Why I didn't pre-order the iPhone 6

Happy pre-order day, everyone! After some fits and starts, pre-ordering for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus got underway at Apple's online store and on cell carrier web sites in the wee hours this morning. I awoke this morning to find a Twitter feed full of announcements from friends and colleagues sharing details on what model they've reserved. I'm sitting this one out. Let me explain why.

The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus both look great. Besides the larger, thinner design, some of the under-the-hood enhancements promise to make life a bit more convenient: 802.11ac Wi-Fi support, for example; Apple Pay may be a game changer; improved cameras on both the 6 and the 6 Plus.

I had been leaning towards pre-ordering the iPhone 6 and being done with it, but I decided at the last minute to wait. Because I've seriously been thinking about getting the iPhone 6 Plus instead.

And that's when I realized that paper cutouts might help me figure out if the iPhone 6 Plus would fit in my pocket, but they weren't going to give me a clear idea of what actually wielding either phone on a daily basis is going to be like.

What's more, the Apple Watch is a curveball. I'm not as enthusiastic about the Apple Watch as I am about the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus but I can certainly understand how pairing an iPhone 6 Plus with an Apple Watch would suddenly make the large dimensions of the iPhone 6 Plus much easier to manage on a regular basis, since I'd be handling the phone that much less frequently and using the Apple Watch instead.

So I'm sitting this pre-order business out. Because I want to actually hold the phones in my hand before committing to getting one. I want to use them both for a little bit to see what I'm going to be more comfortable with. And the only way to do that is to wait, and to visit an Apple Store or somewhere else where they're sold and actually get my hands on one. (Or wait for friends nearby to get one, and play with theirs.)

A year ago Apple released the iPhone 5S, and I jumped onto it without hesitation. I knew from the moment I saw it that I wanted to get one as soon as they were available. Touch ID, the A7 chip, and other details made that a must-have for me. Apple offered two distinct models last year, too, but the iPhone 5C was essentially the same iPhone 5 that I already had, so it made it easier to justify the 5S. I haven't regretted that decision — the iPhone 5S is the best iPhone I've ever had, just as I expect whichever iPhone 6 model to be when I pull the trigger.

This year, Apple's decision to offer two distinctly different models presents us with a unique problem as iPhone customers — choice. Up until now, it's been a pretty binary situation: When a new iPhone is released, it comes in one size, and we just have to decide how much we're willing to pay for additional storage and figure out which color we want. If Apple upped the size of the phone, as they did with the iPhone 5, so be it.

Sometimes choice can create uncertainty, as it has for me, at least. But the choice between the two phones — and some differentiations between them, like optical image stabilization on the iPhone 6 Plus camera — have me scratching my head. I'm still not sure what I want to do, so I'm waiting to get my hands on and actually experience using the phones before I make my final decision.

In the interim, I still have a superb iPhone 5S that does everything I need it to for the moment, and should have a long fruitful life ahead of it when it's upgraded to iOS 8 next week.

How about you? Have you preordered? If so, which model did you choose? Or are you taking the wait and see approach like me? Let me know. And if you need help deciding, make sure to check out our iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus Buyers Guide.

  • Is it a crazy idea to get both? Maybe replace my iPad mini with a 6 Plus and replace my iPhone with a 6?
  • I'm rather hoping Apple updates the iPod touch with an A8-equipped "Plus" variant. I'd hop on that in a heartbeat.
  • An iPod Touch Plus would be a heck of a device, specially if the 128 GB version is in the same price range as the iPad Mini of 16 GB
  • That's crazy talk. iPod touch plus (if it existed) would most likely be priced at 299-16gb 399-64gb and 499-128gb. It would most likely not come with the updated specs of the iphone and use the previous years specs in order to differentiate it from the iphone 6 plus. Apple has done something brilliant getting rid of the 32gb version and keeping the 16gb version around. If the iphone 6 started at 32gb, I and I believe most people would go with that and not she'll out the extra $100 for the 64gb, but 16gb is basically useless now and most people have to go to the 64gb, thus apple is making a killing especially now that flash memory is significantly cheaper to buy.
  • Doubt they will , it will canibalise the Mini
  • Apple is pretty famous for canabalizing (sp?) their own markets.
    iPhone hit their iPod market.
    iPad hit their MacBook market.
    Probably other examples. Think it was covered in Jobs bio but the gist was: someone is eventually gonna steal your lunch, it may as we'll be someone in your family -- keep the money in house. Sent from the iMore App
  • If they update the iPod Touch it will probably be next year when they release the Watch and the AppleTV and it will most likely have an A7 chip based on what they've done with the iPod Touch in the past.
  • Me too but I went all in on a 6+ 128 GB.
  • Yeah i'm waiting on that too.... Would jump in to buy that ipod without hesitation... Sent from the iMore App
  • IMO, Apple would not want to go that route. There is a financial benefit to the canabalization of the iPad Mini with a $800-$1000 iPhone 6+, but not much benefit to canabalizing it with a $300-$400 iPod 6+. I could be wrong.
  • An iPhone 6 Plus is way, way, way, smaller than an iPad mini.
    They aren't really interchangeable if you are currently, actively using the mini.
  • It's not crazy at all. I preordered the 6 and will get the 6 plus off contract when it's regularly available. Sent from the iMore App
  • Yes.
  • Lol. This pretty much sums up isheeps. Sounds quite boring tbh. Although I will be getting the iPhone 6 myself but quite funny to read.
    "Apple's decision to offer two distinctly different models presents us with a unique problem as iPhone customers — choice. Up until now, it's been a pretty binary situation: When a new iPhone is released, it comes in one size, and we just have to decide how much we're willing to pay for additional storage and figure out which color we want."
  • Sorry, you lost me. What was your point here? Now iPhone buyers have two sizes to choose from. What's funny or "sheepy" about that?
  • He's saying that it's new for Apple users to have a choice, and they don't know what to do. Normally, you just take what Apple gives you, because Apple knows what you like best. Like sheep, you all just go along with it. Get it??
  • Well, that makes a lot sense; your explanation on what the other guy meant. But I don't think iPhone/Apple fans are sheep, thougth I'm sure there are some that act like it. I just became a fan of Apple product about a year and a half ago, before that I used to kind of hate Apple and all those who liked it. I found Apple fans annoying and I couldn't stand people loving their iPhones/iPads/Macs, whatever. Well, back then I HAD to get an iPad for a particular class I was taking. I was so mad I had to "stoop so low." It turned out, after just a few weeks of using my iPad I realized how much better it was than any Android tablet I had used. It turned out to be the same with the phone. And the entire ecosystem Apple offers does work better than most other companies. It's an overall better experience to own Apple products than other brands. At least that has been my experience so far.
  • Same for me, I was using Android and I really didn't like apple back in the days when the iPhone screen was very low res and they couldn't copy and paste text. I borrowed my brothers iPod touch in 2010 just so I could play angry birds as it looked fun. After a week I loved the device so much I cancelled my contract and got the iPhone 4. Eventually got an iPad and Mac too and now queue up each year in the early hours just to get the latest models. Sent from the iMore App
  • Apple fans are the definitive sheep. Remember the 1984 commercial with all the people who look alike, all working on computers that all looked alike? No choice? 30 years later, Apple fans, all look alike, all dress alike, all use computers and phones that ALL look alike. Welcome to 1984+30. Be different, just like everybody else.
  • Not well said at all. I don't dress like any other Apple owners I know. Plus, there can only be so many good phones out there. Apple happens to be the best, arguably of course as is anything. If Samsung or HTC made the most popular phone you'd be saying stuff just like you just did. I hope you don't own anything Apple.
  • Allowing you feel all cool and edgy, at least give credit to the "sheep" for accomplishing that.
  • Statistically, the chances are that you use Android (80% share of the smartphone market) and/or Windows (90% or so of the PC market). The most likely combination is an Android phone and a Windows PC. So who's the sheep, exactly?
  • you need to read one of those dummy books on how to use logic & statistics, otherwise you might just hurt yourself
  • Thank you for sharing your experience... Many android people dont realize that they have to try apple's products before hating on it Sent from the iMore App
  • I had a 4s...then I bought a NEW Android phone... Things have changed.... All of you who compare apple to Android using 2010 and earlier for your comparison need to check out Android now... Of course, the iPhone 6 sounds like Android back in 2012 to be honest. Posted via iMore App
  • My experience has been the opposite. I had android, switched to the iPhone 4s and then the 5, and 5s. In between I sold my iPhone to buy the next model and purchased android phones on eBay to use due to their low resale value and affordability. This last time I bought a galaxy s4 and used it two weeks and sold it. Picked up a moto x and currently am using it. Tried to preorder the iPhone 6 and was too late, it won't be available until early November. I wanted to try to like android so much because of the screen sizes, and agree that they've improved, but I ain't feeling it bro. In fact, I'm so fed up with it that I purchased another iPhone 5s at full retail just so I can get back in before iOS 8 is available. This last years treck into androidville will be my last. My wishy washy ness has caused me headaches, buying, selling, activating phones all over the place and always ending up back at square one. Each and every time, I forget how much I loath android until I have one in my hand.
  • I'm really curious as to what is so world-shatteringly unusable that you can't use an Android. I love my Moto X - it has so many useful features. But then part of that is the customization from Motorola, and part of that is Android itself. Don't conflate the two.
  • I'm not getting the two twisted. I understand the difference. The moto x is the best android phone I've ever used. Its 10 times better than any phone Samsung has ever done. Its android's system that doesn't cut it for me. Too much work for the little things that apple takes into consideration and then doesn't advertise that they even do. Apple cares about the overall user experience. I don't need the freedom to do random shit on my phone. I'll leave that to engineers who know more than I do. One of the last things I did on my 5s before selling it was to copy and paste the tracking number of my Moto X on FedEx into my notes. Then in notes, that number became a link. When I tapped that link it popped up the option to track package, which took me to FedEx in safari where I was instantly tracking the package.. Little things.. Too many to list. Active display and other stuff is awesome, but I know if apple did something similar, they'd find a way to make it better and easier. Keyboards, tried 'em all, mail, siri... Soo many things. I have this argument with android friends all the time and walk away in frustration because, if you don't get it, you don't get it. And you deserve an android device if that's the case. If you're happy then you're happy. I'm not with a non iOS device.
  • You do know that when you get an email from FedEx in Gmail, when you click the tracking number that Google Now automatically tracks your package in real time, right? Of course you didn't... That much is obvious... Posted via iMore App
  • Yes I did know that. Google Now is pretty cool. I'd trade it and every feature for all the little things I said I wanted back from iOS. I'd appreciate if you knocked out the dick-headedness in your replies too. I never insulted you in my opinion. Way to try to slight me randomly though because of my choice of iOS. Android users really are dicks.
  • I have an Ipad and hate Android Tablets. I can't get with the iPhones too boring and Android too hacked together. I love the presentation of my Windows Phone. Live Tiles FTW!
  • Well said... Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • They had a choice last year also with the 5s and the 5c Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • I suppose if you ignore the choice in CPU, GPU, RAM offered in all laptop and desktop Macs and ignore the size and color choices in all iPads and also ignore the color and style choices between iPhone 5C and 5S, you have a point...What was your point again? I can only assume were trying to make some kind of fragmentation argument against Android having too many choices.
  • I think he just wanted to call people names.. thats really what it sums up as.
  • Completely agree with you Sent from the iMore App
  • I don't think you should be using the term "iSheep" anymore. Apple is obviously trying to rebrand with . So you should start referring to us as " Sheep" if you want to show your ignorance.
  • The "iSheep" ranks will swell with the influx of Android users switching back.
  • Although I pre-ordered the 6 Plus, I agree with Peter that it probably would have been a good idea to actually have one in hand before purchasing one. I am still not convinced that that 6 Plus will be as portable as I am used to now with the 5S. In any event it will be 3-4 weeks till I get the new model, so I will wait impatiently...
  • Just grab a note 1 and compare... About the same size Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • Any clue on where to even find one? My local Best Buy doesn't even have a dummy note 3 anymore lol.
  • Nope... Good luck finding an OG Note... There may be one in the Smithsonian though... Old phone Posted via iMore App
  • Although I have the iPad Air I was looking at the iPad mini also, so when the 6 plus came I thought well why not go for the 64gb model and I have a sort of mini tablet with phone. I will be waiting the 3-4 weeks delivery time though
  • I have been going back and worth. I started out after the reveal dreaming about the iPhone 6 Plus, but then after reading some other opinions around the internet the past few days, I was content on the iPhone 6 last night. Only this morning when I went to pre-order I just couldn't pull the trigger on the 6. I've officially decided that it is best for me to wait and see the phone in person. I really hate this decision because I really want the phone next Friday, but I need to look at the long term vs short term. I will have it for two years after all.
  • My story is the same. I really want/wanted a 6+. But my first concern was - will it fit in my pocket? So I read some articles and printed the PDF with the iPhone 6 and 6+ cutouts. I then made card board cutouts to give it some thickness. My concern went from fitting in my pocket to fitting in my hand. The 6+ is huge and the 6 is also big for one handed use. My iPhone 5 fits great in my hand. I use it one handed all the time. I was on the website and bounced between preordering the 6 and 6+. I too want to feel the phones in my hand. Part of me thinks the 4" screen might be my sweet spot. Maybe Steve Jobs was right. Sent from the iMore App
  • Does your cardboard phone have a ring tone?
  • I agree it's better to wait and feel both sizes but http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0hZJ4cotUWc Sent from the iMore App
  • Ordered a 64GB silver 6 to replace my wife's 4S and a 64GB space grey 6+ to replace my 5C which becomes a 13th birthday present for my grandson. The 6 will arrive on the 19th but the 6+ not till mid-October. Don't blame you for waiting.
  • Ordered both a 6 and a 6+ - problem solved :)
  • are you made of money? how is your rent getting paid?
  • Perhaps they make enough money to pay their bills and afford toys. Don't be judgmental...
  • must be nice
  • Actually Eddie, I bought both the 6 and 6+ off-contract and to address Peter's concern, buying off-contract allows one immediately sell the phone if they don't the size for the same or more money - probably much more money for the next several months.
  • First time since I returned my iPhone 4 for antenna gate did I order an iPhone. Got the 6+ to go with my androids. I have had 4.7 and 5.5 inch screens so I knew how big they are. Posted via my Nexus 5
  • Test #1: How does the 6+ feel in my hands?
    Test #2: What does the 5S lack but I need from the 6+?
    Test #3: What are the full specs of the Apple Watch?
    Test #4: Which Apple Watch can I afford?
  • I really don't like replying to the iSheep comment but I can't resist. I have chosen the apple ecosystem because I prefer it. I have used Blackberry and android in the past and they both have their strengths and weaknesses as does apple. I made my choice and have been quite happy with it and have no desire to change platforms at this time. So get off everyone's case and do what you feel is right for you! Peter I went through the same thought process as you but just decided after seeing other phones about the size of the 6 Plus it is just too big for me. I hadn't really considered your thoughts about the watch and not having to get the 6 Plus out as much. I am still happy with the Pre-order I just finished for the 6! Really the size of the 5 has been great for me as it is with me all the time but wanted the additional features on the 6. I have my iPad mini with me during most working hours so I can use that if I need something bigger. I pretty much carry it instead of a laptop as I can do about 95% (especially with MS office now being available) of what I need to when out of the office. Looking forward to continuity in iOS8 for the handoff between iPhone and iPad!
  • That is a really good point! I too use my iPad mini as a second computer at work for meetings. Usually all I need to do is bring up some code (Textastic), web site (Chrome with sync to my work PC), or jot a few notes (OneNote). With hand-off, I could easily leave a smaller phone lying around somewhere nearby and just operate off of the iPad. Especially at home where I rarely lug my current cell phone around and only use the iPad. On a side note, that iSheep bologna is really stale, offensive, and merely badgering for the sake of rousing a reaction. If you love something (be it Ford vs Chevy, Apple vs Google, Xbox vs PS, Coke vs Pepsi, etc.), you will be happy to keep using the next iteration and not worry too much about the alternatives. That being said, most of us have used several devices over the years and keep coming back to Apple's products. That does not make you stupid, it just makes you a consumer.
  • I sat this out because they wouldn't let me buy it outright full price on any carrier I wanted.
  • $900?? Or how much? Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • $849 plus applecare+. Since I'd be selling my 5S, the amount I get for that will offset it, so it will be closer to say $500 plus Applecare. But for some reason they'd rather just sell it on contract, vs just sell it.
  • Factory Unlocks don't usually come out until mid-November. What I'll be doing is, getting the iPhone On contract with AT&T, terminating the contract after a month and pay the $350 fee + ($475 total cost of the phone), and it comes to $850, and the activation fee I can get waived with a few attempts with AT&T. After the termination, I can get the phone Unlocked by AT&T themselves. This direction clearly requires time more than it does Money, but at least I get to enjoy my new phone 2 months early.
  • I bought the off contract t mobile version and will use it on ATT. I bought from Apple. Posted via my Nexus 5
  • Right but that's still not technically unlocked, it's locked to Tmo for about 40ish days.
  • I'm not sure if that's correct? Last year I purchased the "T-Mobile" version of the unlocked 5s iPhone. All it was, was an unlocked iPhone that included a TMo SIM card. I simply removed it and put my ATT (Consumer Cellular) SIM card in it, and that was that. No issues whatsoever, I'm still using it. Also, in reference to the 5s, the model number of that phone is the "unlocked" version. I have also seen a "SIM free" version of the 5s/c, but the model numbers are the same, it even says so in the fine print. I think they only include a TMo SIM card for marketing / convenience reasons. Perhaps if you were speaking to someone at TMo, they were giving you wrong advice? Hope this helps...
  • It was actually Apple that confirmed that. It's locked to TMobile for at least 40 days. You cannot preorder off-contract or "unlocked" devices.
  • That's interesting... I wonder why this year is different than last year? Could you tell me exactly how you found that out, and do have a link to that information? I can't find anything in the fine print on their website about it. I'm honestly not trying to be argumentative, but I'm going to have people asking me about it, and I want to make sure I have the correct information for them. Thanks!
  • It's posted around on here, but I actually asked at the Apple store. Then just to be sure, I also called Apple to find out as well, and that's what I was told. I made it a point to mention that if they're going to pre-sale a device, they should make it available to everyone that wants to buy it, not just people "on contract". You can impose limits on the off-contract units, perhaps two per person or address or whatever, and let people on contract have up to like 4 or whatever they do now, but if someone wants to give you their money and you're not letting them, that's stupid. Why should I have to wait to buy one phone full price? I have a contract, I just want to buy my phone off contract so I can sell my other one or give it to my husband without wasting his upgrade in case he decides he wants the new one. They've changed a lot of the rules with the carrier stuff since last year, too. Probably to avoid what happened last year with everyone buying it off contract and going elsewhere with it.
  • Yes, I agree. If you're going to pay full price, it should be "yours" from that moment on. Ok then, thanks for the clarification. I know I'm going to be asked about it, so I'll be sure to relay that warning to them.
  • When I bought my 5s online, Apple checked the serial and told me as well it would be carrierlocked. But then I got my phone and tested it to be sure and I could use my own sim. There was no lock even though the Apple helpdesk told me so.
    I live in the Netherlands if that may be helpfull. Sent from the iMore App
  • Yes, Dominique, I think that's whats happening here. I'm sure AME was told that by Apple, but I have a hard time believing that's the case if a person were to actually purchase one. Since I have clients asking me about this, I called Apple today myself. Initially, the rep told me I would have to talk to T-Mobile about "unlocking", as they told AME. Then, he came back and said, no, you can put your own SIM card in and use it. Then, he again, corrected himself and said I would have to "talk" to T-Mobile. Bottom line, I think this is a marketing agreement between Apple and T-Mobile, and Apple "encourages" people to use T-Mobile, but the phone is actually unlocked. No one is going to pay full price, upfront, and expect it to be "locked" to any carrier, for any period of time. I've been purchasing factory unlocked iPhones since they became available (I jailbroke/unlocked them before that), and have never experienced anything like this. My 4s was advertised as "T-Mobile SIM included", but as with my 5s, I just removed it and replaced it with my own SIM. What I noticed, was a week or two later, Apple would advertise a "SIM-free" version, but in both the 4s and 5s, it was the exact same model number. The TMo model number is: MG5A2LL/A. A lot of discussion forums across the net are also stating this is a completely unlocked unit. If I were buying a new one this year, I wouldn't hesitate at all about purchasing this unit. Worse case scenario, the buyer could return it if it doesn't work on other GSM carriers, but I doubt that's the case, just as you have pointed out.
  • TMobile iPhones are unlocked already. All you need to do is take an iTunes or iCloud bac