Will your existing iPhone 6 case fit the new iPhone 6s?

Best cases for iPhone 7
Best cases for iPhone 7

With the official announcement of the iPhone 6s today, not much has changed in terms of size. Although their new 7000 series aluminum body is an upgrade, there's only a .2mm difference in thickness, .2mm in length, and .1mm in width. This shouldn't dramatically impact the fit of majority of standard cases already available for the iPhone 6 — the exception being tight-fitting covers such as waterproof cases. So, keep it in mind that you may not need to snag a new case if you're upgrading to the 6s come September 25!

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CategoryiPhone 6iPhone 6siPhone 6 PlusiPhone 6s Plus
Thickness6.9 mm
(0.27 inches)
7.1 mm
(0.28 inches)
7.1 mm
(0.28 inches)
7.2 mm
(0.29 inches)
Weight129 g
(4.55 oz)
143 g
(5.04 oz)
172 g
(6.07 oz)
192 g
(6.77 oz)
Height138.1 mm
(5.44 inches)
138.3 mm
(5.44 inches)
158.1 mm
(6.22 inches)
158.2 mm
(6.23 inches)
Width67.0 mm
(2.64 inches)
67.1 mm
(2.64 inches)
77.8 mm
(3.06 inches)
77.9 mm
(3.07 inches)
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