Will Apple ever bring back the black MacBook?

While I don't often like to admit it, there once was a time when I was a hardcore Windows user. My desktop ran Windows, my laptop ran Windows and I often scoffed at Apple's offerings. It wasn't until 2006 when the black polycarbonate MacBook appeared that I began to look at Apple machines differently. Oh how I longed to have a matte black MacBook.

By the time I got around to actually being able to afford such a machine, Apple ended up breaking my heart. The black MacBook was discontinued in 2008, but to this day I still hope they bring them back in some way. Judging from some of the responses in the iMore Forums, I'm not alone in my desires here.

I'd love for them to bring in a black MacBook Pro and MacBook Air. rayz336, iMore Forums Member

Of course, there are places out there such as Colorware that will gladly take some of your hard earned cash and transform your MacBook Pro and MacBook Air for you, but cost is always a factor there and, perhaps more importantly, the time away from your machine. It would just be simpler if you could buy one directly from Apple without the need to spend $500+ extra.

To be clear, I'm not hoping they bring back those polycarbonate matte black versions. I'd like to see them offer up a fresh anodized aluminum version though. With the iPhone 5c being 'unapologetically plastic' maybe Apple could create a casing for the MacBook? Just riffing that idea because as pointed out in the forums, the anodized aluminum version might be a bit too much.

That is a high order, my dear friend and it's going to be really hard to produce, I might imagine.Speedygi, iMore Forums Member

So what do you all think? Am I holding onto a pipe dream that I should let go of, or are you among those who would actually like to see Apple produce such a thing? Have your say in the iMore Forums.

Chris Parsons

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