Wholesome Direct 2021: All 75 indie games shown during the showcase

Wholesome Direct Dinosaur Game
Wholesome Direct Dinosaur Game (Image credit: Wholesome Direct)

The Wholesome Direct is a showcase of indie games for a variety of platforms including Nintendo Switch, iOS, Android, Xbox, Playstation, and PC. It kicked off on June 12, 2021 at 10am PT / 1pm ET . This year, we've been told that there will be exclusive footage, interviews, and announcement for 75 indie games. We're covering this information as it's revealed so refresh the page to see the latest news.

If you think you'll be picking up a few of these awesome games, make sure you have enough room on your microSD card.

Every game listed during the Wholesome Direct 2021

Bird Problems

Bird Problems (Image credit: Lithic Entertainment)

This game takes on the feel of a silly sitcom while starring a bunch of birds just trying to live their lives. It will be coming to Steam.


Recolit (Image credit: Image Labo)

Explore a strange town while investigating light and help residents of the town. It will come to Steam.


Snacko (Image credit: Bluecurse Studios)

Bluecurse Studio's cat life sim is coming to Steam and Nintendo Switch. Interact with other cats and build a farm.


Alekon (Image credit: The Alekon Company)

Join cute little characters in minigames and get creative while designing your characters. Available now on Steam.

A Little to the Left

A Little To The Left (Image credit: Max Inferno)

It's a puzzle game all about getting things to look just right in an orderly fashion. This game is created by Max Inferno.

Ooblets Port Forward 0.8 update

Ooblets Port Forward (Image credit: Gumberland)

This takes place on what appears to be a sunny pier near the beach. Check out the local attractions, play arcade games, and earn tickets. It's releasing for the Epic Games Store and Xbox.

Spirit Swap

Spirit Swap (Image credit: Soft Not Weak LLC)

Craft spells, be queer, and crash the concert of the year in this colorful puzzle adventure by Soft Not Weak LLC.

Behind the Frame

Behind The Frame (Image credit: Silver Lining Studio)

This narrative-driven puzzle game has a unique painting mechanic and offers new ways to solve puzzles.


Skate around various locations while playing as an adorable little bird. It will release sometime "soon".

Here comes Niko!

Here Comes Niko (Image credit: Wholesome Direct (screenshot))

This is a cozy 3D platformer for tired people. Interact with quirky animals and explore a colorful world. It comes to Nintendo Switch and Steam sometime soon.


Pekoe (Image credit: Wholesome Direct (screenshot))

This cute tea-making similar has you making drinks for a bunch of cats. Meet the cute patrons of your village created by Cup Cake Studio.


Lake (Image credit: Wholesome Direct (screenshot))

A hard-working career woman from the 80s returns to her hometown to become a mail carrier. Drive around a gorgeous location and get to know the town's residents.

Yokai Inn

Yokai Inn (Image credit: Wholesome Direct (screenshot))

In this inn-simulator, you'll interact with several animal creatures in this adorable retro-style game.

Mythic Ocean

Mythic Ocean (Image credit: Wholesome Direct (screenshot))

Explore a gorgeous underwater world in Paralune's aquatic adventure. Coming soon to Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Xbox One.

Kokopa's Atlas

Kokopas Atlas (Image credit: Wholesome Direct (screenshot))

Explore an uncharted planet as a black cat. There are plenty of secrets to uncover. This game will be coming to Steam.

Button City

Button City (Image credit: Wholesome Direct (screenshot))

Run around an adorable animal world while playing as a fox. See what you and your friends can get up to. It releases on Nintendo Switch, Steam, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S in Q3 2021.


Letters (Image credit: Wholesome Direct (screenshot))

A young girl named Sara writes to her pen pal. The story changes depending on what changes you make to her writing. It will come to Nintendo Switch and Steam later this year.

Hot Pot For One

Hot Pot For One (Image credit: Wholesome Direct (screenshot))

You're alone on a cold Christmas night without any friends or family nearby. Making a massive meal will help you discover the comfort food can bring.

Garden Story

Garden Story (Image credit: Wholesome Direct (screenshot))

Picogram's game has you playing as a little grape named Concord as he works to protect his community and undertake tasks.

Tracks of Thought

Tracks Of Thought (Image credit: Wholesome Direct (screenshot))

It's an RPG shaped by your personality. Experience card-based battles and get to know other characters. The demo is available now on Steam.

Beasts of Maravilla Island

Beats Of Maravilla Island (Image credit: Wholesome Direct (screenshot))

Discover rare creatures and photograph them in these hidden magic islands. It is out today for Nintendo Switch, Steam, PS4, and Xbox One.


Hoa (Image credit: Wholesome Direct (screenshot))

This unique fairy game comes to Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and Xbox One on August 21, 2021.

We are OFK

We Are Ofk (Image credit: Wholesome Direct (screenshot))

Follow a group of characters as they live their lives in LA. It will be coming to Steam.



Paralives (Image credit: Wholesome Direct (screenshot))

Build your home just the way you like it by customizing the size of your rooms, walls, furniture, and more. It will be coming to Steam.


This adorable co-op puzzle game is published by Sold Out and will be coming to Steam.

A Walk with Yiayia

A Walk With Yaiyai (Image credit: Wholesome Direct (screenshot))

This game is all about taking your grandma on walks after she's had a scary fall. Explore the world around you in Trent Garlipp's creation.


Dordogne (Image credit: Wholesome Direct (screenshot))

Follow Mimi a young woman revisiting her childhood memories in this watercolor-style adventure. It will come to Nintendo Switch and PC later this year.

The Gecko Gods

The Gecko Gods (Image credit: Wholesome Direct (screenshot))

Solve puzzles on a desert island while playing as a curious little gecko. It will be coming to Steam.

Tasomachi Behind the Twilight

Tasomachi (Image credit: Wholesome Direct (screenshot))

Orbital Express's game has you working to repair your airship in a fascinating town. See what you can discover when it released in 2021 on Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Xbox One.

Please be Happy

Please Be Happy (Image credit: Wholesome Direct (screenshot))

Make connections and find love while getting to know a bunch of different characters. The demo is available now.

Witch Life Story

Witchy Life Story (Image credit: Wholesome Direct (screenshot))

Explore a magical world while playing as a witch in Sundew Studios' game. It will release in 2022.


Battlecakes (Image credit: Wholesome Direct (screenshot))

Lead your team of cupcakes into battle in this RPG-style game. It releases on Xbox and Steam in 2021.

Bear & Breakfast

Bear And Breakfast (Image credit: Wholesome Direct (screenshot))

An elderly woman runs a rundown inn. It's up to a little bear to remodel and get the place back up to snuff. There are plenty of cute animal friends to meet and an evil force lurking in the dark. It will come to Nintendo Switch and Steam. The date was not revealed.

Passpartout 2: The Lost Artist

Passpartout (Image credit: Wholesome Direct (screenshot))

Not much was said about this game, but it looks like players will control a young artist. The release date was not shown.


Image (Image credit: Wholesome Direct (screenshot))

Play as Sally, a young girl experiencing her life aboard an airship. This game is being made by Lucid Tales, but no release date was shown.

Rainbow Billy: The Curse of the Leviathan

Rainbow Billy The Curse Of The Leviathan (Image credit: Wholesome Direct (screenshot))

Start your journey in Star Harbor and see what happens when the world gets changed to black and white. It's your job to explore and solve puzzles to put the world back to normal.


Unpacking (Image credit: Wholesome Direct (screenshot))

You know that feeling of satisfaction you feel when you put a room in order? You get to experience that while learning about someone's life in Witch Beam's game. It will release Q4 2021.

Soup Pot

Soup Pot (Image credit: Wholesome Direct (screenshot))

Chikon Club has created a cooking game that lets you use your creativity. It will release sometime in Q3 2021.

Cloud Jumper

Cloud Jumper (Image credit: Wholesome Direct (screenshot))

Navigate a flying boat and collect items in this beautiful, cell-shaded game. It will release on Steam.


Teacup (Image credit: Wholesome Direct (screenshot))

A small shy frog is on a journey to collect ingredients for her tea party in Smarto Club's game. It will release sometime in Q3 2021.

Moonglow Bay

Moonglow Bay (Image credit: Wholesome Direct (screenshot))

Explore a fishing town and get to know the residents. Bunny Hug's adventure will come to Steam, the Epic Game Store, Game Pass, Xbox Series X/S, and Xbox One.


Pupperazzi (Image credit: Wholesome Direct (screenshot))

Sundae Month's game has you running around and taking pictures of adorable pups. It's "coming soon."

Luna's Fishing Garden

Lunas Fishing Garden (Image credit: Wholesome Direct (screenshot))

This cozy fishing and building game lets you build your dream garden by gathering and trading items. It releases October 21, 2021.

Witchery Academy

Witchery Academy (Image credit: Wholesome Direct (screenshot))

Play as a wizard apprentice and train your magical skills by attending classes. There's also a gardening component and plenty of characters to meet. And you can even spend time bonding with your animal spirit companion. It will be coming to Nintendo Switch and Steam.

Amber Isle

Amber Isle (Image credit: Wholesome Direct (screenshot))

Play as a little girl who shares her home with dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures. Craft items, customize your shop and character, and expand the village.


Woodo (Image credit: Wholesome Direct (screenshot))

This appears to be some kind of decoration and space management game that focuses on wooden items. It will release sometime in 2022.


Wythywood (Image credit: Wholesome Direct (screenshot))

Alientrap Games' creation seems to take place in a magical location. It will release Q4 2021.

Moonshell Island

Moonshell Island (Image credit: Wholesome Direct (screenshot))

This brightly-colored game by Cheekynauts Entertainment has you exploring a gorgeous little island. There are puzzles to solve and people to meet. The release date is TBD.


Frog Song (Image credit: Wholesome Direct (screenshot))

This is a heartfelt adventure where you play as a tiny frog that learns it can be a hero too. It will release in 2022.


Loddlenaut (Image credit: Wholesome Direct (screenshot))

Explore the ocean and collect items in Moon Lagoon's game. The release date is TBD.

Other games announced:

A number of games were listed in quick succession at the end of the presentation. Here they are:

  • LEGO Builder's Journey - June 22 for PC and Nintendo Switch
  • PowerWash Simulator - Now in early access on Steam
  • Book of Travels - Coming to Steam, release date TBD
  • Toodee and Topdee - Coming to Steam, release date TBD
  • The Garden Path - Coming to Steam, release date TBD
  • Venba - Coming to Steam, release date TBD
  • The Outbound Ghost - release date TBD
  • The Magnificent Trufflepigs - Available now
  • Fossil Corner - Available now on Steam
  • Dreamland Confectionary - Coming to steam, release date TBD
  • Freshly Frosted - Coming to Steam, release date TBD
  • Apico - Coming to Steam, release date TBD
  • Cat Designer Mocha - Release date TBD
  • Lonefarm - Coming to Steam, release date TBD
  • Shashingo - Coming to Steam, release date TBD
  • RoboCo - Coming to Steam, release date TBD
  • Kotodama Diary - Release date TBD
  • co-open - Release date TBD
  • Cat Cafe Manager - Coming to Steam, release date TBD
  • Game Director Story - Coming to Steam, release date TBD
  • Princess Farmer - Coming to Steam, release date TBD
  • KreatureKind - Release date TBD
  • Seasonspree - Coming to Steam, release date TBD
  • Fire Tonight - Coming to Steam, release date TBD
  • Floppy Knights - Coming to Steam, release date TBD
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