Best answer: The August Smart Lock Pro works with most single-cylinder deadbolts. Given that they're the most common deadbolt in the U.S., it's likely the August Smart Lock Pro will work with your door.

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August Smart Lock Pro is highly compatible and easy to install

The August Smart Lock Pro is designed to be installed in such a way that you needn't purchase new keys for your home. After a simple retrofit installation, you'll be able to use the August Smart Lock Pro as well as your existing keys to lock and unlock your door.

The smart lock doesn't work with all types of locks, however. If you have a mortise, rim cylinder, Medeco, or Mul-t-Lock, the August Smart Lock Pro probably won't work with your door.

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Given that the single-cylinder deadbolt is the most common type of deadbolt in the U.S., chances are good you've got one on your door. If you're looking for more certainty, you can check out August's list of compatible deadbolts here.

What's the difference between a single-cylinder deadbolt and the other types?

The important distinction here is that a single-cylinder deadbolt is a separate mechanism from the doorknob. A mortise lock, on the other hand, doesn't have that separation. Turning the handle from inside the door will pull back the deadbolt and the doorknob's latch — that won't work with the August Smart Lock Pro's retrofit installation. You've probably seen a mortise-style lock when you've stayed in a hotel; some apartment buildings also feature this style of lock.

If you've got a thumbturn on the inside of your door and it operates the deadbolt separately from the latch, you're probably rockin' a single-cylinder deadbolt.

I checked my door and I think it's a single-cylinder deadbolt but there's a plate on the inside … am I good?

A metal plate on the inside of your door likely means bad news if you want to install an August Smart Lock Pro. Chances are, that metal plate is connecting the thumbturn and handle on your lock — that style of lock isn't compatible with the August Smart Lock Pro.

I need a high-security deadbolt for my door. Are there any that are compatible?

Yes! In fact, August recommends the Primus Core or the Schlage B560 if you want a high-security deadbolt that works with an August Smart Lock Pro.

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August Smart Lock Pro

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