Who will the last Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC fighter be?

Last Super Smash Bros Ultimate Dlc Fighter
Last Super Smash Bros Ultimate Dlc Fighter (Image credit: iMore)

After three years and 11 DLC fighters, Masahiro Sakurai only has one Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC character left to reveal. A lot of hopes are riding with this last fighter. Perhaps the elusive character you've wanted all along will finally get added to the Super Smash Bros. roster.

We on the iMore gaming team don't currently know when the last Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC fighter reveal will drop. However, we do have some strong opinions on who it should be. This is one of the best Nintendo Switch games out there, so it would be nice if the DLC ends with a poignant bang rather than an unenthusiastic character. But either way, we're excited to see how the last reveal unfolds. Here are our serious predictions, far-field wishes, and silly takes on who the last reveal will be.

During the Sakurai Presents on October 5, Sora from Kingdom Hearts was revealed as the last Super Smash Bros. Ultimate fighter.

Monster Hunter Palico

Monster Hunter Rise Palico Armor (Image credit: iMore)

Considering Nintendo's relationship with Capcom and the incredible popularity of the Monster Hunter series in Japan, I'm really surprised that we haven't gotten any playable Monster Hunter characters in Smash yet. To be fair, some of Capcom's characters from other franchises are fighters. Plus, there already are Monster Hunter spirits, Mii Costumes, trophies, and even an NPC Rathalos in the game, but that's not the same thing as being able to control a fighter.

The best character to represent the series would be a Palico or Melynx, as seen in Monster Hunter Rise. Its color variants could include wearing different monster armor sets, thus nodding to the many monsters in the franchise. I'd love for it to have the ability to steal items from other players, as the more mischievous Felynes tend to do. As far as attacks go, imagine that little fluffball throwing bombs, hurling Bunny Dango, and using their cute little monster weapons. -Rebecca Spear

Among Us Crewmate/Imposter

Among Us Hero (Image credit: Innersloth)

The next Super Smash Bros. Ultimate fighter should be the crewmate/imposter from Among Us. The imposter would have a variety of attacks based on the attacks in Among Us, as well as the ability to "vent" across the board, while the crewmate would be fast and agile, often relying on dodging other players' attacks. The crewmate would also have an eject ability letting them toss other players long distances. Although both could be added to the game as separate characters, I think it would be really fun if even the player doesn't know whether they're a crewmate or an imposter until the match begins. - Casian Holly


Waluigi (Image credit: iMore)

There's not much to say here. Most of the other Nintendo mascots are already in Smash. Waluigi is not. That should be reason enough to make him the final fighter. But apparently, Nintendo would rather add Solid Snake, Kazuya, Sephiroth, or yet another Pokémon than one of its central mascots.

Waluigi has a long history of being forgotten by Nintendo or being treated as a joke. I remember walking into the Nintendo Store in New York looking for Waluigi merch and finding one thing: a T-shirt for children. I know a lot of it is on purpose — he was an Assist Trophy starting in Brawl and not a playable character, which shows Nintendo is in on the joke of Waluigi's existence as a guy who believes he's more important than he is. However, despite his lack of importance being a huge character trait, he's still a well-developed character in the Nintendo universe and has an avid fanbase. He's available in many other Nintendo team-up games, so why not include him here? It's a missed opportunity. WAHH. - Carli Velocci

Cooking Mama

Cooking Mama Happy Angry (Image credit: iMore)

You know her, you love her, and Mama loves you — provided you cut those onions correctly.

Cooking Mama is a classic character in gaming at this point and a mother figure to us all. She's guided our hands step-by-step to become master chefs, confectioners, gardeners, and even... babysitters? In other words, she's helped us navigate life, so why not let her help us beat the snot out of our friends in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate?

She could use a frying pan in her arsenal, lob cabbages, and dango to hit enemies from afar, and her final Smash could be her fiery eyes building into a screen-wide inferno, damaging anyone foolish enough to cross her path. Given her appearances in games like Gardening Mama and Babysitting Mama, she's got tons of possibilities for move sets. Players could choose what kind of Mama they'd like before starting and use gardening tools, cooking supplies, or baby bottles to knock other players off the field. With such a versatile background, there's no other candidate that makes as much sense as our beloved Mama.-Nadine Dornieden

DOOM Slayer

Doom Eternal Dlc (Image credit: Nintendo)

Doom has a long history of being on multiplayer platforms. A new platform or piece of computing hardware is launched, and the first question on any computer engineer's mind is, "Can it run Doom?" This extends to Nintendo, with the entire run of Doom games available on the Nintendo Switch, from the original 1993 game all the way up to Doom Eternal.

As such, adding the iconic Doom Slayer to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate just makes sense. He has varied moves and abilities, allowing the super-fast gameplay to translate well into the all-out brawls of Smash. Adding the Doom Slayer wouldn't just be a cool crossover or a neat character like so many other fan wishes: it'd be an outright celebration of gaming history. -Sam Tolbert


Sora Kingdom Hearts (Image credit: iMore)

While Kingdom Hearts hasn't seen much time on any Nintendo consoles, it only makes sense that a game that features Cloud Strife and Sephiroth could feature another of Square Enix's most popular characters: Sora. Beyond popularity, Sora would be a really well-balanced character. He has close-range melee options with an assortment of Keyblades, and ranged options with all the standard Final Fantasy magic, not to mention plenty of options for a Final Smash.

Personally, I'm partial to the idea of him summoning Donald and Goofy to perform one of their many trinity attacks, but there are definitely plenty of other summons and special attacks that could work. He could even summon the flood of Keyblades featured at the end of Kingdom Hearts 3. Plus, there are already plenty of cannon options for different looks, from his different world outfits to his drive forms (dibs on Anti Sora!)

If Nintendo could play really nice with Disney, we could even get a summon item, similar to the Pokéball that can bring forth a random ally from the various Disney worlds. - Casian Holly

DOOM Slayer or Master Chief

Doomguy And Isabelle Smiling (Image credit: @TheDashingDoctorK on YouTube)

The best Final Smash character reveal could only be the Doom Slayer, aka Doom Guy. Nintendo has the perfect opportunity to go all-in on the Isabelle/Doom Guy mania. Plus, he'd be pretty much unstoppable. Of course, he's "dark" and "off-brand," but that's what makes him so great! He's born to rip and tear, and Smash is the perfect place for him to really get his aggression out, especially if he brings the BFG. And if he doesn't work out, another great pick in a green helmet would be Master Chief.

The Spartan is a more…lawful gun-slinger and a bit more on-brand with Nintendo. He can compete with the likes of Ganondorf, Bowser, and King K. Rool for height, and if he brings along his arsenal, including the Energy Sword, he can be as versatile as Link. Also, I'd pay money to drive a Warthog over everyone.-Sara Gitkos


Plok SNES cover art (Image credit: iMore)

The final character in Smash Bros Ultimate should be none other than Plok, of the famous SNES blockbuster, also named Plok.

Plok was destined to be a Smash Bros fighter. Everything about him screams "Smash Bros," given the nature of the obscure side-scrolling platformer with a heavy emphasis on using your own cartoony severed limbs as weapons.

For those who aren't aware of the incredible awesomeness that is Plok, I lament your hollow childhood (or lack of existence, if you're a gen-z whippersnapper). Plok was arguably the best game on the SNES, at least in my warped worldview. Warped by the nightmarish machinations of Plok, whose giant flea-ridden, teeth-spewing monsterama still haunts my dreams to this very day. -Jez Corden

Who's your pick?

It's impossible to say who the last Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC fighter will be. There really hasn't been much rhyme or reason to the last 11 DLC entries, and some of them wouldn't have even been considered possible until now. Whether Sakurai ends this journey with a flourishing crowd-pleaser or simply releases another lackluster character remains to be seen. But, we hope it will be interesting one way or another. Regardless, we personally can't wait to add another Super Smash Bros. amiibo to our shelves.

Who do you want the last Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC fighter to be? Do you agree with anyone here? Or did we leave your top pick out? Tell us about it in the comments below.

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