have more money than sense, but I think you are missing out on the scale of wealth some of these people have. At $1M/year, a person will earn enough to buy an  Watch Edition every 3.5 days. A $40k earner will take a day longer than that to buy the 16GB iPhone - on contract. With that 40k person having to worry a heckuva lot more about living expenses as a percentage of a budget, you can tack on a few more days. The point is, some of these "rich a-holes" will not look at the Edition to show off or any other "shallow, crappy motivations." They will look at it because to them such an expenditure is more insignificant to them as a cel phone is to the middle class. The difference between the Sport and the Edition is less than statistical white noise to their checkbook. Is that person out-of-touch with regular person concerns? Definitely. Douchebaggy? Not necessarily. Now, I will certainly meet you halfway and say there is a huge overlap between d-bags and those who have that much money - especially among those who have inherited it rather than earned it themselves. But it ain't a perfect match, either. And I'd be less than honest if I did not admit to a twinge of envy, not at getting the Edition watch, but at having anywhere near the same ballpark of financial security that such a purchase would barely register. Sent from the iMore App
  • Very well said.
  • Well said, but I would argue that whatever the particular motivation of these people, that those motivations are (still) necessarily "crappy" and "shallow." What I was arguing against is the ridiculous, unexamined ideas (pushed by these same people), that "everybody who had the money would be the same" and that people who disagree with their horrible attitude and lives are "just jealous." In other words, they assume and believe that we are just as bad as they are or that they are no worse than anyone else. This is patently not true. People have choices. If you are rich and choose to spend all that money on yourself, that's your choice. You can't then turn around and say that you aren't a bad person though, and that everyone else is the same as you. You ARE a "bad person" if you are one of these people. It's self evident.
  • I don't agree with this at all. The way I see it, the people that love expensive watches because they like the intricacies of the mechanism and all that are perfectly fine people. Some of these folks have expensive watches, but they cherish them. They save up for them for a long time. They are collectors. On the other hand, the people that buy these watches because they are a symbol of prestige and money are definitely 100% "douchebags." They are the very definition of a douchebag. Therefore, if you are a person that is thinking of buying the Apple Edition watch, especially if you don't have to save up a year for it ... then you are a douchebag. Period. The trade-off is you are rich, so don't feel too bad about it, but you are definitely a douchebag as well. You are engaging in something called "conspicuous consumption" or "showing off." You are by definition, shallow, a braggart, and concerned with appearances and money more than other people are. More than is healthy. These are all bad qualities. Throughout recorded history in most any civilisation you want to name, these have been considered by all and sundry as "bad qualities."
  • I finally realized that every one here is an expert and a psychologist! Waaoo I hope you with all that knowledge will become probably the president of whatever country you are from, congratulations!!
  • LOL
  • Oh my god, do you believe that self diagnosis is the best way to diagnose your medical issues? Because I have cancer now, your post gave me cancer
  • I think Apple did it to put an aura around the Apple Watch as a whole. To make that step of getting it into fine clothing stores. Think about it for a minute. Who's the first ones that have worn this piece of jewelry? Tech media. Not exactly your usual fashion starters. Who are the first ones that will own one? Techies. First adopters. Those people who tend to stand in Apple lines. Not exactly where your usual fashion trend starts from. In order to sell what could be seen as a nerd watch, or the next pocket protector, Apple is going all out. It's why you see the gold everywhere. They hardly need this market. Any sales will be anemic. The revenue will hardly register a blip. It's not something they'll sell in the millions and keep increasing year after year. But Apple thinks it will help convince people altogether that owning an apple watch of any kind is desired or acceptable. Not the equivalent of a nerdy pocket protector but something you want to wear. Jewelry. Fashion. People want to be seen as cool. This is aimed to impress. And that's why Apple made the Edition and hired the fashion gurus. To convince you it does just that.
  • Oops...just wanted to add. Though it's having the desired effect for Apple and causing a lot of talk, it's also causing some unintended damage. Resentment. Being greedy. Will it cause damage to Apple's branding? I think they'll manage. But they need to be careful. They're an iphone company. And mainstream adoption has been key.
  • Good point. Sent from the iMore App
  • I honestly don't get all the hate. And I get what you're saying, Rene. I mean, I'm clearly not in that target market for the  Watch, especially the gold one, but if some rich people want to spend that much (like $10K) on one of the gold  Watches (I imagine people who drive Lambos in Dubai), hey, it's their money. It doesn't affect me either way. Live and let live, I say.
  • Am I missing the link to this article that's being discussed? I clicked on a few but it takes me to imore articles. I don't know if that's on purpose but i'd like to read the full article i context.
  • http://techcrunch.com/2015/03/11/rose_gold/
  • The edition watch doesn't have $9,600 more value than the sport version. It also doesn't have $9,000 more than the middle tier watch either. The only difference between the edition watch and the other watches is < $1,040 worth of gold. That's it. So you're playing about $9,000 more for the same  watch that everyone else has. Except it has < $1,040 of gold. Then you're a douchbag in my book. If that isn't a douchbag I don't know what is.
  • It's a limited edition. If I bought one, it'd be to put on a shelf in a few years and hope it's worth something years from now when (you'd hope) everyone is wearing an apple watch that serves as a phone and who knows what else. It will have been the first. Considering what Apple is becoming, it may not be as silly as you think.
  • Yes, name calling has always been a great indicator of a high level of rational intelligence. /s
  • Do you honestly think $200,000+ for a watch has any bearing on it's value? And yet people spend that much on them. Douche bags too? (Possibly, just saying be consistent).
  • "Who the gold Apple Watch is perfect for" Muggers.
  • Or Kanye West
  • ROFL at these hilarious articles. Almost everyone would prefer gold over aluminum if given the choice.
  • If I were offered my choice of any Apple Watch model - for free - but with the condition that I could never sell, trade, or give it away, I would not choose the Edition. I find gold to be rather tacky and I don't wear any gold jewelry despite my ability to afford it.
  • Actually, gold suits some people's complexion better than silver. And vice versa. I can't afford it so don't buy it, but...
  • No. I've always opted for aluminium or silver or platinum in my accessories (depending on how much I'm willing to spend). Outside wheels on black Lotus (old John Player Special livery) or blue Subaru STIs, gold just isn't my thing. I'm okay with buying gold as an investment (bars, coins, etc) but it's definitely not a material/colour I'd wear or decorate my house with.
  • Nope.
    Gold is taky every since the rappers and Mr. T ruined it in the 80s and 90s
    for $10k it should have been "PLATINUM!"
  • You're insane. Gold is ugly and cheap looking IMO. Different people have different preferences.
  • I like gold watches, but wouldn't buy a gold Apple Watch because of the price. In my opinion, it is not as simple as whether you like gold watches and have the money, it is more about personalities. I like nice things, but also enjoy buying them at a good price (value for money); so for me, no matter how much money I have, I could not think about buying the gold case version of something that is otherwise exactly the same as the sterling silver model. This to me would not compute. Others will think differently, and that is fine. For me it will be a Sterling Silver model. I'm looking forward to band designs from clever designers outside of Apple. I admire Jony Ive, but can't help think that the Edition model is somehow 'appeasing the designer'.
  • I think you mean the steel version, not "sterling silver," but I LOVE silver. I would buy a silver model in a heartbeat, except Apple would probably "harden" it and do all those other things to it that would make it not really silver anymore. It's a bit weird to me how they do this, as once you've got all metals to the same hardness and "feel" then the only difference between them is really the colour. Silver, Steel, Platinum etc. would all look the same. I would prefer a silver watch, that was pure silver, and thus got dinged over time like a real watch does. I think it's especially funny that people are buying "Rose-Gold" which in the Apple watch edition is indistinguishable from cheap copper. I can't imagine why anyone would pay 20,000 for a gold watch but then say "but make it look like copper."
  • Apple watch is gadget, and it will be outdated and apple will have newer model and this first version os watch will no longer support by Apple in near future. The market position that Apple try to make the Apple Watch Edition to be is non-sense to me. Comparison is like you have Gold Nokia 3310 with diamonds on it right now. Your Nokia board is broke and you can't even turn it on. Bad luck, no one can fix it and it is no longer supported by Nokia. Good luck with that Super Luxury piece of junk Nokia 3310. Apple Watch will be the same in the future. This is how I value the gadget. You can't compare to one fine Rolex watch which my Grand Father gave it to me. It is now still supported by watch repair worldwide and the Price of it now is over TEN FOLD that my grand father bought. Good luck, owner of Apple Watch Edition!
  • I love watches, they're an expression of one's self, the design, the style, even the internals, a life time of crafting to get where they are. The end product for many timepieces is a form of art in itself crafted from years of experience. Sure times are changing, technology is becoming integrated into everything, take many of these old classic watches, they get passed down from generation to generation and they still go on ticking, beyond sentimental value and beyond something to be admired, many of them are worth more than their worth in gold. Take an Apple watch, move ahead to the future, burn of it's useless aging technology and all your left with is the weight in gold from a classless douchebag poser.
  • yeah, thats the problem with the internet.. It makes people bravely immature, and very judgmental. Much more so than if they were talking with someone. As if, based on someone wanting this watch, tells them everything they want to know about a person.
  • In many ways it tells you A LOT about a person
  • Thank you Rene for pointing out that TechCrunch article for me. After reading it I've got to say the author makes very valid points. The edition Apple watch is ludicrously priced and you would have to be an idiot to justify such a purchase given it's a watch made in china that will be out of date in a year and stop working in a shorter life than one would expect for such a price. Rene your justification being that Ive and Co possibly spent years designing the Apple watch is irrelevant and not even comparable to the fact that when people spend similar money on a luxury watch they could be getting a one of a kind watch that has every single part designed and hand made by a single skilled watch maker over 12 months and that this watch will last a life time. The edition Apple watch is the same cheap Chinese made internals as the cheap base sport Apple watch just slapped in a body made out of more expensive materials but not that expensive to actually justify the marked up premium Apple is demanding.
  • I love my iPhone 6plus and MacBook Air but this whole watch thing is making me question consumerism in general. I was all set to buy the sport watch but now im not sure. I watched the event live on Monday but instead of apple making me want a watch it had the opposite affect. I've no problem with people paying 17000 dollars. I could never afford it. But I don't think Apple should have went down that route. I think they should have stuck to the sport and stainless steel models. Sent from the iMore App
  • I've watched Apple events for many years and there are always some bad ones, but this event felt disconcerting throughout for some reason. There was something amiss with the speaker's timing, and the constant looking down at the monitors. I wasn't feeling good about the event early on, and the Edition pricing left me dumbfounded. I think they should have launched the sport and stainless steel models, and made it clear six months ago that the Edition was very limited and only available at select stores. By the way, in Australia the Edition starts at $14,000, with the top price being $24,000 - unfortunately we had an adjustment to pricing a few months back.
  • GMAFB! You cannot compare these iPod-watch-wannabes to a finely crafted timepiece! Whatever it takes for you to justify dropping $10k+ on this soon-to-be-obsolete-shiny-thing in the junk drawer. The 'Edition' watch would look perfect on Kanye West' wrist, because that is the perfect douche bag to wear it!
  • Someone of his celebrity though isn't going to pay to wear something like this. These celebrities are walking billboards. Apple (or someone else) will pay them. The high profile ones have so much going on it's like doing accounting for a large business.
  • I completely agree with the notion that the Apple Watch - as well as virtually every other Apple product - has value that transcends specs and cost of materials; value that stems from years of experience, grueling hard work, and bold risk-taking by Apple's talented design team. Having said that, it's hard not to feel a certain revulsion for the type of consumer who is attracted to a product not because of its clever functionality, beautiful design, or exquisite quality, but precisely because of its ludicrously high price and the way it can loudly proclaim the wearer's wealth to those around him or her. That, to me, is the classic definition of a douchebag. Now does this mean that everyone who purchases or lusts after an Apple Edition Watch is automatically a douchebag? No, of course not. But in this age of increasing wealth and income disparity and a diminishing American middle class, anyone boldly proclaiming that their interest in a given luxury product hinges largely on its stratospheric price tag deserves all the scorn and ridicule that will inevitably befall them.
  • Well said. Sent from the iMore App
  • It will be funny down the road for all those who think this will be a "collectible" when it isn't worth anything near what they paid. But it's limited edition lol.
  • I never said it would be. It's possible and it's the only reason I could think to buy it. Not that I would.
  • "The market for the Apple Watch Edition is precisely this: People who want the Apple Watch and prefer gold watches. That's it. It's no more complicated than that." Are you even serious? I bet there are a butt-load of people who want the Apple Watch and prefer gold watches, but they aren't in the market for a $10K watch!! The market for the Apple Watch Edition is precisely this, Rene: People who are exceedingly rich, and have absolutely nothing better to spend their money on. That's it. It's no more complicated than THAT. If they are not exceedingly rich, and they still buy one, then they are exceedingly foolish.
  • Meanwhile, no one is talking about how almost no consumer electronics companies are profitable. No PC manufacturer and all but two mobile device companies are doing it. Why? It's because we aren't paying enough. We don't pay enough for hardware and we're certainly not paying enough for software. We don't pay enough for music, books or movies either. We've taken advantage of price wars that weren't ever designed to be permanent. We lost brand loyalty and buy whatever's cheapest with similar specs. Can we afford to pay more? Usually not, but we've become expectant of companies delivering goods at zero margin. Wake up, because it won't last. Apple figured it out and some consumers hate their model. But until you begin buying other brands at similar prices which allow them to be profitable again, your price-to-value ratios will remain destructively off. I see no logic in criticising Apple for introducing the Edition to make profits from those who can afford it.
  • Wow... I never realized it was OUR fault that Apple was raping us on the prices of their products. Thanks for enlightening me.
  • I'm sorry, did someone force you to buy an Apple product?
  • Actually yes! I have to use one to access my work email remotely, and I had to buy it myself. Any other questions??
  • Wow, that sucks. But I'm curious now as to why it had to be Apple and not another brand.
  • I don't know. Maybe they have a deal with Apple? Maybe it has to do with security? I never asked.
  • Your employer a) requires you to access your work email remotely and b) requires you to purchase an iPhone - at your expense- to do so? Just curious, what sort of work do you do?
  • What I do for a living is none of your concern. Yes, I need to have access to my email at all times. Yes, I had to purchase the iPhone myself. On the bright side, the company pays my phone bill. If I should leave, the phone is still mine.
  • Johnny play nice. Don't be so harsh. He just said he was curious, he didn't demand to know. And you planted the seed by bringing up your work to begin with. Posted via the Android iMore App!
  • .
  • This is incorrect with respect to the Apple Watch. Apple has "beaten" the system in that they charge a 40% margin on everything which is roughly 4 to 8 times the margin of the other computer manufacturers. The reason people are upset about the Apple Watch Edition prices, is that they are simply adding another ten thousand on top of that. So you are right about the thick margins Apple has contributing to their success, but the Edition watch is a completely different proposition.
  • I agree. Personally, I think it's probably a running joke, or a bet that some Apple employees have. They were probably like, "Hey, let's make one in 18K gold, give it a special name, and sell it for like $10,000! LOL! Let's see if anyone is stupid enough to buy it! I bet someone will! LOL"
  • I love everything Apple and I am a fanboy, but the "Edition" is no where worth $10k.
    I also love watches.
    I collect and wear wrist watches.
    Not popular with today's retards, but none-the-less a fashion accent and I have the time on my wrist. I would rather pay $10k for a Rolex, Omega, Audemars Piguet, etc... then a 18k gold shell with $35 worth of capacitors, resistors, chips and air. The movement and complexity of jeweled precise watches are what make a EXPENSIVE watch worth the money...
  • Impressed by handcrafted, jewelled movements of a Swiss watch, but not for a 1000 people working all year to produce an A8X 20 nm ARMv8-A 1.5 GHz triple-core Cyclone 2nd gen PowerVR GXA6850 (octa-core) @ 450 MHz (230.4 GFLOPS)? The S1 soc in the Watch is even smaller. What about the billions of dollars for the manufacturing plant and processes? Swiss watches were the best personal technology money could buy in 1915. 100yrs later that distinction goes to mobile computing and we expect it at cost. We're so jaded.
  • So some poor dunce bag at an Internet site takes a swipe at high net-worth individuals who can afford the freight on the gold Watch freight train? I'm sure that such commentary may elicit a chuckle from said douchebags, but will not dissuade them from buying in droves.
  • Apple Watch is disposable consumer tech built to become obsolete within two years from its release, so that the next iteration of the product has to be acquired and the old one binned. It is, in a word, 'cheap,' albeit not inexpensive. A well-made mechanical watch when properly maintained will last more than the life time of the owner -- and is designed and sold to be worn as such, and not to be replaced two years from now. These two objects are as different as is it gets. the other one is a testimony to genuine craftmanship, tradition and ingenuity; it has substance; it may be the topic of enthusiasts's discussion decades from now -- and still be worn daily. The other, in contrast, is one of those 'I have a lot of money, so give me something expensive quick with which I can show off to them ladies!' product that no-one a few years later will even remember ever existed. This is like comparing a boy band to Vivaldi or Prokofiev. Sure, the boy band will take effort to put together, and a lot of people will be composing and branding and marketing and creating coreographies for the stage show and what not. The project scoffs money, time, resources. Talented people work at it. But the end-product is nothing but a musical equivalent to a Mars bar. Buy today, eat tomorrow, forget by the day after. Apple Watch Edition is to wacthmaking what boy bands are to music.
  • Rich people buy expensive watches because they look good and impress everybody; they leave chateaus, enterprises and trust funds to their kids. Only silly pikers buy into the "I'm buying a heirloom for my descendants" advertising meme (which is nearly as brilliant as "show her your commitment in the only DeBeer's approved way known: a diamond is forever" crap.)
  • I'm glad someone said this. The marketing for these expensive watches is just that, marketing. The idea that your descendants will actually want a mechanical watch is mostly BS. It's just a way of getting grandpa (who has all the money) to buy an expensive watch for himself and justify it as "something for the grandkids." It's a MARKETING tactic to sell watches to OLDER folks, WHO ARE THE MAIN BUYERS OF THESE EXPENSIVE WATCHES. When you consider that Apple's demographic skews heavily white, old, and American it's no wonder why they made the "Edition" watch.
  • You're welcome. Could be these old dudes buy lux watches for the same reason they buy Porsches; to impress their future trophy wives! Lol. (And because it is about the only legitimate jewelry a successful conservative dude would wear.) Reminds me of a (paraphrased) quote from the Gun Dhop scene in Dawn of the Dead: "The only guys that could afford these things are guys that probably don't know how to use them."
  • Whats interesting to me, is when comparing the apple watch gold edition to high end time piees, those high end timepieces KEEP their value over TIME. Im not so sure the same can or will be said for the apple watch edition. In a year or 2 it wont be worth the 10k spent on it today. Hell it might not be worth half as much. No the people who buy the watch are not douchebags, however, I feel like apple has created a sort of cast system like they did with the 5c and 5s. People with the watch edition will feel as if their watch is worth more which technically it is and so everyone cant be on the same level. If I go to a party and had a apple watch sport edition with stainless steel bands and someone else had the watch edition they would feel above me. Same as with 5c and 5s. Whoever had the 5c was seen as a kid or someone who couldnt afford the more premium 5s, On android though if everyone has different android wear products it doesnt matter because the price points are around the same, and they all look pretty cool
  • I think you are laboring under a logical fallacy. At that party, if it truly is filled with the kind of folks that can drop 10k$ on a watch, and the would because they want you to know that by wearing it, they are unlikely to ever touch a plebeian product like an android watch.
  • No, I don't hate the people that can afford a $10,000 watch, believe it or not, some of your readers can afford it, myself included. I personally dislike it because it looks cheap and tacky to me, and because it is a smart watch, not a timeless piece of art you wear on your wrist, it's an appliance that will be replaced in a couple years with the next generation, so for me, and mind you this is my opinion, it just doesn't make sense to buy the edition for anything other than a status symbol, and there are plenty of ways $10k can do a better job of that than a smart watch. Again, that's just my opinion, but while you're writing about demonization, you may want to take account that assuming the people that think the gold Apple watch is stupid are all cheap, broke, jealous peons that despise what they can't have, you may want to take your own advice, some of us just find it tacky and pointless, and would rather have the stainless steel, subtle look we've come to love from Apple.
  • Yup. Douchebags. Been saying it for a long time now.
  • It's pretty sad that there are 90 comments to this article but an article about ResearchKit gets next to no replies.
  • My sentiments as well. iMore does a good job with giving a range of topics opportunity for discussion. Sadly most articles without sensational headlines get less than 10 comments, sometimes zero. Apple vs "x"; 500 comments.
  • I see a lot of tags of android users posting negative comments which is probably leftover hostility from the drubbing Google Glass took. I can understand it. I wanted to say a few words as a die hard Apple user of close to thirty years. I will not be buying the Apple Watch (whichever version). Why? Apple Watch Edition. Not because I think the buyers are “douchebags” and I don’t want to lump myself into that group but because it exists at all. I will get into the merits of the watch in a sec but what bothers me is that Apple for the longest time was “luxury everyone can afford”. Macs have always been pricey but when my friends/family (even strangers) gave me grief I would take the time to explain that yes, they cost more than a windows laptop but they were worth every penny. The engineering both hardware and software are without peer, affording the absolute best experience out there. It was an easy argument to make. There have been hits and misses but for the most part the argument holds. In one fell swoop Apple has beat that argument into the dirt. The entry level watch for me is $400. The top of the edition line is $17,000. 47 times more.. yes, 47. Is the difference between the two materials? Does the Edition have $15k in gold? No. As I have read and listened to Rene state its because “luxury” and “fashion”. I personally think it’s hubris and narcissism on the part of Apple and there is one person that points to. What is next in this “edition” line? Are they going to segregate the iPhone as well? This is a first edition smart watch. The only difference between is the case material and screen. I have not talked or read one person ever mention that the life span or the first two lines will have anything other than the 2 (maybe 3) years one would expect and then be pretty much worthless. This is bad enough with the steel version but the “edition” will fall under the same rules. I know.. “luxury” and “fashion”. I can not state enough that I do not see the “edition” watch in the same category as a mechanical watch which lasts forever and actually increases in value. This is probably just me but I feel that Apple is segregating their customer base with this and I also know that once you go down they go down that path I might be seriously questioning any Apple purchase.
  • Yep, alienating or disenfranchising your loyal mainstream customer base is the huge risk here. The intent wasn't "limited" or "collectible" edition..not with all the initial advertising, partnering with high end fashion stores, and presenting this particular watch to media at an event. Is it disenfranchising? I believe so. And you never want your core customers feeling that way. Apple has always operated in the "just outside what you really want to pay" range but at least it was feasible. The hardcore apple fans don't want to hear anymore about the special premium watch they can't have. Instead, Apple is catering to a very very small niche with a special edition model. This niche of users aren't the ones who've been crazed Apple fans for year. Nope, they're targeting people who have more dollars than sense. This ridiculous stuff from Rene about how Apple's goal is inclusivity, diversity, and empowering the mainstream just goes out the window when you introduce a consumer (key word there...not PRO) product priced well out of range for your core customers.
  • You'll see the likes of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West wearing them. If that doesn't say "douchebag" I don't know what does.
  • Am I the only one who thinks the biggest problem is that Apple called their product a "watch?" Comparing the Apple Watch to a regular watch of ANY price or brand is like comparing a modern day Tesla car to a horse and cart from the 1800s. The fact is, it really isn't a "watch" at all, other than the fact that it can show you the time and it's on your wrist; it's a tiny computer that has some of its own functionality AND controls your phone. Just my thought. I'm sure some of you will summon your Keyboard Courage and tell me I'm an idiot. Or am I just a douchebag?
  • Give yourself some credit. You're correct, the Watch isn't a watch. It has the potential to receive more daily glances and interactions than our iPhones. The Watch Edition is brilliant because, for they who can afford one, offers a proposal for wrist real estate. No matter how much money one has, no matter what they wear, or where they come from, the best phone they can own is the same we all have access to. Wrist real estate is different than a pocketed phone. Wrist real estate means appealing to a wider segment of users. If your wrist is usually occupied by a designer name, the Edition is a proposal for something less incongruous to your normal tastes than the every-person Sport model. Wrist real estate is a platform for fashion, and you don't interact with a Rolex.
  • Thanks, David. I'm glad someone gives me some credit. iMore is a bloody tough crowd!!
  • I can see the case for buying the Apple Watch and the Apple Watch Sport. The pricing, while on the high end of the smartwatch category, is at least reasonable for what you are getting: a wearable computer with an expectation of a 3-5 year useful life. The only thing the Apple Watch Edition says is, "I've got way too much money, and I want you to know that." In 10 years, Apple Watch Edition will only be worth the amount of gold in the casing; Apple will be cranking out watches that are half that height, and multiple times more powerful, because that's the way the industry operates, and we have not gotten a commitment from Apple to make the internals (other than the battery) upgradeable for x number of years. Mechanical watches hold their value. There is no practical reason for spending $10,000 to $17,000 on an Apple Watch.
  • I guess part of the question is the definition of a douche-bag? I think some people have summarized it well. But to me, it is someone that spends $ with the sole purpose of showing off and how much money I can spend on things to impress people, with the caveat that generally the item is substantially more $ than a comparable item. Basically as a Status symbol to show how rich I am. I think the other item that is not really defined is what is the value of the Watch edition. This watch is a little bit of a departure for apple as it is way beyond just tech.. To me the value is on 5 parts. 1. timepiece 2. status 3. fashion 4. tech 5. lifespan of each of these. Given the 5 criteria above, what does the Watch edition compare to? Rolex? I would say it compares well on 1-4, but 5 is the problem. In 3 years, it will not function as a watch anymore because of battery, It would still have a little status I guess? Fashion will be completely different as it is not a timeless piece. And the Tech will be ancient and non functional. The only other comparable are the other apple watch versions then? As discussed, the Watch edition is at minimum 10x more expensive. Is it 10x better. I would guess that the only difference is in Status really? And maybe a little on fashion because it is gold colored. But really the only difference is status. So given that the Watch edition's only core benefit over it comparable is status, that makes it highly likely that only douche-bags will purchase the Watch edition. And I would say that some people that purchase it would not be douche-bags and it is almost impossible to know the true motivation of why people purchase it. Exceptions that prove the rule IMO.
  • If someone walked around with a shirt that said "I have more money than you" I would call them a douchebag. If someone took 17,000 dollars in cash and burned it in a trash can, I would also call them a douchebag. I put buying an Apple Watch edition in the same category. To care that much about appearances to spend that much money is shallow, conspicuous consumption. I realize no one writing on this website will challenge Apple on promoting some shallow values, but I do appreciate that not everyone is blinded by shiny gold and a slick video.
  • This is an article in The Onion, no? Funny as heck.
  • People with more dollars than sense. Sent from the iMore App
  • I don't see a need for products that have to be obsessively justified. Thus product us one of them. It constantly has to be explained. And considering it honestly doesn't look that different than the Stainless Steel watch, it serves no purpose, but to cost more. Really guys, gray and rose gold. That's really what you pay for. I can see justifying the Steel model over the Aluminum(especially with those stupid ass silicon straps) , but again the Edition serves no purpose but to cost more. "I'm da Blur boys!" - Me with 1200 ping. Fiber in Nashville? Save me based Google.
  • People purchase luxury cars, clothes, sunglasses, yachts, etc. - it's their money and they are entitled to spend it anyway they want. Some of the arguments are strange:
    - It's a waste because technology will be updated:
    The same could be said for buying a fast car - buy a Bugatti or McLaren and a couple of years later there will be a faster one. Whatever is in fashion, will be outdated in a couple of years - e.g. some handbags, shoes, designer clothes, etc.
    - There's no difference between the $350 one and the $10k one, so it's stupid:
    Great - so then get the $350 one and don't be too upset/angry/disturbed over this! Many will get the stainless steel one, but everyone seems ok with that. This is a new category - a watch is way more personal. Some are suggesting that Apple is now not including us because they have this high-end version. But actually they are just not leaving the high-end purchaser out. Imagine it was at a different level - you're used to having a very nice stainless steel watch, but they only came out with a cheap plastic version... you may want the technology, but wouldn't want to wear it. You'd be annoyed that you can't continue to enjoy a certain level that you've become accustomed and avail of the new technology.
    - It's a huge markup so it's not 'worth' $10k
    Everything is perceived value. Every sale and transaction is psychological. Our whole economy is trading on perceived value - what we decide or think is valuable - or what will be in the future. No luxury brand is 'worth' it based on the raw materials. There's way more mark-up on fashion clothes than the watch. Art, fashion, brands, property, etc. is worth what people will pay for it.
    I wouldn't recommend it as an investment, but who knows - maybe in 50 years it will be like the Apple 1 computer. You know how much a rare Apple 1 computer went for? $671,000! Just because the technology will evolve, doesn't mean it won't be cherished long term and maybe in time become a collectors item. This could be history in the making... the first major change of usage for the watch since its inception. (Yes I know there are others already out there, just like there were mp3 players before the iPod).
    Also, most luxury items are purchased because people believe in the brand - the values and what the company stands for. I could think of worse companies than Apple.
    - People who buy this are just showing off:
    We are all guilty of consumerism - purchasing items to make us feel better or to make up for our insecurities. We all want to look good, feel good, be admired, noticed, etc. Why do we work so hard to make more money? A nicer house, car, etc. I'm sure third world people who live on $2 a day could say the same about us for buying a Starbucks for $5! It's all relative. I'm sure some people who will buy it are douchebags. Just as I'm sure some people who will buy the $350 one are douchebags. And I'm certain that some people who are judging them or Apple as douchebags are douchebags!