Why iPhone battery life sucks

You get a new iPhone, you add a bunch of push mail accounts, download apps that hit the GPS and light up notifications, you watch a ton of video and play as many games as you possibly can, you do it all over LTE while blaring your Bluetooth speaker, and you curse that the frakken battery doesn't last several days. Matthew Panzarino of The Next Web rightly claims battery life is the iPhone's -- is every phone's -- biggest flaw:

My time with the Mophie Juice Packs, and other battery packs like them, has led me to a simple conclusion. We don’t need the iPhone’s battery to be 10% better, or 20% better. We need it to be 100% better.

Battery life is the choke point of every piece of modern, mobile technology, and sadly there's little sign of radical, transformative improvement coming any time soon (just more "cheating" of the astonishing kind Panzarino describes in his piece). A 5-inch iPhone could potential pack more power, but a bigger screen to power could mitigate that as well. A watch-sized device running iOS could be a far greater battery challenge.

Maybe Apple will deliver a power revolution the way their focus and scale allowed them to deliver a Retina revolution. Absent that, maybe they could stop worrying about making the iPhone so goram thin, add a couple of millimeters back, and chock the extra space full of battery.

"Today we're delivering a phone that's every bit as thin as the iPhone 4... but achieves an astonishing 20 hours of battery life on Wi-Fi or LTE."

mophie built-in. I'm sure there's many people who'd make that trade-off in a heartbeat.

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Source: The Next Web

Rene Ritchie

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