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Which iPhone should you get? We'll help you pick!

There are a lot of decisions involved when it comes to buying or upgrading to a new phone, be it a new iPhone 7, a discounted iPhone 6s, or the 4-inch iPhone SE. Which model, what screen size, which color, what storage capacity, which carriers, with or without AppleCare+... the list goes on and on.

Enter iMore's iPhone buyers guide! If you need help deciding what to buy, we've got your back. And if you've already decided, just bookmark, email, Facebook, or Tweet this page so we can help your friends and family and you can get on with enjoying your new iPhone!

iPhone reviews

If you want to learn the details about all the different iPhone models, sizes, features, capabilities, and more, check out our in-depth reviews.

How to sell your old iPhone — or Android phone! — before upgrading to iPhone 7

It used to be, especially in North America, that you signed up for a cell phone contract, chose your phone, and didn't change it until it was time to sign up for a new contract. Now, however, we're increasingly seeing people buy a new iPhone one year, use all the great features it comes with, and then sell it so they can better afford the next, new model. Whether you're looking to upgrade to one of the new iPhones 7 or 4-inch iPhone SE, here's everything you need to know to sell the old and get the new!

Should you upgrade to iPhone 7

When new iPhones are introduced, one of the toughest decisions to make is whether or not to upgrade to the latest and the greatest. If money is no object, it won't matter. If you're on a plan that allows for early or yearly upgrades, it won't matter much either. Otherwise, it comes down to whether or not the new features in iPhone 7 are compelling enough to be worth the price.

What iPhone storage size should you get: 32 GB vs. 128 GB vs. 256 GB?

What iPhone storage size should you get: 16GB vs. 64GB vs. 128GB?

If all you do is text, stream, and access web portals, you'll probably be able to live on 32 GB. If you shoot 4K video, download all your media, and want tons of apps, 256 GB might be the only option. If you do a lot of different things or are anywhere in the middle, choosing which iPhone 7 storage size to get can be one of the hardest decisions you make. Here's what you need to consider!

What color iPhone should you get: Silver, gold, rose gold, black, jet black, or (Product) RED?

Color is one of the most visually distinctive and personal things about a new iPhone, which makes it one of the most important choices you'll have to make. The original iPhone only came in aluminum and black, but now Apple offers iPhone 7 in silver, gold, rose gold, (matte) black, shiny jet black, and (Product) RED.

Should you get AppleCare+ or insurance for your iPhone?

Should you get AppleCare+ or insurance for your iPhone?

If you get a new iPhone SE or iPhone 6s, you may want to protect that investment. Everyone from Apple to carriers and big box retailers to credit card companies offer some type of protection plan or extended warranty on purchases. AppleCare+ is comprehensive — and included in the iPhone Upgrade Program — but you might have loyalty programs or even credit card offers that provide at least some coverage for less. Here are some options!